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Hi Matt...Every Day to me is a Happy Day...I'm retired and loving every God-givin' second of it...I've no distractions {apart from Miss Daisey}and my Garden is my full-time enjoyment...I dont even consider it to be work...I walk the Dog every Morning at 1st light and after a quick Breckie' I'm out in fresh air...I'm usually on Top of everything and that makes Life easier...having good Neighbours also adds to the enjoyment...they are not in your Pocket but are there if and when you need them... Yep''' I have plenty to be Happy about...


The Big move has begun...

18 April 2017 17:58:15

It was only a matter of time before big decisions had to be made regarding our future here in Sligo having spoke about it for several weeks we eventually decided to make the move before it becomes too late...  Everyday Gardening chores that were once a pleasure to me are now backbreaking ordeals and slowly but surely I was heading for a Physical Injury...the House is now being prepared for the Market and hopefully by next week the sign ought to be in place along with the usual "Sell" Photographs on the Web...

It was not a decision I took lightly and going on Heartstrings I want to stay but in reality it just ain't possible anymore...A few Houses we looked at in Sligo Town either had too much work to do or were overpriced, while pondering our next move our Daughter Aideen suggested that we might like to consider a whole new idea and move back to Cork were we had lived in Blarney for 5 yrs back in the 80's...Her suggestion while it took me by surprise was a great boost and it widened our scope and injected a lacking OOOoommpphh' into my footsteps...we have a few Houses / Bungalows lined up and in 2 weeks time we're off on a viewing Safari...one or two look very promising and the prices are a steal compared to Dublin / Sligo......10 minutes from Mallow and Aideens House yet we're not in their Pockets and 40 minutes from Cork... all too good an Opportunity to pass... This visit in 2 weeks will be combined with 2 B/Day Parties and a Confirmation so it will be all go for those few Days but we're both looking forward to it along with Jeans 2 Sisters alias the Golden Girls...

I'm now back attending the Hospital for Physio Exercises on the Hips and Back and every Session leaves me drained for Days on end resulting in little Mowing been done and the Weeding and Bed freshening I'm having to leave for the next Person...Lately I've been spending more time looking out the Window than looking in and it's not doing my Humour / mood any good...

Steven and Family were down for a few Days before Easter and as they were pulling out the Gate and heading Home Aideen and the Grandchildren were pulling in...never a dull moment here in the N/W...had another Hospital Appointment this Morning and while I was inside Aideen headed to a local Area/Lake called Hazelwood and with the Children fed the Ducks/Swans {they actually take the Bread from your Hand} then took a walk through the Woods before coming back to collect me...heading Home we stopped at the Local "Supervalue Store" and stocked up with the makings of a Picnic for our Lunch of Ham-Tomatoes-Cornbeef-Scallions-Coldslaw-Cheese and Breadrolls... Jess whispered to me "Dave...this is better than a proper Dinner"...everyone scoffed their Plates and Breadrolls clean...

Anyway I'll keep ye up to date...hopefully it wont be a long drawn-out process...

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 18 April 2017 18:56:01

Sorry to hear that you are attending hospital, but hopefully things will improve for you. 

It is hard to move house, but you will be moving to a lovely city. We may see you at some of the many gardening clubs that are in the city. 

Jackie Jackie 18 April 2017 19:02:46

I am so sorry to hear that life is changing for you and you have to move! But luckily for you, you have a tremendous, thoughtful family and it sounds like your daughter may have hit the nail on the head with her suggestion. I hope you will find something that you really like and will have many many more happy memories to make. Its sad to leave 'home' I know it was for us when we moved here  4 years ago. But we have NEVER looked back....well we did have a neighbour who was definitely a nut job lol!!! and she sealed the deal for us on moving. But seriously, I wish you the very best of luck in your search for a new home. And I hope that your health will improve too and you can enjoy it all again real soon. 


Jacinta D Jacinta D 18 April 2017 19:10:31

Ah no, hope you're feeling a lot better very soon. No point in crying over spilt milk. It's good that you can recognize your health problems before they escalate. And sure, doesn't Cork have its own lovely microclimate. You'll be growing lots of exotic plants that the rest of can't. The very best of luck, Dave. And may your health also improve with the move.

Jacky Quirke Jacky Quirke 18 April 2017 19:38:25

sorry to read your story on health, i wish you well, look at the move as a great new adventure, keep smiling and enjoy all. 

JoanG JoanG 18 April 2017 20:46:50

Moving home is such a big and difficult decision, but when health problems dictate it makes the decision easier.  I wish you all the best for househunting, selling up and the move.  It will be lovely to be nearer your daughter and family and Cork is a wonderful county for gardening and garden visiting.  Best of luck with it all and keep us posted. 

fraoch fraoch 18 April 2017 22:49:22

Sorry to hear of your health problems, and gardening definitely doesn't help with that kind of trouble. Hope things improve soon and good luck with the house hunting, Cork is definitely a great idea!!

Mary B Mary B 20 April 2017 12:27:32

Sounds like you are making a great choice moving nearer to your daughter and sure of course you will love living la dolce vita in sunny Cork ;)

Geranimojess Geranimojess 20 April 2017 12:33:57

Thank you all...taking a Breather for 5 mins from the Grandchildren...Regular Broadcasting will resume tomorrow Evening after they are Homeward bound... getting ready now to head to the Beach...

TerriShoos TerriShoos 21 April 2017 09:51:24

We fought for years against moving and were very sad to leave our beloved farm, but honestly it was the best thing we ever did, we are so happy in our new place. Mind you, don't do what we did - we were going to downsize the garden but upsized it! Though this garden is designed to be more elderly-gardener friendly.  But if we got to the point of being unable to cope with the size, we wouldn't hesitate so long in making a move. Best of luck!

Geranimojess Geranimojess 21 April 2017 22:21:31

What we spent weeks looking forward to is suddenly over...both Families here and gone in the speed of a wink...suddenly we both feel old again and the Laughter and Noises are silent...I even went up to bed this Afternoon for 40 winks, haven't done that in over 2 weeks...........the Car floor is covered in Sand from the Beach...sweet papers all over the Seats and reminders of the Ice Cones that they had...finger marks on the Windows and Tissue Hankies stuffed between the Seats..

All the encouragement and Comments mean a lot and are appreciated...I'm actually looking forward to the move and having already done it several times it still has not lost it's excitement for me but this will be the last one...anyway I'm nipping outside with a Coffee and a Ciggie, it's a lovely mild night so why waste it....Cheers...


It's Raining Pallets...

30 March 2017 20:48:40

A few days ago we finally got around to collecting the Pallets...43 in all to be precise, Denis accompanied me and 4 runs later we sat down to a well earned C&C...because I now have a regular supply I could afford to be generous and gave Denis 33 of them...he always wanted to have a Timber Decking in the Garden for these long hot Summer Days that are coming {or so he hopes} and the construction of a new Compost Area so with a few small alterations to some of the Pallets and a lot of Back bending he can live his dream...I'll lend a presence and give him advice on what to do but that will be the limit of my Physical capabilities so he will have to do the hard slog while I'll give him the ocassional sympathetic Grunt...Denis also managed to get a load of Cardboard Box'es to flatten out and cover some new Beds which he won't be using til' next year great for keeping down the Weeds and it eventually breaks down into the Earth...The Shopkeeper was delighted with the cleanout and we were equally delighted with our haul...so lots of Happy Bunnies all round...

Yesterday Morning I managed to dismantle several Pallets and store the Timber away...we {Denis} also delivered several Bags of Timber Off-cuts to a few People and finally managed to completely empty the Water Butt and place the new Steel Frame under it... some of the finer/clean Timber I will use to make up Picture Frames to house large Family Photos which would be too large for your average Frame...and far too expensive to have made up

Denis and Mary are heading to Dublin early tomorrow Morning for the Weekend, but depending on the Transport Strike Denis may have to stay there as he has another Hospital appointment on Thursday next...

Brought Miss Daisy Shopping this Afternoon...ended up having to get a Trolley for myself so as to lean on it as we walked around the Store such was the Pain in my back...no luck with the Back Support yet ,having trouble getting my size... Picked up a load of Easter Bunnies / Eggs for the Grandchildren so that's another Trip on the Planning Board to Dublin and Cork...

Nothing else to report...the Weather here has been pretty OK over the past Week only a slight drizzle today and the same tomorrow though the predicted Rain for yesterday never materialised and I got a load of washing out...{a mans work is never done} haven't the nerve to tell Miss Daisy "Mothers Day" is over...

TheH (Hazel) TheH (Hazel) 01 April 2017 17:23:59

Sounds like great use of the pallets! I like Miss Daisy already! The Catalans celerate Mothers Day in May so if she has any sense she'll hold out till then LOL

Geranimojess Geranimojess 01 April 2017 21:30:39

She's way ahead of the Catalans...She celebrates Mothers Day every Day...

TheH (Hazel) TheH (Hazel) 01 April 2017 22:33:24


How do I...

15 March 2017 10:53:40

More a query...I want to try to send some Photos to Moya regarding a request she asked of me...Do I have to write another Journal enclosing the Photos or can I reply in her comment section with the Photos...if so how do I go about it...Thanks...Dave...

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 15 March 2017 11:59:44

Up load an album would possible the easiest way and then you would be able to put up more than three photos. If you only have three photos than a journal with very little text would do.

Geranimojess Geranimojess 15 March 2017 12:53:03

Many Thanks Lass...I'll try that ...

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 15 March 2017 13:36:14

Your shed is so organised. I would say that your porch is a lovely place to sit out in the evenings with a little drink.

Geranimojess Geranimojess 15 March 2017 14:33:55

Hope you don't mind the word "Lass" the rest is to long for my one Finger typing...always liked the Western Theme hence the finish...when the Lanterns are hanging up with Candles lit at Midnight on a warm Summers Night and sitting in my Rocker with a Coffee and the flickering Lights it's as close to the Wild West as I'll ever get...

Always was a stickler for putting everything in it's place...not to the Famlies liking when I pick up after them...bad habit I know but thats just me...

Thanks again for your help...

Jacinta D Jacinta D 15 March 2017 16:42:38

Lovely album, Dave. Love the cartwheels.

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 15 March 2017 17:13:14

Picking up is also a habit I have. I think it is a generation thing. I was always told to tidy up when I was a child after playing with toys and we always had to clear the dinner table and help with the washing up.

Scrubber Scrubber 30 March 2017 14:31:55

I was told yo tidy up as well mary but it didnt stick! Now Dave i have to go back to your earlier journal to see that porch!

Geranimojess Geranimojess 30 March 2017 19:30:42

The {Porch} Verandah was added on within the last 2 yrs to the original Shed... it was a present to myself along with the Wheels...just need a "Hoss" tied to the Rails to finish the scene...I've begun making a sign to hang over the Entrance Door "SALOON"...

I cursed yesterday...Part 2...

14 March 2017 14:52:46

The 1st part is somewhere in Cyber Space...

Yesterday Morning I decided to Mow the Grass outside the House on the Minor Road... the one that has the Wheel and Rut marks from passing Traffic...1st Impressions were not good , deciding to justify my angry mood at these inconsiderate Morons I proceeded to measure the distance from the Road edge to the Wheel mark on the Grass and came up with a measurement of 2 feet...several Ruts measured between 4 to 6 Inches in Depth making Mowing an almost impossible task anyway I decided to go ahead and try to put some shape on it....wasn't happy with the result............SSssoooo if any of ye out there hear of a Driver / Drivers who were in the Vicinity of my House and who suddenly got a dose of the "Runs" you know who wished it on them for the next year and beyond...

I also noticed the usual plentiful display of Daffodils at the Fencing has dwindled to a trickle that can almost be counted on one hand...would that have anything to do with the mild Winter / Spring Weather we have been having, very disappointing...on the other Hand the 2 Cherry Blossoms outside my Window are beginning to come into their best as is the Maple Tree with it's lovely White Flowers...pity the display only lasts a short time...

Yesterday I also managed to get down to the Arena with the aid of a Kneeler and cleaned up a load of last years decayed Foilage and a few Weeds...that Membrane is great stuff it keeps a Multitude of Weeds at bay...this Morning began lovely and Sunny but within an hour or so Cloud cover brought a chill and a Misty feeling overall, tis' then I began to dither as to whether I should begin construction of a replacement Gate to the side of the Conservatory that leads to the rear of the House which was damaged during recent Storms...decided to leave it for another Day...

Finished my Sulk...if this fails to appear I'm going up to Bed to Sulk again...this time in comfort with a Coffee and Crossword... 

Dick Dick 14 March 2017 17:48:10

Did you ever try Sudoku? I find it great to take my mind away from problems like that.

Geranimojess Geranimojess 14 March 2017 17:50:26

Dont have the patience for that...the Crosswords are my limit...

DecfromTipp DecfromTipp 14 March 2017 19:09:32

I find a brandy works better ! 

Geranimojess Geranimojess 14 March 2017 20:54:45

Never touch Alcohol but it's at times like this I'd nearly be tempted...to me it's akin to driving on someones Lawn and doing Wheelies / Handbreak Skids...it's just not on, specially in view of the amount of work put into it... 

TheH (Hazel) TheH (Hazel) 16 March 2017 22:14:09

Glad ths sulk is over :-) Very interested in your gate experience as I have a similar project in progress and am not sure if I'm up to actually constructing the gate!

Geranimojess Geranimojess 17 March 2017 07:32:15

Unless you have the proper Tools and Timber it's not a task I'd take on lightly...not seeing the Gate is it possible to patch it back together instead of making a complete new one... If it's beyond repair can you get a local D.I.Y Person to do it for you...Hope you get it sorted...

Scrubber Scrubber 30 March 2017 14:37:48

I so enjoy these glimpses into what drives people mad and how some people can construct a gate----beyond me -though my bridge hasnt collapsed yet after a year.-very very simple planks nailed to battons. Is that even the right word?

Geranimojess Geranimojess 30 March 2017 19:13:44

Near enough Scrubber...it's the effort you put into it that counts and if your happy with the end result that's all that really matters...take any compliments as a Bonus...

Leave me alone...I want to sulk...

14 March 2017 12:33:46

Had a Journal ready to put up which took me 1 1/2 hours to Type...pressed the "Save" Button just as a Reimage Ad appeared on Screen...clicked the X on the Ad to be rid of it and both my Journal entry and Ad disappeared...thinking nothing of it I went back to check the Journal and found no sight of it...Dunno' where it went and cannot find it...


Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 14 March 2017 13:34:45

I think anyone of us  can feel your pain. 

Jacinta D Jacinta D 14 March 2017 13:48:18

Ha ha I know exactly how you feel. :)

DecfromTipp DecfromTipp 14 March 2017 19:07:01

If at first you don't succeed .,,,,,,,

Geranimojess Geranimojess 14 March 2017 20:33:59

Leave it...

TheH (Hazel) TheH (Hazel) 16 March 2017 22:10:33

I've found that sometimes using the "back" button will allow you to get back an apparently lost journal - worth a try anyway ! And please don't sulk! :ooling forward to mor oe your interesting sagas!

Geranimojess Geranimojess 17 March 2017 07:18:30

Thanks Hazel...I tried that also without any success, anyway I'm over it now until the next time...give me a Hammer and Chisel any Day...

Scrubber Scrubber 30 March 2017 14:33:55

I know exactly how that feels . The back button does work sometimes. Ill join you in that corner and shut up!

Geranimojess Geranimojess 30 March 2017 19:19:13

My corner is only big enough for myself and my dented ego...anyway I'd probably only end up fighting with you...even Miss Daisy and the Mutt know when to steer clear of me...


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