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Hi and welcome to a view of what lies behind my garden gate.

I like to work in the garden as opposed to taking photos of the plants and things that grow there. So please excuse the poor quality of the current snaps that were taken with my rather basic phone. Better pics. are pending.......

The garden is fairly coastal, with very little between the front garden and the sea which is only about 400 metres away. This means that the front garden which faces mainly easterly gets a fair lashing from strong salty winds that can cause wind burn. So planting has been a challenge at times that has involved some experiment and trial/error.

The side garden has a more southerly aspect but is basically a narrow strip....all the same it has a little potential.

The rear garden is westerly and is walled and fenced.

All parts of the garden are in summary small in size, so plants with a compact or easily controlled size and habit are the ones that I usually prefer. Dry habitat plants that cope well with harsh winds and some exotic plants and trees can do well in my location because the winter temperatures here at the coast are a bit milder.

I am still developing the garden since I had a blank canvas to begin with six years ago. So it is usually undergoing some kind of change or additions as I add to my gardening knowledge and resources.

Hope you enjoy browsing as I add new photos.



Morning sun in November

06 November 2010 15:38:42

The garden is looking quite sad now, but even though everything is fading, some morning sunshine can make everything look fresh and pretty.


Hoeys Hoeys 06 November 2010 16:09:27

great photo a pity the sunshine did not last today../

RolfPeter RolfPeter 06 November 2010 20:17:03

I looked at your November photos. They have great potential. You have a good eye for nature, landscape and architectural photos. You should really get out your Nikon and show us more pictures. 

fraoch fraoch 06 November 2010 20:54:21

Yes, any bit of sun is welcome at this time of year.

fran m fran m 07 November 2010 08:35:51

I agree with RolfPeter, well done.

Mark71 Mark71 09 November 2010 16:29:17

The November photos are very rich in colour, look lovely.

Violeta Violeta 13 November 2010 22:44:04

Hi, Alison, I love your pictures of November! I may see you and your Jewel on the Balbriggan beech some day! Some times I am bringing my little dog too.... miniature Yorkshire...  I hope your grayhound will not mistake her for a hare...   :-))) 

andyf7 andyf7 09 April 2011 22:57:15

nice photo, well taken

Sunny cool morning

06 November 2010 14:30:36

The sky was clear and blue this morning, so even though my garden is fast fading away for winter, I took some handy pics. again with the old mobile phone lol. See photos->

I will get my Nikon camera out one of these days, I promise ha ha.

artalis :-)

Have a nice weekend folks.

Periwinkle Periwinkle 06 November 2010 15:34:45

Just looked at your photos and they are lovely, they have a Mediterranean feel with the shore gravel and the use of blue paint(-love the door). Also love your view from upstairs! Think you are closer to the seafront than I am!

Bumble Bees this winter

04 November 2010 22:58:23

Remember to leave a corner of the garden untidy this winter for wildlife. Some  bees ( mated queen bees) hibernate as soon as first frosts begin. Bees will be looking for hollow stems, water, leaves and dark places in walls, under ground, amongst dead grasses etc to build nests.


Rachel Rachel 04 November 2010 23:05:29

No problem, with untidy corners in my garden, Artalis : )

artalis artalis 04 November 2010 23:09:36

See this link for some tips on helping bees to survive.


artalis ;-)

Periwinkle Periwinkle 04 November 2010 23:23:29

If untidyness does it they are in for a real treat here!

Jacinta D Jacinta D 05 November 2010 06:04:13

Snap! You couldn't get more of a mess than in MY garden. :)

fran m fran m 05 November 2010 08:02:58

I should be swarmed out of it next year in that case...............

Good point.

Winter protection for zantedeschia/arum lily

31 October 2010 12:12:35

Hi all,

My arum lilies, are just about evergreen in my fairly sheltered rear garden which is closely situated by the coast. Except for a nasty wind lashing they stand up well throughout the winter. However the severe winter frosts last year turned the lush leafy growth to pulp. All the same they recovered, although were slower by about two months since they lost all of their top growth. Now they are stronger and lusher than before, but did not bloom perhaps due to the energy put into regrowing.

I am in two minds whether to cut them down now and protect the crowns for this coming winter, or whether to take my chances again and leave them uncovered. They are too big for a standard cloche, measuring about 4ft square. A home made mini polytunnel is about the only other solution that I can imagine. But this solution is expensive.

Anyone have another suggestion or comments please?

They were my only garden casualty last winter,lol.

artalis :-0

Jacinta D Jacinta D 31 October 2010 12:20:37

Mine pulled through last winter too. I never cut mine down. It usually dies down itself. But not completely. Welcome to Garden.ie

artalis artalis 31 October 2010 12:36:57

Thanks Jacinta,

Happy to make your acquaintance here in the gardening club. Looking forward to sharing gardening ideas and getting to know you better.

Thanks for sharing your experience with this beautiful lily. Interestingly, the more tender cannas which were unprotected but hibernating underground, did ok.

I would just like the arum lily to flower next year, but if it has to regrow from scratch all over again, don't know if it will be able for a flower display.


Jacinta D Jacinta D 31 October 2010 12:42:48

My one was slower than usual this year, and it only produced the one flower. But it is well and truly alive. So I am hoping for the usual beautiful display for next year. Fingers crossed that this winter won't be so bad.

Jacinta D Jacinta D 31 October 2010 12:43:38

Do you ever feed yours?

artalis artalis 31 October 2010 12:51:38


Yeah, I miss those elegant tall flowers.........we'll see what happens nxt yr.

Was thinking about feeding them, it could help. Didn't feed them this year anyway.

Got to dash off to work now. Have a lovely day... and chat again.



Clara Clara 31 October 2010 13:00:14

Welcome Artlis from me also.

fran m fran m 31 October 2010 17:38:13

Wellcome to the site. A sister promised mean Arum last year, think I may have to go and dig it out myself :-))

Cloncaw Cloncaw 31 October 2010 17:47:01

Welcome to the site - was wondering what to do with my Arum lilies first year growing so interested in suggestions as to what to do with them.

Hosta Hosta 31 October 2010 19:27:06

Welcome to Garden.ie and hope you enjoy. You will learn lots and get great ideas and advice, the only problem is that it will become addictive!!!

Mairin Mairin 31 October 2010 21:39:13

Welcome to garden.ie.  I leave my arum lilies in the ground but this year, I had no flowers on either plant.  I have both of them covered with a good layer of bark. 

fraoch fraoch 31 October 2010 21:41:24

Welcome again. I never do anything with my Arum, i always think of it as half wild! It does go mushy some years but it always seems to recover.

Periwinkle Periwinkle 01 November 2010 14:41:03

Welcome to the club! Like everyone else, my arums went to mush last winter and were slow to recover but did bloom but maybe not so many. I will take a chance on them but maybe give them a mulch of straw or farmyard manure.

Periwinkle Periwinkle 01 November 2010 14:41:05

Welcome to the club! Like everyone else, my arums went to mush last winter and were slow to recover but did bloom but maybe not so many. I will take a chance on them but maybe give them a mulch of straw or farmyard manure.

artalis artalis 02 November 2010 13:19:19

Thanks everyone for all your comments and the welcome here.

It seems that, the arums didn't do as well last year all round.

The leaves are great by themselves, but flowers would be nice nxt time.


Perhaps some better protection this year, might work?

Lìga Lìga 07 November 2010 22:27:17

Welcome on site:)!I left my zantedeschias in ground last year,because i was angry at them,they didn't flowering before.This spring,for my big surprise they come back,and flowered too.


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