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my son

25 October 2015 21:54:41

Hi all.

Just an up date on my son he had his kidney op and was told all cancer gone sent home but was very unwell so was readmitted to hospital to be told all is well no cancer after some harsh words they gave in todoing a scan then we were told the cancer was in his lungs adrenal gland (in his remaining kidney) and his hip  they did radium on the hip for a week and started chemo yesterday morning  we are praying this will clear the cancer just thought you all might like to know how he's doing he's thinking positive and keeping the bright side out.





Joann Joann 25 October 2015 22:34:24

Wishing him well, you have been through a lot in the last few months, hoping all goes well with the treatment, you are both in my thoughts

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 26 October 2015 08:26:02

I am so sorry to hear that your son has had such a terrible set back. I am sure the people who are looking after him are doing all they need to do for him to make a full recovery.

Liztai Liztai 26 October 2015 09:03:39

He's still on my prayer-list, and yourself too. God bless you all.

TerriShoos TerriShoos 26 October 2015 10:34:59

How awful for you all, just goes to show you have to stand your ground. Thank God you were forceful enough to demand the scan. We'll all be thinking of you.

Kate & Graham Kate & Graham 26 October 2015 12:25:55

Keeping you all in my prayers ...

PeterW PeterW 26 October 2015 17:08:21

Sorry to hear of the news of your son, hope he is better soon.

Jackie Jackie 26 October 2015 19:12:32

Please God he will be better soon

TheH (Hazel) TheH (Hazel) 26 October 2015 19:39:17

Keeping both you and your son in the prayers.

fran m fran m 26 October 2015 21:40:21

Thoughts are with you all.

JoanG JoanG 26 October 2015 22:38:17

Thinking of you both and hope your son will make a full recovery.

Greta Greta 26 October 2015 23:02:04

Hope all will well for you and your son very soon.

The shock

15 September 2015 21:52:03

Hello everyone.

Well I'm  back again  but with a heavy heart the last time I was asking for a cure for my son who had a rash ..This time I'm  asking for your prayers  on the 31st July my son was in Dublin at the hospital unknown to me he had been up the week before and got an urgent call to go back up two days later he came home and told me he was diagnosed with kidney cancer I can't  explain how it has hit me simply because I'm  not able to get my head or heart around it.. and if I'm feeling like that God knows how he's  coping inside himself we are keeping positive and the bright side out.. he  was called in for a major operation three weeks ago  in the 3 weeks he was waiting to go in it had grown a full centimeter he had the whole kidney and surrounding area taken away. he's  home now and is slowly coming around but naturally in a lot  of pain and very weak he can't  lift anything other then a cup of tea  I ask you all if you don't  mind my request to keep him in your prayers and thoughts he has a long road ahead of him.please god he will be alright I have no other children only himself and he has 3 children who depend on him they only know dad had an operation.. Thank you all for reading my journal..


Moya Moya 15 September 2015 22:30:13

Oh Millie, I will send all my positive thoughts and good wishes to him and I hope he recovers quickly and well.

fran m fran m 15 September 2015 22:36:04

Thoughts are with you all.

Jacinta D Jacinta D 15 September 2015 22:39:52

Stay strong.

Liztai Liztai 15 September 2015 22:40:21

I've put him on my prayerlist, please God his recovery will be steady.

Dick Dick 15 September 2015 22:54:44

Sorry to read about this, Millie. I will remember him in my prayers.

TinaJ TinaJ 16 September 2015 07:38:25

My thoughts are with you

TheH (Hazel) TheH (Hazel) 16 September 2015 11:48:35

Will certainly put him in the prayers. Take care of yourself too.

Joann Joann 16 September 2015 18:45:42

Please God all will go well for your son, will be thinking of you all and hoping for the best XXX


02 July 2015 20:50:50

Thanks everyone for great advice as usual I've decided to cover my beds at the front with netting and put up some kind of makeshift fenceto stop then trampling down my beds. The old rose at the gable end  im going to dig it out and put it on a 50cm pot for now as the builder has to dig up the whole area sadly my beautiful very  old peony will be lost and if I can't dig out the pyrachanta it too will be lost bit there's nothing I can do as they are causing serious rising damp in my sittingroom so much so I have to get it  dug up and DPC put down then a new floor as my house is over 300 yrs ols Iiit's built of stone maybe it's a good thing as I will proberly re arrange the whole front area......

fraoch fraoch 02 July 2015 21:07:15

Good luck with all that. That middle photo is fabulous. I think I read somewhere that you can move Peonies, so it might be worth a try.

andyf7 andyf7 02 July 2015 21:58:47

i hope they will survive the move, they are worth saving.

Periwinkle Periwinkle 02 July 2015 22:53:39

Most certainly you can move peonies! I have moved that very one and split the root and very successfully but I hasten to add 'not at this time of year but in spring'. But even now it is worth a try. water well in advance of the move and take as much soil as possible and disturb root as little as possible and plant at same depth in reasonably good soil and water in well!! End of lesson!!!

Sorry for sounding bossy but it would be a shame to loose that old beauty:))).

Moya Moya 02 July 2015 23:44:59

It is very disruptive  - try to save as much as you can and let the rest go. It will be fine in the end.

milliemouse1234 milliemouse1234 04 July 2015 00:00:48

Thank you Fraoch , Andyf7, Periwinkle, and Moya.

I aill see how I get on the peony is my worry as it so big it blocks the front gate ang spreads across half of  the gable end I have taken 60cuttings of the pld very heavy scented rose so hopefully some will take root


01 July 2015 13:04:36

This is my wold garden full of roses


01 July 2015 12:47:27

Hello all.

Can you tell me when is the best time to take rose cuttings as I'm getting in new path ways and the corner of my house has to be cleared I have a heavenly scented old rose I want to save its been there over 50years also my pyrachanta  my hebes are huge can I move them now or let them go they're lovely at the moment on full flower my garden has gpne competely wild so im getting out there now that the weather is warm and no knee pain lol!!! 

I'm uploading some photos you'll see the way my poor front garden has gone BUT my roses are blooming through it all lol!! Please excuse the state of it.

Moya Moya 01 July 2015 13:34:45

Your roses look lovely Milliemouse. Yes, I think you can take cuttings now - softwood ones. I know the theory but have had mixed results as I usually lose them at the potting on stage.

Take shoots that are not flowering, they need to be stiff enough, not floppy, put in a plastic bag to make sure they don't wilt, cut below a leaf node, strip away leaves leaving about 2, insert in a free draining compost mix with plenty of gravel in it around the edge of the pot and cover with a plastic bag or other transparent covering. Some people don't cover. Put somewhere warm but not sunny and check regularly. 

If you have time, you can have a few gos before you have to move. 

Others will probably have better advice.

Good luck with them.

Fleurette Fleurette 01 July 2015 21:27:25

Oh yes, do as Moya suggests, but what about also trying my Dad's way?  

Take cuttings as Moya says of stems that have mot flowered.  My Father would take a heel cutting, strip back the lower leaves and plant placing 3buds below ground and 2 above, but the crucial thing is that they were inserted into the soil, out of doors, at an angle.  Not straight down. 

next thing is that it can take rose slips a few years to be strong enough to be moved. So, quite simply, leave them alone for 2 yrs, but feed regularly in 2nd yr.  

Do a trial of both methods and let us know!

fran m fran m 01 July 2015 22:26:46

Above tips all sound great, best of luck.

sallysarah sallysarah 02 July 2015 06:46:30

I'm quite luck with taking rose cuttings.  Mm I would do similar to Fleurette but put cuttings in pots and then into a cold frame.  I have two rambling roses just out in flower after two years.  They are planted out over a stone wall.  I intend putting up a Journal.   Also was successful with a cutting of a Dublin Bay climber.

TerriShoos TerriShoos 02 July 2015 10:25:49

Go for it but make sure you take a few - ie ten or so - cuttings from the same rose as they're finicky enough. Good advice about planting them at a slant and above all leave them to get a good strong root before you pot on as Fleurette says. But then again, I've just bunged in stems that have fallen off a new rose while transporting or planting it out and had some luck with those too. 

TerriShoos TerriShoos 02 July 2015 10:26:50

Pyracantha will easily grow from cuttings too and I've lopped a big overgrown hebe right back and it's shooting again. 

Fleurette Fleurette 02 July 2015 17:30:11

The MOST important thing in all this is simply to have a go!  And yes, you can also do it "Three Ways" as on the cookery programmes.

My seeds never grow because they never get out of the packet!

TheH (Hazel) TheH (Hazel) 03 July 2015 00:11:18

Last year I put some cutting of roses in a pot and put the pot inside a plastic bag - then forgot about it all over the winter and now I have flowers on the surviving slips! I'm amazed :-)


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