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Camellia Brushfields Yellow

30 March 2017 08:49:15

 I bought a new Camelia a few weeks ago in Tesco, very healthy! Very pleased with it.

Jacinta D Jacinta D 30 March 2017 09:12:03

That's a beauty. It's a very good 'doer' too.

accsean accsean 30 March 2017 09:25:19

That is a lovely Camellia, Linda.

Dick Dick 30 March 2017 19:52:07

Lovely, Linda. i have never grown Camelias as the soil is quite limey here. Never have come across that colour before.

PeterW PeterW 30 March 2017 22:05:18

Very nice and i do find everynow and then you do find gems in Tesco.

Spring Time

20 March 2017 17:29:49

It is about time I did my first journal of the year!  Here are a few from my garden, can't believe how fast everything is growing!   I have put a few in of my maples that are young and in pots in the garage for tonight as the frost which I believe we are going to have will damage them!

My first Erythronium to flower is a new one I got last year so happy it is flowering!

The daffodils have been flowering for weeks - such great value!

The Epimedium is a great flowerer and then such lovely leaves afterwards for the summer.

Stay warm!

Jacinta D Jacinta D 20 March 2017 17:47:39

Two fabulous flowers in the Epimedium and Erythronium, Linda. Can't wait to see how your new garden is developing.

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 20 March 2017 18:01:26

Your garden has wonderful colour from the planting of daffodils. The erythronium is to die for and very well photographed. Looking forward to seeing more photos as the year goes on.

PeterW PeterW 20 March 2017 19:50:45

You are making great strides in the garden Linda and that erythronium is just fantastic. I need to move mine to enjoy them more and I need to get a white like that. Great display of daffs. i've had leaves of my acers burnt over the years due to frost and my Orange Dream is jsut produving leaves at the moment so here's hoping we don't get much of this weeks frosts.

JoanG JoanG 20 March 2017 21:38:09

Three great photos of your garden Linda, love your daffodil display. 

Jackie Jackie 21 March 2017 07:29:03

Wow Linda great photos and what beauties too. We need to see more of this beautiful garden and see what you have been doing with it. I'm sure it's fabulous. 

Geranimojess Geranimojess 21 March 2017 09:32:19

Let the Mutt out at 6am this Morning for his Exercise only to be greeted with a fall of Snow...Thankfully it only lasted a few Minutes and didn't stick, but anything is possible so I wouldn't put any young Plants out yet and even though it's Sunny here you can still feel the Chill...

Keego Keego 21 March 2017 11:01:08

Great photos Linda everythng looking great - do you cut off all the leaves of the Epimedium? Your erythronium is a beauty and i love your edging. Looking forward to seeing lots more photos

TerriShoos TerriShoos 21 March 2017 12:32:42

That's coming along nicely, Linda. It'll be a picture and open to the public by the time you've finished!

LindaB LindaB 22 March 2017 08:00:47

Thanks everyone, garden coming along nicely so hope to be posting more this year!!!  Mary I only cut off the dead leaves of the Epimedium about two weeks ago when I saw the flower buds underneath, the after the flowers the new leaves should appear!

2016 Photos

28 November 2016 09:26:44

Wow so difficult to choose! I suppose that's a good thing!!  I love the Fushia because it was a cutting I took on Lansdowne Road last year!  So I call it Lansdowne Road Fushia!!!

I love this Rudbeckia Herbstonne but will have to stake it better next year!!!

Finally I love the view from this part of the garden!







Jacinta D Jacinta D 28 November 2016 10:16:22

Gosh, I don't blame you. Love the sweeping hills. Is that part of your garden, Linda?

LindaB LindaB 28 November 2016 11:00:59

Thankfully no Jacinta!!!  Nice to look at and all that!!!

roofy roofy 28 November 2016 20:11:06

You,ve chosen well Linda,beaut pics.

fraoch fraoch 28 November 2016 20:18:11

Lovely photos, Linda. Great to have a view like that.

JoanG JoanG 28 November 2016 22:01:32

Gorgeous photos Linda.  The rudbeckia is stunning in both photos and the staking looks fine to me! 

TheH (Hazel) TheH (Hazel) 29 November 2016 01:07:29

Wow! That border is really filling up! And of course your "borrowed landscape" is tryly amazing. Is that Rudbekia hardy? 'it is certainly a late flowerer. Plants we take as slips are always extra precious  and that is a very pretty Fuschia.

TerriShoos TerriShoos 29 November 2016 07:42:30

You've done some amazing work! That's some view.

LindaB LindaB 29 November 2016 09:46:13

The Rudbeckia looks well staked there but a month later it was at a 45 deg angle!!

Thank you everyone!

Scrubber Scrubber 30 November 2016 11:57:29

Gawergus photos! Linda I tried to send a message and you are on my friends list but it wouldnt let me. Many thanks for the acceptance. Ive send another friend request and Ill be in touch soon. I always thought we were friends but I dont think Im on your list???OF COURSE its your prerogative! as Sister Jo used to say when she asked did we want to be sent to Mother Superiors office!

LindaB LindaB 30 November 2016 12:45:32

Ah Peter of course we are friends!!! Ha Ha!!!  I have just accepted your new friend request so hopefully that one will work and keep us as friends!!!!

Dalmera Peltata

10 October 2016 17:56:42

This really caught my eye today, such beautiful Autumn Colour!! Great day today!!

Jacinta D Jacinta D 10 October 2016 18:52:41

Yes, I love the colour it takes on at this time of year.

Scrubber Scrubber 10 October 2016 19:26:04

I was a stranger to this until recently but now have two plants. Look forward to having a long loving relationship with it!

Jackie Jackie 10 October 2016 19:36:25

Looks really lovely. Some great colours around at the minute and what a fabulous day again today!

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 10 October 2016 19:59:25

I love the way leaves fall on to their huge leaves. The flowers are gorgeous in the spring.

JoanG JoanG 10 October 2016 22:31:58

Gorgeous colour, looking super on a big leaved plant.  Enjoying the lovely weather here too. 

Fleurette Fleurette 10 October 2016 22:49:59

Yes indeed, your plant looks stunning. Darmera thrives in damp places and is so useful in that situation. But when it is so very very happy, it goes on the march and pushes everything else out of its way.  I finally got a very large area (all from a little 6" pot) wheel-barrowed off to a Neighbour who was willing to re-home it In his very wet Patch in his bottom garden. 

It should behave much better in a dry spot. 

Glad to say we had a lovely brisk day here and the sea looked marvellous. 

LindaB LindaB 11 October 2016 09:37:49

Yes this is a very dry spot, I will divide it and move it to a damper area also, this was really a temporary position but it has done well on a hill too!

Lovely morning

19 September 2016 14:00:17

I love walking around the garden early morning!! Here are a few shots from this morning!

Jacky Quirke Jacky Quirke 19 September 2016 14:10:20

All looks fab, we have cloud all day here in west cork;

Jacinta D Jacinta D 19 September 2016 15:44:41

That looks great, Linda. You have already done quite a bit to the new garden.

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 19 September 2016 18:18:26

Linda, you have done so much work in the garden in such a short time. Early morning is so peaceful to have a walk  around the garden. It was a lovely day and I was lucky enough to spend it outside.

fraoch fraoch 19 September 2016 19:02:46

Looking great, especially with that gorgeous blue sky!

Jackie Jackie 19 September 2016 20:52:26

Im not surprised you love walking around your garden, it is just stunning and so much done too. You have it beautiful already! Enjoy!

PeterW PeterW 19 September 2016 20:52:52

Looking brilliant Linda, you have done fantastic work in the new garden.

fran m fran m 20 September 2016 06:45:14

Looking great Linda, big change since we visited, well done ;)

fran m fran m 20 September 2016 06:45:32

Looking great Linda, big change since we visited, well done ;)


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