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Elizabeth7's Journal

Elizabeth7's Journal

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A Muse ..a long one!

08 August 2017 19:41:48



I love my new two chair patio. It is at the highest part of the garden and from it, to the right I can see for miles over the water and to far distant fields of corn. To the left I look up my hot border while straight ahead I look down on the garden. Behind me are three Laurel shrubs kept about six feet tall and providing good shelter.

After the thunder storm when the sun came out I sat here for almost 2 hours just watching what was happening around me, I love doing that. So much to see. At my feet a big group of Ants were very busy doing some  Ant thing in the joining of two slabs.  Overhead a Heron passed on the way to Cuskinny. Pigeons cooed and went to the pond for a drink.  Seeing movement in a nearby Camillia I saw a Wren emerge from the depths of leaves. It was there for  ages doing what I have no idea . Then of course there were the Bees.  A clump of Willowherb  was the main attraction and many different marked Bees came to feed. I learned how much they loved this plant/weed and had some regret at the huge amount I had removed from the  flower beds . But there are still plenty of big clumps around the place for them to enjoy. A few hover flies came by and preferred the Evening primrose.  Butterflies , Whites, Red Admiral and  the Wood one, forget name. Talk about never  a dull moment. I made an interesting , to me, discovery about Bees.   They have a flower preference.

The red tailed ones love Heliopsis and ignore the Monarda growing next to it. Another one with white tail and two yellow stripes , have to identify it, completely ignores Heliopsis and loves  Monarda; will land on Heliopsis discover error and move to Monarda. I went to look at the Solidago to see what Bees were there. A small very ‘furry’ one which I will try to ID tomorrow . Also Hornets seem to like this. I could not find any Bees on any other plant in the garden!!

So I am now on a Bee outbreak!!!  I want to find out how many different ones are in the garden and which flowers they prefer.

So a great couple of hours was had and much learned.






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JoanG JoanG 08 August 2017 22:28:21

Elizabeth, I can just picture you up on that patio enjoying the delights of your garden and its wildlife.  Bees are fascinating and I'll have to try and follow your example and take more time to study their habits here.  The Biodiversity Ireland website has helpful illustrated bee ID guides, though quite a lot of info to take in! 

fraoch fraoch 08 August 2017 22:43:50

Yes, I can just imagine you there too after seeing your garden so recently. It's great you have so much wildlife in it and fascinating what you noticed about the bees!

Scrubber Scrubber 08 August 2017 23:16:27

I so enjoyed this lovely meditation on all our furry  feathered and fascinating friends. And I like to think of you wise, serene and attentive to nature AND getting a rest as well! I have determined to go and sit more often on the Pwincesses chair!

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 09 August 2017 07:17:01

The views from your two chair patio, out to the surrounding countryside and over your hot borders to your beautiful cottage are just fantastic. It is great that you spent the time sitting and being in the space, something we should all do. 

TheH (Hazel) TheH (Hazel) 09 August 2017 11:10:58

Well done on taking the time just to sit and observe! Your description is a veritable lesson in wildlife!

Jackie Jackie 10 August 2017 07:38:42

With that description of you sitting browsing your garden, I now feel I know it very well. Sounds just pure bliss to sit and look around and take it all in. It's amazing how many of us never sit still long enough to admire our work. For me when I sit, I notice that nedes deadheading or that plant needs staking or look at those flipping weeds lol. So nice to read your journal,  full of excitement, of the goings on in your wonderful garden. 

sallysarah sallysarah 14 August 2017 07:54:09

You can't beat seating in a garden.  Lovely Journal


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