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Elizabeth7's Journal

Elizabeth7's Journal

Last Post 26 days 14 hours ago

Bad thoughts!!!

14 October 2017 18:45:07

Not really the sort for which SR Josephine would  have me drummed out of the Brownies .

I refer to Monty Don. And no not those type of thoughts!  I am an admirer of his horticultural excellence only.

You see week after week I watch him digging in the most gorgeous soil which flows through his fork like silk. Good enough to eat it is. And indeed I realise it probably took years to get it to this perfection. But I wish so hard that his pristine fork would hit a big stone!!! Yes even cause a tine or two to buckle. Gardening on very stony and bouldery soil digging a hole here is a massive undertaking. Roots, stones, rocks need to be removed to make a planting hole anywhere . He never hits roots either, just not fair.

So encountering a stone or two now and then would make the programme more realistic and easier for the likes of me to identify with.

Ok I admit I am feeling a bit grumpy today.

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Jacinta D Jacinta D 14 October 2017 19:56:12

LOL.  We all have our 'off-days', Elizabeth. But I'm sure you exaggerate about your Stony Grey Soil of Monaghan (sorry, Cork). :)

Elizabeth7 Elizabeth7 14 October 2017 20:13:15

No Jacinta I speaketh the truth about my soil  stones and roots, honest!

JoanG JoanG 14 October 2017 21:02:30

Haha, I sense your frustration Elizabeth and remember your tales of having to take a pickaxe to your garden when you started.  Monty claims his soil gets quite wet, so perhaps that explains it though, like you, I do wonder about his never striking roots when we can all see how closely planted and mature his garden is.  I wonder do they edit out the rough bits for TV (shock horror)!

TheH (Hazel) TheH (Hazel) 15 October 2017 14:09:58

My suspicion is that all those stone and root free planting holes are dug in advance of filming!

However, I have to admit that I was amazed when recently digging in one of my borders that had just had lots of mulch dumped on top of it for a few years that the soil was actually nice for a change! Maybe he has had the policy of removing most stones as he goes over the years he has been gardening there! Elizabeth, his garden makes yours and mine seem like infants!!!!!

Elizabeth7 Elizabeth7 15 October 2017 14:48:37

Yes I tend to agree about the pre filming preparation.

I can understand why the raised beds are so good ...but planting in the wooded areas with n'er a root in sight is just not possible , is it?  When planting here the secateurs always comes along with the spade or trowel.

I hope I , and all of us, have gardens this time tomorrow. Ophelia is now heading to Cork!!

Scrubber Scrubber 15 October 2017 14:53:19

Elizabeth am delighted to encounter another gardener with bad thoughts. I have some really nasty ones re same Monty-who I think is a very nice man- but his range of impossibly well kept tools (Who needs about five gleaming spades?) His never ending supplies of buckets of grit, or compost, or whatever other additive he needs, His endless lines of poles and pegs and wires,   and do you know what my nastiest thought of all is? I dont think a lot of his garden!!!There its out. he spends so much time planning and mulching and planting that he doesnt seem to have any left for enjoying! Now Alan Titmarshes is a garden where I would happily lose myself but Monty's? Sorry theres no ruminating spaces or nice sit down and enjoy places....Good to get all that off my chest!

Dick Dick 17 October 2017 08:35:39

Peter, perhaps you are right but the shame is with RTE. Last night I saw Super Garden. Why not have something down to earth. I don't have BBC so Monty Done and others from across the water are out for those who depend on RTE. Shame RTE.

Dick Dick 17 October 2017 08:35:41

Peter, perhaps you are right but the shame is with RTE. Last night I saw Super Garden. Why not have something down to earth. I don't have BBC so Monty Done and others from across the water are out for those who depend on RTE. Shame RTE.


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