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Mairin's Journal

Mairin's Journal

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Rodents returned

27 January 2010 21:47:01

A cat came into the back garden this morning and spent a good while smelling around my shed.  I immediately smelt a rat - figuratively speaking.  When I went out to open the glasshouse, I had a good look around for any evidence of these 4 legged unwelcome creatures. 

Last year, we had the same problem.  We had to move the composter up to the in-laws.  They had worn a track from the vacant garden next door, in under the dividing barrier and up to the composter.  

Today, I noticed in the exact same entry spot as last year, the soil is depressed.  There is no further evidence of a track but with the composter no longer there, they wouldn't be going up to that area on a regular basis.  

The rat poison is ready.  I think I will have to put some into the garden next door - the house is vacant and I want to get these before a nest develops.  I want to be able to use the back garden in the summer.  



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Cloncaw Cloncaw 27 January 2010 21:59:00

Better to be organised and try to eradicate them now before they get a real colony going.

janetp janetp 27 January 2010 22:06:24

Hi Mairin, my aunt found out by trial and error that its better to put down a little at a time so they will eat it there and then and so be eradicated rather than putting down a large amount which they will transport back to their store for sampling at a latter date.  She used 'storm'.

Mairin Mairin 27 January 2010 22:13:44

That's gas.  Years ago, I won a bucket of 'Storm' at the ploughing championships.  The Dice-man (long since deceased) was doing the promotion on it. 


The problem is the house next door was re-possessed and I have no way of contacting the owner i.e. the bank, whichever one it is.  I just sent an email to the estate agent who is selling it but I don't know if he will be of much use. 

Hoeys Hoeys 27 January 2010 22:21:09

storm will do, just have to be carefull with the cat.

fraoch fraoch 27 January 2010 22:32:32

Yes storm seems to be the best though it can take a while. Good luck!

Jacinta D Jacinta D 28 January 2010 07:45:37

Whatever you use, it would be good to actually see a dead body. At least then you would know whether or not it was successful. Bit hard when you have small children though. Good luck with that. Not a nice thing to have to deal with, I don't envy you.

Myrtle Myrtle 28 January 2010 12:59:11

Nasty problem, wish you success.

Johnplotman Johnplotman 28 January 2010 18:05:20

Sorry to read you have been having a problem with rodents in the shed Mairin.Quite an annoying happening.Hope you will get all under control soon.

milkchurns milkchurns 28 January 2010 21:08:30

i have the same thing going on here. i refuse to put down poison because i am afraid the would take the poison into the poulty run. i have three traps set and so far i got 2 rats. i started feeding the cats down in the poultry run as week or so and it looks like the cats are busy.

Mairin Mairin 29 January 2010 00:07:57

Paul, I don't have much choice as my garden is small and it's not as if I can let the children into one area only.  I was in contact with the estate agents who assured me that they are going to deal with it.  Hopefully it will get sorted sooner rather than later.


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