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mars garden's Journal

mars garden's Journal

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Roses and Marigolds

14 June 2012 13:58:39
Hey rain finally stopped now i can get back into my garden . Marigolds looking great again ,and roses smelling brill in the breeze HAPPY DAYS 

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Rachel Rachel 14 June 2012 15:44:40

You can't beat pot marigolds.

mars garden mars garden 14 June 2012 18:24:39

Hi Rachel Your so right pots of marigolds are just fablous , my friend said i can collect the seeds from them and re plant them next year ? is that true ? If its is i should have a massive show of them next year .

mars garden mars garden 14 June 2012 18:49:32

And hear comes the rain again , it just never stops , where did our summer go to . Thats me back inside again as if i stay out in this rain the plaster on my broken arm will end up in the flower beds . Just got my dog back from the[ dog palour ] she looks fab ,so thats me and her in for the night . Guess we will get settled now to watch the Ireland game 

Rachel Rachel 14 June 2012 19:39:31

You can indeed collect seed and re-sow for next year, Mars Garden. You'll save yourself a bit of money too that way :)

mars garden mars garden 14 June 2012 19:43:25

Great Rachel thank you , now i can look forward to a massive display of marrigolds next year cheers . mars garden

mars garden mars garden 14 June 2012 19:45:29

can you tell me how i can get rid of a weed coming in from next doors garden that grows really fast and wraps its self around my plants and shrubs , its driving me mad  mars garden

Rachel Rachel 14 June 2012 20:46:04

It is difficult when weeds come from next door. Hand pulling or weed killer would be the solution.

mars garden mars garden 14 June 2012 20:55:35

I have being pulling it and its so long its wrapped all around my shrubs , if i use weed killer will that harm my plants ?  I think its called Bine Weed , it can be at least 5 foot long at times if you dont keep it pulled , then i was told that pulling it just makes it grow faster 

Rachel Rachel 14 June 2012 20:59:51

It is difficult to get rid of! You have to be careful not to get week killer on your plants.

mars garden mars garden 14 June 2012 21:06:46

I will have to try again tomoro maybe i could spray some weed killer under my fence into nextdoors garden as   i can actually see the weed its so high . Prehaps they think its a shrub of some sort . When i do get it pulled away from my shrubs , its like they have being given a new lease of life . mars garden 

andyf7 andyf7 14 June 2012 21:50:02

we are easily pleased, us gardeners.

corktony corktony 14 June 2012 22:24:46

i thought i read somewhere that pulling bindweed only made it stronger and that you had to go back to root - maybe worth a web check and a conversation with neighbour to offer to go in and dig from there side.

mars garden mars garden 14 June 2012 22:36:34

Hi Corktony Yes you are right pulling bindweed does make it stronger and you should pull from the root , but the root is in next doors garden . And HE not the kinda neighbour who woul take kindly to having a conversation with anybody . And i think if i asked him if i could dig it out the answer wouldnt be POLITE . But hey thank you for your comment 

mars garden mars garden 15 June 2012 18:34:47

Hi I just heard on the net a man in Canada is going to attempt to Tight Rope Walk over Niagara Falls this evening . How brave is he . Hope it all goes safely for him , id rather him than me . I went to Niagara Falls last year its one massive experience . Wish i was back there now ,away from this RAIN . When it rains in the summer in Niagara Falls everybody stands out in it , how cool is that . . mars garden

mars garden mars garden 28 June 2012 22:46:49

When is this crazy weather ever goin to let up , rain , haillstones , thunder and lightening and SUN SHINE whats it all about , we should be in our garden admiring our beautifull flowers and plants , instead we are putting on rain jackets and in places there putting SANDBAGS outside there houses and business. Thank god im ok at the minute , but watching the news and some places are completley distroyed . All we can hope for is July will bring us at least a glimmer of hope of sunshine . mars garden

mars garden mars garden 26 July 2012 22:10:44

Mars garden here Im heading to Cork for a week on saturday can anybody tell me any interesting places to visit , in going to Bandon in Cork . 


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