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Dick's Journal

Dick's Journal

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Vine for Eilish & PCON

15 April 2017 08:59:42

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Eilish, you mentioned your vine. My name was mentioned. I have had some success with it over the years. PCON you may be anxious to see the way the vine has gone this year.

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Eilish Eilish 15 April 2017 09:59:33

Thanks Dick.  I will put up stakes today and start to tie it in. There are a lot of bunches on grapes on it, should I remove some and just leave 2/3 bunches per branch? 


Dick Dick 15 April 2017 10:24:11

Don't be in a hurry this year Eilish. This vine goes back to 2006. As you see, in photo 3 the branch shown is horizontal. Branches from that are allowed to grow upward. If there are too many, arrange to have these branches grow upward at intervals of 1 to two feet. Some years ago a swarm of wasps invaded the greenhouse. I found that I could go in when it was dark as they either were asleep or were gone to the nest in some part of the garden. I was advised to find the nest which I did possibly the following year. I never had that trouble again. I tried to get the photos working last nicht, I don't know how many times. Eventually I tried again this morning and no trouble.  The photos were taken last night. A Happy Easter to you.

Scrubber Scrubber 15 April 2017 10:29:55

Well done Dick. You were very brave to go into an enclosed space with them buzzers! I got two stings last year. However apparently they die i winter and do not return to the original  hive. Im keeping an eye out allthe same!

Eilish Eilish 15 April 2017 20:53:26

Thanks again Dick. I will do as you suggest. All going well I will post pics as things progress. Happy Easter. 

PCON PCON 16 April 2017 22:21:48

Those are huge bunches, Dick.

Siobhy123 Siobhy123 16 April 2017 23:00:18

Hi everyone, due to work I haven't been on here in a long time so I am somewhat out of touch with the shenanigans. Looking forward to getting back in touch with it all. Dick I have been thinking about putting a vine in my glasshouse however I am concerned that at 8 x 12 its too small to take one. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I would also be grateful if you could recommend a baby tomatoe variety. A few years back I bought a tomatoe plant in a hanging basket from Aldi. It was an orange coloured variety and so sweet and salty however I don't remember the name. Any suggestions?

PCON PCON 17 April 2017 12:36:37

Hi Shiobhy123. 8x12 is certainly not to small for a vine. Mine is 8x6 and has two vines in it. One in a pot, the other in the ground near a corner of the greenhouse. It is not essential to have the vine planted outside, and trained in, although that is the traditional way. If planted in the ground anywhere near the edge, the roots will find their way outside eventually.

   There are numerous varieties of small cherry type tomatoes suitable for a hanging basket. Most of them have good flavour. "Tumbler" is one such type.

Siobhy123 Siobhy123 17 April 2017 19:54:43

Hi PCON, thank you for that, I will give it a go. I like the idea of having the vine in the ground outside and fed in. Is there any particular variety of vine you would recommend? Tumbler sounds good!


Dick Dick 17 April 2017 20:23:19

Siobhy. My greenhouse is slightly smaller than yours and I have no problem regarding space.  You and Peter seem to have a bit of confusion mixing grapes and tomatoes. Also when you say 8x 12. is it inches, feet or metres? I presume you mean feet although Europe recommends metres. While we have moved towards metres, Britain still tends to use feet. Then think of Brexit, it does not affect us Irish:)

Peter, I suppose the reasons for the size of the bunches would be 1. the greenhouse is heated, 2.the variety of grape. Any more news about "the sticks" 

Siobhy123 Siobhy123 17 April 2017 21:12:41

Hi Dick, I am more of a flower gardener. I have grown many from seed in an unheated glasshouse however I recently purchased an electric propagator so mad to get going on a few edible varieties. Looking for advice on grape variety and tomatoes. Glasshouse is in feet wish it was metres would have a mansion ha! Cheers Dick Im delighted to know there is have enough space to grow the grapevine.

Dick Dick 17 April 2017 22:15:54

I have seen the photo of your greenhouse, Siobhan. It looks great, far superior to mine. What type of floor have you got?  If it were an earthen floor, like mine, it would be easy to dig down and allow the root of the vine to grow outward. If it is concrete, then your husband would require to do something to have the root move out.  While Peter (PCON) said that there was no need to do anything about it, that it would grow out, he probably meant that you have an earthen floor. Looking at it there will be plenty of ventilation. By the way, you say you live in South Tipperary, then Declan O'Shea may not be far from you.

Siobhy123 Siobhy123 17 April 2017 22:51:30

Thanks Dick, its a diy job, bought the windows via donedeal at what I feel was right bargain 200 euro. They had come from a convent and are fully galvanised. The roof is 45 degree pitch and is made of box iron. My husband is a mechanic and so was able to do the welding. The floor is concrete so its looking like a consaw job for the grapevine ha! Since posting the early pics of it I have painted it with rust proof white which by now could do with a freshen up. I must check out where Declan is, would be great to see other gardens close by. We have a garden club here in Tipp but unfortunately its more flower arranging themed. I also teach cakers how to make sugarflowers from gumpaste, but much prefer being outside. Can't beat the real thing!

PCON PCON 17 April 2017 23:27:18

You are right Dick, earthen floor. I think it is a mistake to have the entire greenhouse floor concreted. Mine has a couple of concrete slabs on the earthen floor. I put  a good few plants straight into the ground, including tomatoes, taking care not to use the same spot consecutive years, and some others in pots. This saves a good bit on compost.

Dick Dick 17 April 2017 23:44:29

Peter, like you I have an earthen floor with a few large roof tiles. To day I threw some fertilizer outside the point where the root is. My tomatoes are in large pots. For years I used grow bags but changed to pots last year. I am about to read your report on greenhouse.


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