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Johnplotman's Journal

Johnplotman's Journal

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Monday morning sunshine.

03 May 2010 09:34:27
Prunus.[Serrulata Kanzan] in the main garden.

Prunus.[Serrulata Kanzan] in the main garden.

Started off a wonderful day here this morning.Plenty of sunshine,and looking good for working in the garden. Today will be spent with the vegetable beds.For a short while though,both greenhouse and tunnel will get the usual water check.The tunnel will be opened up and aired especially.In the middle area where the brassica section has been placed through crop rotation,i hope to get some more cabbage plants[summer] and turnips [Purple Top Milan] sown through successional plans.Peas will also be given a while in the legumes area for similar.Dont want to have a glut of vegetables all at the one time and they to end up in the compost heaps.Successional[little and often] solves that.

Had the usual morning walkwith the dog just after 7.30am,similar to a Sunday.In a few minutes i will head straight to the vegetable garden as planned.

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unagrant unagrant 03 May 2010 10:03:46

Great day for gardening here as well.  Enjoy the day.

rocks rocks 03 May 2010 10:59:23


Hi all.

 I live in an apartment complex and we have a beautiful courtyard, for the past couple of week's we have been buying our plants and beautiful container's as we have no earth, also lot's of hanging baskets.  My question is for anybody out there is, is it too early to put our baskets and containers out? we are all learners and don't want to make a mistake and destroy our investment of all the lovely flowers, I guess we are all dying to get started and can't wait to see our handy work! Please help.

fran m fran m 03 May 2010 11:18:58

Hi Rocks, welcome to the site. Temperature this week at night are to be close to zero, not good for your plants in planters and baskets. They need to be hardened off, put out in the day taken in at night. A bit of a pain, but must be done. If some of the planters are big, if a cold night is forecast, the could be covered with garden fleece.

Mind you just thinking now, you say it is a courtyard setting, maybe, there is enough shelter, hard call to make, but good luck.

fran m fran m 03 May 2010 11:25:56

Great morning John, hope all goes well for you.

rocks rocks 03 May 2010 11:28:43


Hi fran

 thank you for your advice, the courtyard is west facing and offer's some protection but the balconies are exposed and prone to wind. will take your advice and put them out during the day and in at night.  Thank you. Rocks

Dick Dick 03 May 2010 13:09:05

Hello Rocks, I would be reluctant to do anything with your plants. I would wait a bit. I have bedding plants which I put out for the day and in for the night. i have no plans to leave them out yet. Remember the wind is from the north.

Dick Dick 03 May 2010 13:11:39

What a lovely day we have, John. I was out to day to prune a griselina hedge. I got quite a lot done to it and I believe it will come back.

MartinB MartinB 03 May 2010 13:18:59

Hi to the five of you good luck today

Cloncaw Cloncaw 03 May 2010 19:04:45

Fantastic day for gardening.

Diana Diana 03 May 2010 21:18:42

It certainly was a great day..Can feel the weather (wind and sun) on my face.

Johnplotman Johnplotman 04 May 2010 08:25:35

Thanks Una.

Johnplotman Johnplotman 04 May 2010 08:26:44

You are very welcome to the Garden.ie club,Rocks.

Johnplotman Johnplotman 04 May 2010 08:27:13

Had a great day here Fran,thanks.

Johnplotman Johnplotman 04 May 2010 08:29:38

Similar with the weather here yesterday Dick.A little dull at times but no rain.Hope all goes with your hedge.

Johnplotman Johnplotman 04 May 2010 08:30:01

Thanks Martin.

Johnplotman Johnplotman 04 May 2010 08:30:44

Long may this type of weather last Cloncaw.

Johnplotman Johnplotman 04 May 2010 08:32:24

Lets hope you will be facing plenty more of this weather spell Diana.

Dick Dick 04 May 2010 21:25:44

The weather is ideal John for growth. I mowed the lawn to day, 1/4 acre and it is looking great.

Periwinkle Periwinkle 04 May 2010 21:26:51

Lovely Cherry Blossom there, John.

Rachel Rachel 05 May 2010 20:50:04

Lovely cherry blossom, John.

Johnplotman Johnplotman 06 May 2010 09:15:11

Long may that weather last Dick.You had a very busy day gone by,mowing.

Johnplotman Johnplotman 06 May 2010 09:18:08

Thanks Periwinkle.One of the favourites here in the main garden.

Johnplotman Johnplotman 06 May 2010 09:21:17

Thanks Rachel.I have a white cherry blossom in the middle garden,but the name i dont.I will have the picture in my journal today.


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