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Johnplotman's Journal

Johnplotman's Journal

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Sunday washout.

26 July 2009 20:25:19
After a night of heavy rain along with some more showers throughout the day,nothing light got done in the garden earlier.Just to open up tunnell etc around 8am.Well into July now with some veg showing the outcome of poor weather.[Potato blight,leaf spot,etc.Not real bad but if this rain continues hard to know what the outcome will be.The slugs and snails are cheering with joy.All is not lost though in the battle against them and other garden enemies.

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Jen.K Jen.K 26 July 2009 20:57:50

Hi John, I know what you mean the weather is so disheartening.. I have just removed the biggest slug i have ever seen from one of my Cabbage plants, he was munching away very happily.

Gismo1981 Gismo1981 26 July 2009 21:11:12

I have a few fat thrush's in the garden who feast on the slugs, was lucky they decided to call my garden their feeding station. I am afraid to try anything chemical to get rid of pests between the dog and feeding the birds, it would be disastrous.

Johnplotman Johnplotman 26 July 2009 21:16:00

Hi Jenny, Desperate the weather is lately.The slugs are not to friendly with a lot of people.How are your cabbage plants coming on.Do you use much against the attack of the no1 enemie in the garden.I am just heading down now to have a look in the garden to see what they have devoured. .

Jen.K Jen.K 26 July 2009 21:26:28

Getting there slowely but surely, i've been using pellets but with the amount of rain we've been having their just melting away. My dad suggested using gravel or some grit, will see how that goes. Take long deep breaths before you look!!

Johnplotman Johnplotman 26 July 2009 21:27:28

Could you send me on some of the trushes Gismo.Being organic here in the garden i try to make up juices from herbs etc to distract the enemies and only as a very,very,last resort will i use the pellets.I am like yourself to much afraid for the safety of the dog and the birds.My labrador loves to walk around the veg garden,in the tunnell,everywhere.Disastrous it would be.

Jacinta D Jacinta D 26 July 2009 22:09:23

I think slugs must be amphibians. How can they survive with all this wet weather. Unbelievable. There's just no stopping them. Maybe we should all concoct our own recipe for them and have OUR version of l'escargot. Mmm I feel a 'stew' coming on. Ha ha.

Michelle finn Michelle finn 26 July 2009 22:36:56

today was really a washout and a blow out with gale force winds.couldnt open the tunnel. jen k dont put slug pellets too near cabbages or any edible food they are deadly as i found out.

milkchurns milkchurns 27 July 2009 00:14:01

i leave old bit of timber raised up on one side laying all over the place.the slugs hide under these and when i can i go around these timbers and pick of the slugs and thrown them to they ducks.the love them.i do still get alot of snails and slugs.the mush breed alot.

Johnplotman Johnplotman 27 July 2009 21:04:01

Loving it Jacinta,they are this weather,while they devour all our growing.Our own recipes will fool them some time.Unless maybe a heatwave strikes Ireland during the summer for the next few years.

Johnplotman Johnplotman 27 July 2009 21:07:48

Not as bad here today Kitty,but the touch of wind was still noticable.

Johnplotman Johnplotman 27 July 2009 21:24:07

The ducks will be loving the snails Paul.Lots of the trouble makers for the gardeners.Every,yes every single slug lays up to 500 eggs.Male and female.The most vunerable time to destroy the eggs is in February or around that time.Even at that more of them will still call to attack.

milkchurns milkchurns 29 July 2009 11:46:20

i didnt know snails lay that many eggs.going to be hard to win that battle.


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