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Johnplotman's Journal

Johnplotman's Journal

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Seed growing tips.

07 December 2009 21:16:36
Seed growing tips.

Seed growing tips.

It is important never to sow vegetable seeds to deep because all i do is force the young plants to struggle their way to the surface.What i also do is deplet them of the much needed energy that is needed for them to grow and to help them appear above the surface.A little different with the likes of legumes [peas and beans] seeds.They will be a little deeper.Never place cucumber seeds on the flat side of they will be helped on to rot themselves.Place them in sidedown for a better take off.This evening i done what was planned in the garden shed and washed the fish tubs for greenhouse seed starting.

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Jacinta D Jacinta D 07 December 2009 21:26:05

So, John, as usual you are on top of everything. You are unbelievable. I just DARE anything NOT to grow for you. Has it ever happened?

fran m fran m 07 December 2009 21:43:16

Thanks John. Question for you, I will have a raised bed ready in January. It will run along the side of the shed, 16 x 2 ft. If I plant legumes in half of this bed next year, could I then grow them again, the following year in the oppersite end of the bed?

Johnplotman Johnplotman 07 December 2009 21:45:06

Heres hoping they will does grow Jacinta.[thanks.]

Johnplotman Johnplotman 07 December 2009 21:57:31

Fran,could you be like santy and leave a bag of sunshine here in the garden.You could chance it Fran but your rotation gets upset.The goodness they will leave in the ground through atmospheric nitrogen for another crop,will be what another plant will need.What other crops were you planning to grow there.

fran m fran m 07 December 2009 22:03:34

John, onions and salads.

Johnplotman Johnplotman 07 December 2009 22:17:00

They would be fine Fran with them and also been more  of less kept from the brassicas and roots crops.If you like Fran you can put a row of French marigolds around the edge to help your plan.Add a small amount of manure or indeed compost at digging time to help on the legumes.Some general purpose fert app 2 weeks before sowing or planting.Here we use growmore for that as that reads at equal levels.%7 nit 7 phos 7 pot.A great veg start off boost.

fran m fran m 07 December 2009 22:24:05

Thanks John, I may be annoying you over the coming months.

Johnplotman Johnplotman 07 December 2009 22:42:32

No panic Fran.If you get a minute cast an eye on the section called crop rotation you will see in every vegetable book going.The chart will be drawn up and will give you a list of what veg like what, also any that hate been near each other,the food needed and the effect of it on veg at the wrong time.

Rachel Rachel 07 December 2009 22:57:53

I think that tip on cucumber seeds (not planting them flat) applies to pumpkins and courgettes too.  Roll on spring.

Johnplotman Johnplotman 07 December 2009 23:17:38

It does indeed Rachel.If you also plant the beans with the eyes down they will make a faster take off on most.

Rachel Rachel 07 December 2009 23:19:25

Really, thanks for that tip, John.

Johnplotman Johnplotman 07 December 2009 23:29:34

 Your welcome Rachel.

Mairin Mairin 08 December 2009 01:16:02

Okay John, what do you do if you have planted seeds too deeply?  Just scrap a layer off?  But if they are just about to come through, could you be doing more damage than good?  I think my garlic was planted too deeply as only the bare tips have appeared after being planted in the last week of October. 

Johnplotman Johnplotman 08 December 2009 18:04:13

Once to deep Mairin,with the whole growth cycle upset and the weather upsetting the plan even more then,all you can do is that.Garlic cloves hate going below 5 in,the seeds only need less than an half inch.Safest bet is around 3in with bulbs.I would start seeds before planting out to leave them tougher.


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