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Johnplotman's Journal

Johnplotman's Journal

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Sowing Brassicas,cabb,cauli etc.

23 March 2010 09:37:53
Chinese cabbage 2009.

Chinese cabbage 2009.

If you have never grown summer cabbages or cauliflowers etc,try sowing them thinly in pots,or modules.You will find them easier to care for and there is less seed wastage.Fill pots with compost,tamp down level with another pot,water well with a rose on the can.[wont let to much water out at the one time] sow the seed,then just cover with more compost.You should have no more worry about watering there again until after they have emerged.

You can sow them in a seed bed.What a seed bed is an area of ground which will have been dug over,all stones removed,weeds similar,and a final raking to have a fine tilth of your soil structure.You will have the soil fine.Make a drill about 1cm deep by running your hoe along a garden line.The line will have the hoe straight for you.When seed sown then pull the soil back over the seed with a rake.[Dont over cover the seed.] 

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Krista Krista 23 March 2010 09:57:24

That's exactly  what I need advice on. I have all my  brasiccas sown and it needs to be potted on. As it's a bit on the leggy side can I plant them on a bit deeper than it was in the tray?

Clara Clara 23 March 2010 10:32:07

Thanks John you are a mind of information great way of putting it all ,Hope you are back to your usual self health wise.

Cloncaw Cloncaw 23 March 2010 10:58:10

I have the same question as Krista , I have cauliflower in modules and they are leggy to it's what to do or do I start again.

Hoeys Hoeys 23 March 2010 11:59:20

thanks John , just in tome as always. will only star sowing this week.

LNolan LNolan 23 March 2010 12:21:03

Thanks, some great advice there John. I didn't want to miss out on having some home grown veg this year so put a few different types of veg in pots myself while i'm getting the garden into some kind of shape.

Gismo1981 Gismo1981 23 March 2010 14:23:38

Now that I have a veggie bed (almost ready) I am going to be studying all your journals, you give some great advise.

Johnplotman Johnplotman 23 March 2010 18:54:22

Thank you all.

Sorry about the late reply.

About the cabbages Krista.You can move them on to single pots and wont harm them sowing deeper.They want successional cropping.[little and often].Sow some more,and every 10 day after that.You wont have all ready for harvest at the one time.Nearly all the root crops [beet,par,carr,]are also grown successionally.Overcrowded and short of light are a major cause of they going leggy.Successional cropping will solve that problem.By the time one row is ready for harvest the other will be growing and ready from there to continue etc.

Cloncaw,cauli will be similar to Kristas reply.Go from modules to bigger single pots and start in the modules again.

Johnplotman Johnplotman 23 March 2010 19:03:23

Coming on well Clara,thanks but low in energy and  bending is limited.Im on the mend,thats what counts.Time is a great healer.Back in tomorrow to hear the outcome from the surgeon.

Mairin Mairin 23 March 2010 23:55:29

Good luck tomorrow, John.

chilipepper chilipepper 24 March 2010 16:10:12

Hope your feeling stronger John......

Johnplotman Johnplotman 24 March 2010 17:26:56

Thanks Mairin.Got on well today.

Johnplotman Johnplotman 24 March 2010 17:29:19

Getting stronger by the day Dave,thanks.

LNolan LNolan 24 March 2010 20:06:28

Good to hear you got on well today John. Was wondering when i didn't see any journal entry for today so read back on your last post. Glad to hear your getting stronger.

Johnplotman Johnplotman 25 March 2010 09:15:03

Thanks Liam.


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