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fran m's Journal

fran m's Journal

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29 September 2009 21:43:33

If you ask a gardener why he or she gardens, you might as well ask them why they breath -- it's because they can't imagine life without it. Gardening is part art and part science, but  more than anything else it's a craft that is fuelled by a subterranean passion. It's all about nurturing and achieving, triumphing over nature and harmonizing with it. It panders to our primitive hunter-gatherer instincts.

It can be incredibily satisfying and also very humbling, it can also be frustrating, annoying and, let's be honest, disappointing. But one thing I can promise you is that once you get started and have the thrill of seeing your first seedlings flower, or your first new boarder bloom, you'll be hooked for life.

OK, yes I would like to claim these words but sadly they are the introduction to  ''How to be a Gardener'' By Alan Titchmarch, a recent present from the kids.

Thought you might appreciate them. 

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Johnplotman Johnplotman 29 September 2009 21:56:53

Gardening is all what you say Fran.I was asked one time why i spent so much time out in the garden.My reply was,that the garden is my second home.

Monkells Monkells 29 September 2009 22:10:42

Knew I knew those words from somewhere!!

luvleahday luvleahday 29 September 2009 22:19:06

thanks fran, i'll get that book myself, i think i got the bug already longtime ago just need some nurturing... yes for me, my garden would be my heaven... can't wait...

fran m fran m 29 September 2009 22:23:48

Luvleahday, save your self some money, ensure you get the complete edition, the two books in one.

Labourer! Labourer! 30 September 2009 00:42:55

D'you know I always knew that when I was up to my armpits in brambles, knee deep in woundwort, fighting off the creeping buttercup and horsetail, slipping and sliding on the muddy ground in the incessant rain soaked to the skin with water trickling down my back that there must be some reason why I was doing it! Thanks for reminding me!

fran m fran m 30 September 2009 08:06:50

Brambles, Woundwort, Creeping Buttercup,Horsetail !!!!!!!! Never heard of them, are they somthing from a far off land you brought back from your journeys, Never find anything like that in my wilderness area..........!!!!!!!!!!!!

Myrtle Myrtle 30 September 2009 12:38:49

Enjoyed that Fran, then Labourer almost brought me down to earth! but not quite! nothing could take away from the pleasure of gardening!

Labourer! Labourer! 30 September 2009 12:53:41

Ah, of course Fran, I forgot that in the blessed East your gardens get over run with wild roses, wild geraniums and wild evening primrose and forget-me-nots. Ah what it must be like to live in such idyllic surroundings where the sun is always shining and there is not midge to be seen!!! Butterflies flitter around the wild buddlia and the evening scent of wall flowers drifts across the immaculate lawns that have never known a plantain or a dandelion, a thistle or a dock............  OK, OK enough of that I am off into the damp day to do battle with my hard knot, horsetail, creeping.........

fran m fran m 30 September 2009 12:54:37


the garden as a second home, yes, or with my way of looking at the garden, as been an extension of  the home, either way we all know what we mean, and what we get from our own gardens. Enjoy.

fran m fran m 30 September 2009 12:57:18

David, how i wish, ooohhh, how I wish. Mind you there is no tax on dreaming.... not yet anyway.

Labourer! Labourer! 30 September 2009 12:57:43

Wait until December!!!!

luvleahday luvleahday 30 September 2009 19:06:06

Thanks Fran, I think I could save myself for that as I can recall had logged into www.bbc.co.uk/gardening a few weeks ago into that "How to be a gardener" part1&2 by A.T. and even printed something regarding "Design Principles &Garden Styles"... to get ideas how to design my blank canvas...

Michelle finn Michelle finn 30 September 2009 22:01:46

have that book love it to bits, didnt realise there was a part two of it. mine is a thick book must check to see if it has both parts.

Keego Keego 30 September 2009 22:40:09

Fran was about to do you a journal to say that you should be a writer or a poet when you spoiled it all by saying they were not your words you could have pretended although I am sure some of our gardening friends would have caught you out. I totally agree with the sentiment gardening is so frustrating,challening,rewarding and utterly utterly addictive.


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