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fran m's Journal

fran m's Journal

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Is it too early to move things?

30 September 2009 22:29:52
Overplanted Boarder

Overplanted Boarder

I planted this boarder last spring, it looked really well for the summer. This year i discovered that I have over planted the boarder completely. Plants are streching and reaching of light.

I have some time off in the next few days, so apart from working on the ''wilderness'' at the side I am hoping to move some things around and plant bulbs etc. Some of what I want to move are still in flower, is it to soon or would it be worth the chance.

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andyf7 andyf7 30 September 2009 23:01:10

but that overplanted border will die back anyway fran m, earmark the ones you want to move, wait till they die back and then move them, regarding wanting to plant your bulbs you still can, just lift back your foilage and plant them with your bulb planter, you must work out the timing, if you look at the main pictures in my profile the plants in the beds are all growing into each other and when they die back the bulbs will appear and flower before the other plants return, i wanted the overgrown look but controlled, i planted them in such a way that they do grow into each other but not in a way where they will choke each other. hope this is of some help to you, good luck.

fran m fran m 30 September 2009 23:35:32

Andy, thanks for that. The controlled overgrown look was what I was aiming for, I just was not expecting some plants to do as well as they did Lesson learnt.

Jacinta D Jacinta D 01 October 2009 06:20:43

I must say, Fran, your 'overplanted' border looks great. And as Andy says, they will start to die back now. They will be fine for you to do then, but leave anything that is still flowering. We might as well get as long as we can out of our flowers. Take it easy today, and dont kill yourself. I'll be thinking of you while I am at work.

fran m fran m 01 October 2009 08:19:10

Jancinta, That photo was taken in the early summer, all are much bigger now, some badly chocked. Have other things to do today, so wont get much done. Am also collecting my Philladelphus from Rachel. Getting set to try and clear the rest of the ''wilderness'' early next week.

Lìga Lìga 01 October 2009 09:04:11

If to me not like how to look one or other plant in flower bed,i just move it, of course if it not with really fragile root system.All what you need is good watering after.

Myrtle Myrtle 01 October 2009 10:27:42

We have just moved a large hebe, Im wondering will it survive, they say that there is no problem moving shrubs in the first 3 years but after that it is more risky but Im hoping that if I keep it well watered it will survive. Sometimes needs must!

Big Noel Big Noel 01 October 2009 12:02:36

Just listening to local radio show on gardening and they say you should wait until the end of the month to move things or when the leaves fall off. The ground is still warm enough for the roots to get established before the real winter starts.

Johnplotman Johnplotman 01 October 2009 17:53:35

If your overplanted border as you mention Fran,has to much sunshine can you direct some on here.

spider spider 01 October 2009 21:07:27

For an overgrown border it looks great. I wish you well with your restructuring of the border

Drumanagh Drumanagh 02 October 2009 18:25:57

I'd take a chance - if you have the time to do it now, and it will be easier to see what everything is and how to position them in their new home before they die back completely. So long as they don't dry out it should be fine. Now is a good time to divide herbaceous perennials. Plus they'll have a few weeks to re-establish before the real chilly weather comes. Go for it!


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