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Cloncaw's Journal

Cloncaw's Journal

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Ready For the Off

01 January 2011 20:29:30
Ready For The Off

Ready For The Off

Yesterday bought a new wheelbarrow for the garden in anticipation of a good day weatherwise. Fairly mild so ideal for a day to continue the tidy up, I had started in November but the snow and frost put an end to that. First job was to fill up the feeders and then off to the poly tunnel to collect the garden tools was shocked to see the state of the place as there was compost scattered all over the shelving and bulbs unearthed. The shock turned to dismay as I started to tidy up, the Quail narcissi and Iris all seemed to be in the pots although they had been disturbed, but the 80 crocus had obviously become a New Years Eve dinner for some rodent not one bulb left, hollyhocks seedlings bit tattered looking and compost lying on top of other seedlings. Other plants that had been set on were Fran's Carex and sedum cuttings although there was no damage to the plants, luckily all the Glory of the Snow was on the table used as a work station so they've been left there. On examination a hole was found so tonight if they come back hopefully they'll enjoy there last supper. It was a delayed start to the clear up and I'm now wishing I'd planted the bulbs in the flower beds. Lots of dead mush cleared and a few weeds removed from the NW bed notice spring bulbs peeping up with lots of green shoots appearing on the perennial sweet pea both in the ground and pots. Have potted up some hardy geranium roots that became dislodged while cutting back some of the soggy foliage so quite a few plants in waiting in the tunnel and for get together swops. After lunch the beds along the front had the same treatment with the roses being pruned back as they were very blackened if they don't pick up they be for removal later in the spring work continued on round to the east gable bed some crocus and other spring flowers emerging but the bed looks so bare will have to make a plan to improve the planting in these beds for winter and early spring. Rose bushes here also got a severe pruning so they possibly are waiting on death row as well these roses were planted in 2007 and cost £10 for 4 so I won't be too upset if they go although one of them Covent Garden has the most fabulous red blooms. Won't get time in the garden till Monday, that's if weather permits with the focus on the bed along the terrace, temperature dropped here this evening just hope that it's only temporary.

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Keego Keego 01 January 2011 20:47:18

Geraldine a very disappointing start but good to get out and make a start on the tidy up - lots of serious losses here - Happy New year to you and all your family

fran m fran m 01 January 2011 20:48:49

Wow, that's bad luck about the bulbs. It was great to be out getting a bit done today.

MartinB MartinB 01 January 2011 20:51:53

Fran could you not put on a tie for your profile pic next time

Jacinta D Jacinta D 01 January 2011 20:52:29

Geraldine, I also noticed bulb disturbances today in pots. I thought it was possibly due to the frost and snow expanding the compost or something. But now that you mention rodents, I spotted a couple of rats in the garden during our time in the snow. But the bulbs haven't actually been eaten. Strange. Wow, that's a journal and a half. Busy day for you.

Periwinkle Periwinkle 01 January 2011 21:56:40

Happy New Year, Cloncaw! You had a busy day, I feel like I have been very lazy- not a thing touched in the garden!! But have 'my other half' staying and we have been enjoying ourselves with visits, shops, walks and late-night chats! Viewed the brave souls taking part in the annual New Year Swim in aid of RNLI at the pier this afternoon! 

ClaireE ClaireE 01 January 2011 22:00:55

Busy day, good start of the year!

Rachel Rachel 01 January 2011 22:34:33

That's a bit upsetting about your roses. I wonder why they blackened. Sedum cuttings are robust and should pull through. You're great to get so much done.

Dick Dick 01 January 2011 23:18:02

Sorry to read about your losses Geraldine. I hope you will get rid of these awful creatures. 

fran m fran m 02 January 2011 06:38:24

Jacinta, the disturbance in the pots could be down to Blackbirds, that what happens here all the time.

Martin, don't do ties.

Jacinta D Jacinta D 02 January 2011 08:07:10

Hmm maybe you are right there, Fran. I think I might plant them into the borders today, as I will have/do have lots of gaps. But then I'll probably splice through them with a fork during the summer. Decisions, decisions!

HeadGardener HeadGardener 02 January 2011 12:12:49

Geraldine that must be really annoying after all you hard work, we have a cat which now which seems to keep things in check here, although Rabbits ringballed three young apple trees last year at the height of the january snow as animals get desperate for food, funny it should happen now though witht the thaw? Oh and lovely wheelbarrow

Cloncaw Cloncaw 02 January 2011 16:15:57

The LAST SUPPER was served last night all gone this morning so with luck plants in the tunnel will be left alone, going to serve up another dinner tonight and will keep it going until it's not touched. Cats don't seem to survive here don't know why which is a pity as we also have a serious rabbit problem as well on the farm.Is it possible to get a sonic one and if so does it really work? Keego Happy New Year to you and your family

Dick Dick 02 January 2011 17:04:13

The best of luck to you Geraldine. Not only do these rodents do harm to plants etc but they can cause desease.

Wellie Wellie 02 January 2011 22:11:55

My sister dosen't garden much Geraldine but having 8 children she has had loads of pets over the years , most live outside in hutches which were insulated better than my house for the winter, she always had mice and the odd rat around the garden in the cold weather until a guinea pig joined the menagerie, she swears by them for keeping unwanted rodents at bay.

MartinB MartinB 02 January 2011 23:11:12

Not so Wellington. we had two guinea pigs living in a greenhouse and three time rats have found a way in and lived happily with the guinea pigs until we have found a way each time to remove them and block up the new entrance

Johnplotman Johnplotman 03 January 2011 10:14:14

A great start,Cloncaw.The best of luck with all your garden plans.

Cloncaw Cloncaw 03 January 2011 14:48:52

A few more enjoyed the LAST SUPPER last night so we've set up the table again.

Dick Dick 03 January 2011 15:00:02

The last supper here, Geraldine, might also be the CRUCIFIXION but not the RESURRECTION.


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