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Cloncaw's Journal

Cloncaw's Journal

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One Down One To Go.

22 September 2011 23:17:08
Another Clanger

Another Clanger

Had to go down to the kitchen garden to dig up some potatoes, lift carrots and a turnip, was shocked to discover a number of potatoes littered over the two raised beds. Looks like they've been pecked so can only think the blasted crows have decided to attack them. Went to locate some paper sacks and started digging finished off one bed, one bag full along with a large trug load. Into cook lunch and asked for some help to lift the other bed couldn't believe my ears when David our 2nd son informed me he wouldn't have a clue on digging potatoes. Did manage to get him to lift the sack load of King Edwards into the basement for storage, hopefully if weather's good I'll get the rest lifted tomorrow more King Edwards and Marius Piper. Another job I need todo is remove withered foilage and roots from the onions that are on racks in the shed and move them to the basement for storage as well. Weather permitting  I'll go out to pick blackberries, crabapples and elderberries to make some jam  this weekend no point in missing such free delights also need to pick blueberries off Jacinta's bush well the one she gave me last year blueberry muffins on the menu yummy.

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Lìga Lìga 22 September 2011 23:22:11

Good you have basemet where to storage all crop,we had very big problem last winter with spuds,because of colds.

  Poor David :)))(so funny;) 

rosburke rosburke 22 September 2011 23:23:59

oh i have loads of blueberries, do you have a receipe. Well done on lifting the spuds,

andyf7 andyf7 22 September 2011 23:24:09

i love your two types of spuds, good keepers too. i like the sound of those home made muffins.

Cloncaw Cloncaw 22 September 2011 23:30:42

Liga really is funny he's the one in the army on a weeks holiday and he's no problem eating them. Rose have to look out the recipe I made them last year but not since, Andy love the taste of the King Edwards will definitely grow them next year, delighted to hear they keep well.

Michelle finn Michelle finn 22 September 2011 23:42:39

geraldine its great that you have the basement to keep your spuds and other veg. i love your sons excuse for not digging spuds

Jacinta D Jacinta D 23 September 2011 06:06:13

Hope you're up early today, Geraldine, to get all those jobs listed done. If you get yourself another couple of blueberries, you will have a much better crop.

Monkells Monkells 23 September 2011 07:31:35

Oh to have space like yours. Never knew that cows were into potatoes :-) Good luck with the muffins. Sounds lovely. We just ate all the Blueberries!!!

TinaJ TinaJ 23 September 2011 07:44:05

i have a problim here with crows,home made muffins sounds wonderful

corktony corktony 23 September 2011 08:34:47

intrigued with the elderberry jam as the foraging books appear only to have wine or pontack sauce for the elderberries.

do you do elderberries on their own in a jam or is it part of fruit make-up


was out last evening and there will be plenty of rosehips and sloes but blackas appear to have gone too soft with the rain. Hope you have better luck. 

Cloncaw Cloncaw 23 September 2011 10:52:42

Monica I'm laughing it's CROWS not COWS but perhaps if the cows were in the potatoes David would be there staight away as all I hear from him and his dad is cows cows cows or Gaa Gaa at every meal time or evening time if they're together. Until I read Tina's comment I thought the error was mine. Tony will look out the recipes for crabapple and elderberry jelly and elderberry on it's own delicious with duck and also have used it with deep fried brie when we were involved in catering. Big tree crabapples by the stables and elderberries in the hedge beside the house as the bush wasn't cut back this year so not far to go.

corktony corktony 23 September 2011 12:04:31

Found one:


With the elderberry on its own, I trust that you need jam sugar for the pectin....

 EDIT http://www.rte.ie/food/2009/1021/elderberryjelly.html


Now I know what is being hunted this weekend (as well as conkers)

Scrubber Scrubber 27 September 2011 20:06:03

Im sure when he had the satisfaction of digging up such lovely spuds that he will volunteer in the future!

Mairin Mairin 01 October 2011 23:53:13

Nice dahlia.  As for David, he learned something new.  Hope he doesn't 'forget it!!!

Scrubber Scrubber 02 October 2011 20:53:01

Had a lovely browse through your photos tonight! many thanks. How is that black lace out so late in the year?

Cloncaw Cloncaw 02 October 2011 21:09:15

Unfortunately David had no hand in digging the spuds Mairin although he did carry them to storage. Scrubber thanks for the comments on the photos on the Black Lace I've no idea why it's still in flower but I'm not complaining adding to the garden colour 


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