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Cloncaw's Journal

Cloncaw's Journal

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Boys will be boys

08 January 2010 17:16:47
Messing about on the Ice

Messing about on the Ice

Well eventually temptation won and Conor along with friend Ciaran ventured out across the pond to the island accompanied by Connie- now would be the time to make the bridge as it really is frozen solid if it wasn't so cold. Water is normally about 1m20 deep so if it had cracked there would have been some scramble for the bank. This has to be the coldest day here yet with temperature at -5 at 2pm sun came through for a short time after that but then down came the fog again- Caroline says water was freezing in the buckets with the horses as soon as she put it into the stables - now about 18days thawing taps and carrying water to horses and cattle as all the automatic drinkers are frozen. Bit frightening to here them on the radio talking about major roads being closed next week due to the lack of salt and grit available, I'm really getting a bit fed up as expenditure still occurs even though income is practically nil.

On the bird front feeders very busy and think the rooks must have tipped the tray of seed onto the ground but so much activity it's nearly all gone, the great tit and the pied wagtail came today as well as the usual callers.

Oh to be young and carefree like the boys, wonder could anyone propogate a tree to grow money like Deborah's grows icicles - wishful thinking unfortunately.

Put up photos from the last few days of birds and the garden

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Jacinta D Jacinta D 08 January 2010 17:26:47

That looks eerie with the boys on the lake with the fog coming in. Brave boys.

Cloncaw Cloncaw 08 January 2010 17:42:42

Conor has just told me that there is no schools opening till next Thursday - don't know if it's true though. I reckon the ice must be well over 20cm deep and the pond isn't that deep probably not much further than Conor or Ciaran's waist but the shock of the icy water would put me off. Fog came back down very quick and the whole place is eerie.

Pat Pat 08 January 2010 17:46:13

It looks lovely and it would be great to put in the bridge now..and the boys go back when..???

Cloncaw Cloncaw 08 January 2010 18:19:47

The boys are going to be off school according to Bat O Keefe until next Thursday so maybe it is a possibilty as they can get across no problem at the moment and the ground is so hard that moving either steel or poles by machine would do little or no damage. I would love to have the bridge done before Caroline's wedding in June. 

Jacinta D Jacinta D 08 January 2010 18:22:42

That would be SOME undertaking, Cloncaw, making a bridge as large as that. It is a lake you have there, not a pond.

Periwinkle Periwinkle 08 January 2010 18:24:12

Yes, it gets s bit frustrating as the days mount. I have not been out to work either. But you have the added problem of caring for the animals.

fran m fran m 08 January 2010 19:44:26

Go for it if you can, may never get an easier chance than this.........

Cloncaw Cloncaw 08 January 2010 20:20:42

Jacinta it is a very large pond when it was being made it just got bigger and bigger it's just got a clay bottom no liner great for birds and wildlife. Distance across where we want to put the bridge is 6m + but we can at least measure it now the boys can walk across, even if the supports across it get put in at least we will be able to access the island love to plant some trees and shrubs on it and a bench.

Rachel Rachel 08 January 2010 20:27:11

All they need is ice skates! I heard it was just Dublin where the schools are closed until Thursday???

Jacinta D Jacinta D 08 January 2010 20:28:28

They didn't specify Dublin, I don't think, Rachel.

Rachel Rachel 08 January 2010 20:33:45

Really - it's not just a schoolboy rumour then?

fran m fran m 08 January 2010 20:36:30

Min Of ED, Muggins O'Keeffe announced all schools, country wide. closed till Wednesday

Rachel Rachel 08 January 2010 20:59:17

Thanks, Fran. Just found it on the RTE website. Kids are thrilled.

spider spider 08 January 2010 21:05:16

Is-nt it amazing, last nite the minister for snow (Gormley) said we were exaratering and the weather conditions was-nt as bad as we were  making out. He could-nt understand what we were complaining about. Minister for transport is M.I.A abroad and refuses to come home as it not his problem. Now Muggins O Keefe is closing the schools due to health and safety reasons. I heard a barrister on the radio today saying it might be possible to take action against the council for crashesn on the ice because of their failure to grit


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