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Cloncaw's Journal

Cloncaw's Journal

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Things That Go Bump In The Night.

16 January 2010 18:03:31


The moral of this story is to Enjoy Beauty and Life While You Can.

I have never grown Amaryilis before and with all the online chat about them decided to have a go. I bought 2 from Lidl and while one is sitting still and although there is a hint of leaves is really going no where but the other although slow to start took off and produced a flower stem and duly presented buds and opened first one then 2 and yesterday 3 with at least one more still to go. ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS and each day I recorded it's beauty. Thought about finding a planter to put it in but it seemed so balanced and must have been 85cm tall so I suppose it was an accident waiting to happen. This evening I opened the door to the drawing room to record it's progress would another flower have opened. Shock  - horror no Amaryilis in site on the window sill - well not quite true the one that is on a go slow was there. My eyes went to the floor and there battered and broken was my Amaryilis beauty I am devastated that I didn't prevent this catastrophe from happening. Although I know Jacinta managed to splint her one up and it continued to flower I don't think this will work as it's neck is nearly severed but I have splinted it but I think it's met it's end. The odd thing is I heard a bang last night while watching the Late Late Show and sort of thought what can it be but didn't go to check it out. Should the other Amaryilis decide to bloom I'll know better and ensure it's in a more substancial pot and as my kids say "You Have To Learn From Your Own Mistakes" but other NOVICE AMARYILIS PARENTS TAKE CARE and LEARN FROM MY MISTAKE.

Posted up photos of before disaster struck. in Amaryilis album

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Hoeys Hoeys 16 January 2010 18:16:38

sorry about this, but Amarylis do fall from the window sill. i think they should sell them in terracota pots or put the sign for amatours to put them in the havy pots. i had mine in the light plastic pot like yours but it was falling - it was beside fire place and did not get damage so bad. well as we say - you are learning something every day

ClaireE ClaireE 16 January 2010 18:27:16

Oh, that's such a shame, I can imagine how disappointed you are... I hope the other one produces even more beautiful flowers to make up for this one!

Myrtle Myrtle 16 January 2010 18:36:27

I wonder where your kids learned "you have to learn from your mistakes" ! What is that other saying " The apple never falls far from the tree" Ha Ha!

fran m fran m 16 January 2010 19:04:45

Will learn from that, IF and WHEN mine get that far.

fraoch fraoch 16 January 2010 19:04:48

If the stem doesn't recover cut off the flower and put it in water and you'll still be able to admire it--I speak from experience! One of mine collapsed but I was able to rescue one of the 4 florets and it is still fine, plus you can see it more close to.

Jacinta D Jacinta D 16 January 2010 19:29:37

Aw No, what a disaster. But you still have the other one to look forward to. I would be devastated.

Rachel Rachel 16 January 2010 19:55:02

And such a beauty too. That's very bad luck, Cloncaw. What a shame.

Ladybird Ladybird 16 January 2010 21:39:27

That was very disappointing. 

Lululupin Lululupin 18 January 2010 16:19:25

You are right - enjoy what you have! And I am very pleased that your Amaryllis came out and bloomed because it gives me hope for mine which is also from Lidl but I only planted it two weeks ago and it's making very slow progress so I am holding thumbs! 

Jack17 Jack17 19 January 2010 19:32:02

Sorry about your Amaryllis disaster. I was just looking at your Amaryllis photos. That one was a lovely pink colour although I thought the pot, though nice , was a bit on the small size. No doubt like the rest of us you will learn from your mistake and grow bigger and better Amaryllis flowers next time. 

Cloncaw Cloncaw 19 January 2010 22:12:22

Thanks everyone for your comments the broken flower is now in a vase so it's still providing colour.

Mytrle I did leave out that my boys also say that I cann't live their lives as well as they need to learn by their mistakes.

Jack I really had no idea initially that it would grow that tall or be so top heavy, the fall broke off 2 of the blooms and there is a 5th one that I think will open out. If the other one makes a move I'll definitely have it in a much larger planter and stabalised but that was the pot with it and yes I've learnt.


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