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Bizzybee's Journal

Bizzybee's Journal

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Rain - wot Rain?

04 October 2009 10:08:20
Oh for a good soak!

Oh for a good soak!

Where's the rain that was promised?  I'm living in a dust bowl at the moment.  I was going to water the garden on Friday because of the imminent wind and thought it'd end up a swamp because of the deluge I'd expected!!  Now the poor plants have to recover from drying gales and dust at their feet.

 I spent most of yesterday watching as clouds rolled by, merrily on their way to somewhere that probably doesn't even want their contents dumped!!!

This morning I'm expecting a nice trailer-load of rotted farmyard manure to arrive so when it does rain next week I'll be ready with the mulch to seal the moisture in. 

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Clara Clara 04 October 2009 10:19:55

We got a bit of rain yesterday and was happy with it but still have to water the pots as they ae still not getting enough , good luck with your manure it will be smelly but will do your plants a lot of good

Happy gardening.

Mairin Mairin 04 October 2009 22:22:33

Strange year weatherwise.  But the weather is to break on Monday night.  So they say............

Ladybird Ladybird 05 October 2009 20:45:09

I think your poor plants will be lucky to-night, just been out in  the garden and felt a few drops.

HeadGardener HeadGardener 09 October 2009 23:39:53

Well Bee was the rain on Tuesday and Today enough for you :-D

Bizzybee Bizzybee 17 October 2009 12:53:20

Would you believe me if I said it was the perfect amount, Bill?  Enough to wet the ground without turning it into a bog which is usually what happens. I'm getting so much work done in the garden this week I don't know myself.

HeadGardener HeadGardener 17 October 2009 20:52:15

Bee theres no excuse not to get things done now which is a shame as I quite like the odd skive off from the garden, especially when the work is labour intensive. By the way read your comment on the Thuja thanks, just to say on your lawson cypress hedge sorry to hear it's not working, go with your instinct next time or post it on here to get advise.

Clara Clara 07 December 2009 10:04:09

Just noiced you are on the list for Carlow and did you notice we are on the featured members list to the left of the screen looking forward to meeting you Clara.

Bizzybee Bizzybee 08 December 2009 19:04:26

I'm looking forward to meeting up with all who're going on Sunday - it's such a great idea!  I'd hoped to contact those I saw on the list but things are just a little hectic with me at the mo.  I also noticed that we're featured members and wonder why that is.  If I was a regular contributor I'd understand but as I don't have broadband I find it difficult to keep in touch

Dick Dick 01 May 2010 16:53:49

Hello Busybee. I notice you have been very quiet since December. Things of course have changed and we have had it generally dry since then although very cold for a while. How has the garden worked out? Have you still had a problem with the drainage. April which had gone to day must have been one of the warmest and dryest I can remember. I am in a part of Carlow where the drainage is excellent and since the weather broke this week I was pleased with the change. Like many others, my plants have been affected by the frost. I am looking forward for some to revive.

Bizzybee Bizzybee 02 May 2010 10:54:27

I tend to hibernate, Dick, and emerge in Spring which is late this year.  With the dry spell we've had I've been able to do a little around the place.  The problem is I overdo it once the conditions are favourable and then my back gives in and I can't work for days.  The house I live in was built on this site because the land was not fit for anything else!  It wouldn't even be worth putting in land drains because I've been told there are  natural springs here.  And no soil to boot!!  I live in hope and just keep topping up with manure but it's hard work trying to get beds cultivated and anything to grow.  I've developed a keen interest in rampant plants because even they seem to be curtailed by the conditions.

Johnplotman Johnplotman 02 May 2010 11:33:09

Delighted all is going well Bizzybee,apart from garden set-backs earlier in the year.Good luck with all the gardening.


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