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Abbeybay's Journal

Abbeybay's Journal

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growing veg

21 October 2009 23:08:52
Could anyone tell me what nutrients i could add to soil that i want to grow veg in?  I planted a bit of veg this year but unfortunately nothing grew for me except leaves.  I managed to get two swede out of all my hard work the carrots were all small and twisted.  There was never anything grown in the garden before and i am a novice in veg growing so i would be grateful for any tips at all.

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Rachel Rachel 21 October 2009 23:14:30

Commiserations. It's terrible to go to all that work and get so little. Like your photos and what you've done so far. Manure is good for veg. You can buy well rotted manure in bags if you don't know anyone who keeps horses.

chilipepper chilipepper 21 October 2009 23:26:52

Hi Abbeybay, if the soil is new to veg growing i would grow potatoes in the first year to break up the soil, what veg you grow in each bed depends what you add to the soil, while some love certain additions like manure, composted waste and fertilizers others don't! the carrot's were twisted because the soil was to compacted and not loamy enough for them, for next year dig the ground over this autumn and plant a crop of first Earlie's (spuds) next Feb/March, add a general fertilizer like growmore at planting time, the spuds should be picked by end of May early June giving you time for a second crop of other veg!  

milkchurns milkchurns 21 October 2009 23:57:50

too little organic matter in your soil could be your likely cause of poor crop.also failing to plant seedling firmly.drought could play apart too.you will need to add a balanced fertilize at planting time.all land can be enriched with well rotted animal manure,however animal manure can be hard too come by and garden compost can be expensive to buy so the answer is to make your own compost.you should get to know a bit about crop rotation too.

milkchurns milkchurns 22 October 2009 00:05:21

abbeybay i have just checked up on johnplotsmans jounal for today and he has added some info about his crop rotation

Johnplotman Johnplotman 22 October 2009 00:07:50

Going along with what Dave [Chilipepper] mentioned Abbeybay,with your new garden,to gain almost 3 weeks on your new seed potatoes,place them on egg trays for app 4 weeks before planting out in a cool bright area.Little chits will grow on each potato and they will appear above groung a lot faster.To help again damage you will have on new potatoes  like potato scab just put a little layer of grass cuttings below them.Not to thick.You will probably get a visit from wireworms [Agriotes spp] with it been new ground but cultivation will eventually rid them.

Johnplotman Johnplotman 22 October 2009 00:58:25

Abbeybay,also going with what Paul says,nothing beats making your own home made compost.When you consider the likes off for example potato skins,27% potash,your grass cuttings will have 4% nitrogen in them,and even the legume pods [peas and beans] will give 1.4 phosphate and up to 9% potash.Those along with lots of other foods you can use in the compost heap will work well,when it comes to growing veg.

Pat Pat 22 October 2009 10:14:24

Just looking through your photos. That was a great job you did on the new bed. The white walls also show up the plants very well. Well done.

Drumanagh Drumanagh 22 October 2009 11:15:27

Love the photo of the tulips with the white wall - and your Shell 'mulch'! Great job in the 'Lower Garden'.

Abbeybay Abbeybay 23 October 2009 23:40:31

Hi everyone,

Thanks a million for all the advice,tips and compliments for my garden.  I will put into practice everything that you all have told me although much and all as i would love to make my own compost I am quite afraid of creating a rat problem. Can you tell me is there a way around this? 

Johnplotman Johnplotman 24 October 2009 00:38:41

With your compost heap Abbeybay,as long the food is not  cooked like meat etc,and you keep the compost heap in layers of the type of things used there like,grass,papers,clay,cowdung,and a lot of other items like some of the fresh skins from the veg you will soon be growing.As we say here,when things are kept cooking well in the compost heap things will be fine.Every once in a while you will give the heap a quick turnover and that will upset vermon even more.Once the compost heap is doing well you will also have lots of our earthworms doing the right job and making the airholes etc.You might get away with carrots parsnips beetroots etc as they are all root crops.Ok fine for no compost but it is vital they must be going to a plot that had  it on the previous year.With crop rotation veg types go under three ways,brassicas,cabbages etc,roots,carrots etc and what we call it here the legunes [peas ans beans].Hope that helps.

Abbeybay Abbeybay 24 October 2009 00:53:28

Thanks again Johnplotman your a star!

Johnplotman Johnplotman 24 October 2009 19:13:28

Your welcome Abbeybay.You may have seen one already,but if not just look up crop rotation,available in all garden books,once veg involved,also advice on compost heaps.Anything you need to know about the way it is done,if at all possible i will help you along the way.

Abbeybay Abbeybay 13 December 2009 23:45:19

Hi everyone,

Just like to wish you all a very happy christmas and and New Year!  Haven't being doing much in the garden this past while i just got the shed dunged out yesterday. Have being making stuff to sell at craft fairs this past while and still making christmas cards for people which is great. I cant believe christmas is only around the corner, still have to root out the decorations etc! I hope nobody was affected too much by the floods it must be such a terrible time for all the people involved, for all the rain up here we have been very lucky in that respect we can only pray for the people who have lost so much.


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