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Gracedieu Lass's Journal

Gracedieu Lass's Journal

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19 March 2017 22:14:11

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My son David and daughter in law Mary are celebrating their seventh wedding anniversary today and at the time of their wedding I planted a Magnolia stellata ' Centennial' which I bough in a local garden centre. It has grown into a lovely tree and at present is covered in flower.  It associates well with the hydranges and as the years go on should form a canopy over those planted near by. 

Outside my kitchen window grows a Magnolia stellata which must be about sixteen years old now. All during the winter I love looking at the furry buds on the tree which now are open producing beautiful white starry flowers.

Magnolia 'Raspberry Ice' has grown into a very large tree and when taken the photo today I looked at the label and was surprised when I saw that we had planted it in 2002, where did the years go.

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Fleurette Fleurette 19 March 2017 22:42:46

Wonderful magnolias, Mary.  I always admire the really "full" edging you manage  to establish to your borders.  

It is a lovely thing to plant a really good specimen plant to celebrate an occasion.  

Or to choose plants bearing the names of your children.  I have rosa Paul's Himalayan musk, paul's scarlet hawthorn.  A Rhodo Niko for other son.  Deirdre bears my name, Marguerite, so no problem there! For Claire too, I had to use her second name:  Elizabeth with Rosa Queen Elizabeth.  

Jackie Jackie 20 March 2017 07:39:39

Wow Mary they are all just stunning. I look forward to the day my little Magnolia grows big and strong like yours!!!!! They are all magnificent 


Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 22 March 2017 08:37:22

Thanks you both for the nice comments on the Magnolias.

Margot, the 'full' edging is due to a lot of dividing over the years of primulas, pulmonaria, hostas and other low growing plants. I like to plant a tree for a  happy occasion and I make them all stand around it to take the photo and needless to say they don't be happy. However, I have noticed that their wives are thrilled and will alway go a see 'their' tree and eldest granddaughter is besotted with the garden, maybe it is a female thing. I am a sucker for buying plants with my children's and grandchildren's names. I grow Rosa 'Paul's Himalayan Musk' and it looked beautiful when my son was married last June and I know I was the only one who appreciated it.

Fleurette Fleurette 22 March 2017 10:14:58

Ah, yes, Mary.  your edgings.  You are really adept at these, and I was amazed a few years ago, at the mileage you achieved from the bundle of Kinlough Beauty.  You showed  me how much this particular little beauty thrives on division.  My Mother did not realise this, and we were always told to keep well away from"Mrs Cox's primrose". 

By the way, I have just bought the Joe Kennedy Glenarriff.  It really smacks of Kinlough Beauty Don't you think?  

For edging, I am inclined to rely on viola cornuta which of course gives a very long season of soft calming colour.  (The white isn't as good".) 

Planting named subjects for the kids.  I am so p,eased that recently, I detect that Paul, the Babe -33-  has now become proprietory towards the Ymalayan musk and the Apul's scarlet!  there's hope there!  And at last he is using his eyes!

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 22 March 2017 18:22:12

No Margot, I don't grow Primula 'Glengarrif' but have a few of the Kennedy primulas. The viola is good ground cover and I found that Primula 'Kinlough Beauty' thrives on division.

Fleurette Fleurette 22 March 2017 20:00:38

Oh?  One you don 't have - P. Glengarriff?  Rush to Lidl .....  they have it  this week.  

I really should re-read my journals and correct all The typos!  

My goodness.  I am just listening to the news from London!  Dreadful. 

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 22 March 2017 20:19:22

Shopping tomorrow, so must look into Lidl. I must make a list of the Kenny primulas I have. I know I have Primula 'Moneygal', yellow and Primula 'Blarney Castle' which was given to anyone who attended IGPS AGM in Cork last year. I know I also have a lovely little pink one, which divides very well. 

Dreadful news from London today.

Jackie Jackie 22 March 2017 20:22:28

Ohhhh much check out my local Lidl, I was there yesterday and bought  2 Magnolia and think I will put them down where the Staghorn trees used to reside!!

Such awful news from London....RIP to those who lost their lives. This world has gone crazy!

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 22 March 2017 20:26:34

Jackie, those Magnolias were great value. I saw the clematis there last week, but the plants were very weak, but saying that I did buy Clematis 'Mrs Bateman' a few years ago and it romped away. The Magnolias will look fantastic there.

Fleurette Fleurette 22 March 2017 23:56:38

I am wondering if Lidl N and S carry some different stock?  I got my other Kenny prims from Lidl over a couple of years.  I also bought one form the garden centre. It was dearer, BUT it was a fatter plant!  Divisible.  

Dunbeg seems to be real sturdy one and absolutely beautiful.  The others aren't in bloom yet.  Just Dunbeg, for at least a week.  

Lidl clematis seemed to be mainly Polish Spirit which is a very strong and prolific grower with me.  Was it in your Lidl?  No, I'm not doing a survey!!

(I just love these wee conversations) 

oh, was this a journal about your beautiful magnolias, Mary?    Sorry I have diverted it. I do like the Stellata type ones. I do have a Mag. ..Susan.  It has become too big.  We, or more precisely, me, I'm never content !!!!! Not good.  


Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 23 March 2017 00:08:31

Margot, the Lidl clematis last week were C. Mrs Bateman' C. 'Hagley Hybrid' C. 'Madam Julia Correvon'. Conversations are good.

Fleurette Fleurette 23 March 2017 00:20:20

Yeh, Hagley Hybrid was there, but I have it already.  Its another v. Good one.  In truth, I didn't look at the names of the others, only the colours. All deep pinkish, and I have too many like that. 

Off to bed.  

Fleurette Fleurette 29 March 2017 10:57:38

Mary, taking you up on your remark that "conversations are good"!! ...

I am over in Shropshire for a couple of weeks, and the main thing I notice is the magnificence of the Magnolias soulangeana .  Quite wonderful with perfect shape and completely covered in large blossoms.  Obviously, there is so much less wind than on the N. coast!  

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 29 March 2017 13:33:00

Enjoy your trip Margot and yes the magnolias are fantastic this year. Don't forget to take a few photos, we would love to see them.


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