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Gracedieu Lass's Journal

Gracedieu Lass's Journal

Last Post 5 days ago

Bulbs Arrived.

08 September 2017 18:08:12

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Well at long last my bulbs arrived from Mr. Middleton and I was very happy with the size of all the bulbs and tuber. I did not buy a lot, but will pick up some tulips over the next few months as the shops start to reduce them. I have also bought some bulbs from Avon Bulbs in the UK, but no sign of them yet. The white foxtail lily that arrived today was planted this afternoon with plenty of leafmould and grit, so fingers crossed it will be in bloom next summer. I also planted up Iris 'Katherine Gold' in a pot and have stored the tulips in a box in the garage for later planting. The tulips I bought were Tulipa 'City of Vancouver' (white) and Tulipa 'Blue Beauty' with the idea that all my pots will be planted with blue, white and yellow flowers for next spring. Well that is the idea anyway.

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Scrubber Scrubber 08 September 2017 19:21:15

Bulbs someone said are presents that we post to ourselves! So there's a double posting here!!! Blue white and Yallah! Lovely fresh choice, I hope to see it!

fraoch fraoch 08 September 2017 20:14:30

Yes, they're lovely Spring colours. Hope they all do well!

Jackie Jackie 08 September 2017 20:19:41

Delighted to hear the bulbs have arrived Mary, and they sound fab too! I see Lidl have theirs too at €2.99 for 8 but the bulbs are a lot smaller than the ones in Mr M. Ive had to contact them AGAIN as I bought 20 bulbs online with  and only got 10 of some Narcissus!! so now I have to go over again and collect another 10. !!!!

I also bought Eremus from Mr Middleton, I had some a few ago but they never came back. I think they may have 'drowned' as they were probably planted to deep. But I will plant them up over the weekend too.

When do you plant up your Tulips? I did mine in September last year but these were all in pots. I love the idea of blue, white and yellow, lovely combination. Ive gone with some purple and orange with my Tulips but also some red and white.  

Jacinta D Jacinta D 08 September 2017 22:09:06

I bought some Foxtail Lilies from Heritage bulbs a few years ago and was so excited at seeing them in all their glory during the summer. Nothing happened!  So the year before last, I bought an actual 'growing' plant. It didn't come up again. :(  I've given up on them.

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 08 September 2017 22:52:32

I think good drainage and a sunny site is the secret for having success with Foxtail Lillies. I planted the tube on a mound to help with the drainage, so fingers crossed it will work. Also, I think they need feeding after flowering.

Jackie, I plant tulips in pots only and don't plant them before October/November as they are prone to fungal disease. However, if I am planting crocus and daffodils in the same pot I plant them in September. Last year I got some free tulips at our Garden Club in Janurary and planted them and they were fine. I hope you will get a few extra bulbs with all the hassle you have had.

Jackie Jackie 08 September 2017 23:42:24

Ha ha. I doubt that Mary. although they did give me a packet of Alaskan Aurora that they promised me last Sprom g when the actual flowers werent what it said on the pack. But it's fine. As regards those Eremus, I read up on how to plant them so made a mound and put lots of grit in it plus grit on top. Planted the tube on top of all that in the sunny border but never seen again after that first flowering. So we will see how these go. All in the learning though. Thanks for all the great advice ;) 

PeterW PeterW 09 September 2017 09:45:41

I've never tried foxtail lillies but do love the look of them. Maybe of I come across them over the next few weeks I might give them ago. Love the new darf iris, hopefully it's as good as Katherine Hodgkins. I too wait till OCtober or november to plant tulips. I generally plant them where I lift dahlias.

Michele Maria Michele Maria 09 September 2017 18:12:18

Thanks for the tip re. planting tulips that bit later.

DecfromTipp DecfromTipp 09 September 2017 23:40:57

Still waiting on mine . The order was made 25 Aug and my cash taken on the 29 Aug ! Iam not impressed and don't think I will be using Mr Middleton again . Do they not have enough staff . With my Bee keeping any supplies I order are delivered by courier within 3 days ... If our magazine continue to promote them monthy I really think service must improve 

Jackie Jackie 10 September 2017 09:06:07

Dec I've ordered from them lots of times and would have them in a matter of days. I think because their Open Day was taking place that took precedence and the orders left aside, which is just not right. Have you tracked your order online?  I'm heading back tomorrow to collect the ones they left out of my order!! Third time lucky. I feel your frustration as my levels are slowly rising too! 

Moya Moya 10 September 2017 22:36:28

Mr. Middleton is usually good so you are probably right Jackie. I envy you Mary as having been away for 2 weeks I haven't yet given thought to what bulbs I should get. I will have time to get some tulips though as I agree that they can be planted later.

I've had no success with foxtail lillies or indeed with Fritillaria imperialis - they are gorgoeus bulbs but I hate the disapointment when they don't come up so am not going to try them again for a while.

Good luck with yours Mary and I love your colour choices.

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 11 September 2017 11:41:28

Moya, I was in Johnstown on Saturday last and they have a fantastic range of bulbs for sale. They had a brilliant bargin on Tulipa ' Queen of the Night' unfortunately not in the colour scheme this year lol. Fran, gave me some foxtail lillies a few years ago and this year is the first time they haven't flowered despite having foliage, so I think they need feeding to keep going. Fritillaria imperials need a little lime added to the soil and I am sure you are gardening on acid soil, so maybe that is why they are not succeeding for you. 

Moya Moya 11 September 2017 22:27:38

Thanks Mary.


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