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TheH (Hazel)'s Journal

TheH (Hazel)'s Journal

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Chits chitting

12 February 2017 18:32:16

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Well, I don't have a lot of success with potatoes but the Lord loves a tryer so I'm off again. I was very excited to find nice small packs of seed potatoes in Heatons at a real knock-down price so I treated myself to 3 little packets - two earlies and a second early. Wasn't sure about the second early but since the offer was 3 or the price of 2 I thought I'd take a chance.

Well everyone was talking about this "chitting" business so when i got home I fetched the little mini seed tray I got from Lidl a few seasons ago and I reckoned the spuds would be happy in the pots.

I carefully laid each variety in a separate section duly labelled. Next problem was keeping them in the light but frost-free so they moved into my store room. All was well until I was grabbing something in a hurry from said store room when Disaster! I tipped the whole thing onto the floor!  I tried to figure which variety was which but I'm sure there will be some surprises later!

Decided this wasn't the best method so they got moved to the window-sill in egg-trays!

So now for the big question (or questions)

When are my Chits Chitted? When can they be put into the ground? 

There appear to be many different opinions on this important matter so I would appreciate hearing how my fellow .iers manage theirs?

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Jackie Jackie 12 February 2017 18:50:00

Well Hazel I dont have a clue but would be interested to hear what exactly happens!!! Sounds like you got a great deal there, I think I might even have a little look myself! So will you plant these in the ground, as in a bed? or will they be in pots? I assume you can plant potatoes in pots? If I was going to do some thats how I would like to be able to do it? any advice on that?

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 12 February 2017 18:59:08

Around St Patrick's Day is the traditional time for getting your potatoes in the ground. I have potatoes chitting on the window sill of the garage and so far not much growth on the shoots.

Dick Dick 12 February 2017 19:41:42

Hazel, the term chitting is new to me. I remember my father referring to it as sprouting. I continued in the tradition. However, I havent grown potatoes for some years. They were great for a long time. Then around July,the stalks turned yellow. Gerry stated that it was probably eel worm. The ground , he says, should be free of potatoes for four years. i will try again this year.

TheH (Hazel) TheH (Hazel) 12 February 2017 19:41:44

So Mary - mine have little bits of sprouts but I'm not sure how big the sprouts should be?

Jackie - I got some bags for growing them but they didn't come to much for me. I think the method is to put in the potatoes and cover them with compost and then every time the shoots appear top up with more compost. I thought I did it right but didn't get any potatoes - just lots of compost LOL

Mine will be going into the veg beds instead this year.  I did some last year but the return wasn't great - hoping for more success this year!

Ivor Ivor 12 February 2017 19:56:40

Hazel, I've put a journal entry in for you about spuds. Hope you enjoy it.

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 12 February 2017 20:48:09

Hazel, the sprouts should be about an inch and not too many sprouts, so rub off the surplus.


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