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MartinB's Journal

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Christmas present quiz uncovered

07 January 2011 17:29:15
Christmas present quiz uncovered

Christmas present quiz uncovered

This might show you better. The answer has to be specific, not what it is called so much as what it is used for.

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Hosta Hosta 07 January 2011 17:41:03

Aaaa shoveling stuff ;-)

Myrtle Myrtle 07 January 2011 17:44:07

Its longer than most shovels but would come in handy if it snowed again!

Rachel Rachel 07 January 2011 17:48:39

That's a funny looking plant!

J.D. J.D. 07 January 2011 17:56:42

Wow, Martin, just what I have been looking for. Is it hardy? 

Belated Happy Christmas. Or maybe it's an early Christmas pressie for 2011.

fran m fran m 07 January 2011 18:55:10

Compost Shovel, for a composting King

J.D. J.D. 07 January 2011 18:56:57

Is it a Pizza shovel? I could see the pair of ye cooking our own outdoor pizzas in a bit old iron oven.

Hosta Hosta 07 January 2011 18:58:21

To be used in the place of 'double digging'

Ladybird Ladybird 07 January 2011 19:05:15

It's like a snow shovel, l could do with it here, over an inch of snow has fallen in the last hour!

kindredspirit kindredspirit 07 January 2011 19:16:42

For shovelling coal in a steam locomotive.

MartinB MartinB 07 January 2011 20:14:00

Well done Kindred that is the right answer. I will deliver the prizes of ferns to you when you are ready for them.

J.D. J.D. 07 January 2011 20:15:12

Oh My God, don't tell me you are adding a steam locomotive to your garden!

J.D. J.D. 07 January 2011 20:16:06

Well done, Kindred.

Myrtle Myrtle 07 January 2011 20:18:56

You are keeping us in suspense! Tell use the whole story

J.D. J.D. 07 January 2011 20:22:38

Myrtle, when the time is right, Martin will choochoose to tell us.

Myrtle Myrtle 07 January 2011 20:27:40

ha Ha!I'm babysitting and I'm bored!

Rachel Rachel 07 January 2011 20:28:15

Ha ha. That reminds me of my brother in law who is mad about trains. Before we made the garden he had plans to run an actually railway line in our 'vacant' space to run his train because his wife wouldn't let him do it at home. Glad it didn't happen now : ) Nowadays he is heavily involved in the Cavan Leitrim Railroad.

Well done, Kindred.

kindredspirit kindredspirit 07 January 2011 20:29:01

So, what are you going to do with it?

Also can't believe I won a competition with a guess out of the blue. ( Can't believe i won a competion. any competition. )

J.D. J.D. 07 January 2011 20:32:05

Rachel, Steve has been totally annoying me in the last two years with the idea of rigging up a mini railway track for the garden. I have time and time again said 'No'. I am NOT turning my garden into a Theme Park.

fran m fran m 07 January 2011 20:33:38

Well done Kindred, enjoy the ferns.

fran m fran m 07 January 2011 20:35:42

Jacinta, not a theme park, more like a water park........................hehe

J.D. J.D. 07 January 2011 20:41:32

As if there wasn't enough water outside right now. Spilling out of the Heavens. Ponds will get topped up nicely.

MartinB MartinB 07 January 2011 20:55:25

Snowing here. I am crazy about steam trains and can never have one , so seeing an advert in a railway magazine for a company that sold things for steam train I ordered a shovel and now i have it. It cost a lot, for they are made to take a lot of work without ever breaking. The blade of the shovel is long as it has to go far into the furness. I will be using it in the garden when I get a chance. Well done kindred, and thanks to the lot of you for making it fun.

Myrtle Myrtle 07 January 2011 20:59:51

I dont know why Martin but I feel a bit let down by that explanation!

MartinB MartinB 07 January 2011 21:02:30

I am not I am so happy to have it

HeadGardener HeadGardener 08 January 2011 00:06:21

Do I not get a consolation prize for guessing a coal shovel???? :-(  by the way what are you going to buy next Martin an engineers hat? :-)

Ladybird Ladybird 17 January 2011 17:50:42

Martin, you would have enjoyed Top Gear the other night where Jeremy Clarkson was the stoker on a steam train from London to Edinburgh in a race between the train, a Vincent motorcycle and a Jag XK120. He used a shovel similar to yours!!

MartinB MartinB 17 January 2011 19:14:35

Yes that must have been a repeat as the steam train was 'Tornado', a new built 4-6-2 costing over 3 millions sterling. Would give a lot to use my shovel on that footplate.


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