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MartinB's Journal

MartinB's Journal

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04 April 2010 21:18:58


here is a picture for you, I can send you more if you need it, and Fran can come with his measuring tape if he likes. :-)

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fran m fran m 04 April 2010 21:23:10

Martin, I will come with a low loader and move it to my garden, looks great.

Jacinta D Jacinta D 04 April 2010 21:27:50

Ha ha yea, looks terrific. But Martin, how big is this bed?

MartinB MartinB 04 April 2010 21:34:34

TEn yards long by six feet deep, you can use these dimensions to plan your own. :-)

Jacinta D Jacinta D 04 April 2010 21:37:11

30ft? Jesus, Martin, that's nearly half the length of my whole garden. Ha ha. Ok Fran, I might be going with YOUR idea. Martin, you or Deborah are REALLY going to have to arrange a guided tour of your garden, with Garden.ie members getting VIP treatment.

MartinB MartinB 04 April 2010 21:40:07

Do I only invite my friends Jacinta? I only have five at present. All garden ,ie friends get in for free and get tea and stuff.

Jacinta D Jacinta D 04 April 2010 21:41:45

Am I one of your friends?  When can we come down. I'm off next weekend. Ha ha.

MartinB MartinB 04 April 2010 21:44:13

You were the first to welcome me and ask to be my friend, thanks for that.

Jacinta D Jacinta D 04 April 2010 21:45:03


MartinB MartinB 04 April 2010 21:45:08

If Fran does not ask me soon then i will either explode or ask him

Jacinta D Jacinta D 04 April 2010 21:47:59

:) Ask him then, he is stubborn. Oops sorry Fran.

paul75 paul75 04 April 2010 21:51:31

lol lol hehe on a serious note it looks the part there beautiful


fran m fran m 04 April 2010 21:52:10

Ha got there first, message sent.

Rachel Rachel 04 April 2010 22:02:41

Your garden is so bursting with spring. It looks fabulous.

Ivor Ivor 04 April 2010 22:22:31

Now that natural stone wall is what I need to retain my bank and lawn at my patio.  I'll do it myself, but is the stone expensive. Looks great in the limestone. I love it.

MartinB MartinB 04 April 2010 22:34:42

Hi Ivor, the stone cost me nothing as I used local stone from old knocked cottages. I live in a lovely place called Dromin  where we are old fashioned and helpful to each other and I was allowed to help myself. I believe stone can be expensive. I know some people who use stone that they dig from their own garden.

Jacinta D Jacinta D 04 April 2010 22:38:24

Sometimes the best results can be obtained from getting the materials for NOTHING. And I think it means more to whoever is performing the task. In more ways than one.

MartinB MartinB 04 April 2010 22:49:06

Yes Jacinta, it feels that there is love involved because it is a gift, and it always gives one a good feeling afterwards.

Jacinta D Jacinta D 04 April 2010 22:50:23

My sentiments exactly. :)

Cloncaw Cloncaw 05 April 2010 00:05:19

Looks wonderful and to reuse stone either from old buildings or from the ground is a real bonus.


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