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chilipepper's Journal

chilipepper's Journal

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Seed Saving!

02 September 2009 13:08:16
Saving seed

Saving seed

Have saved some seed from the garden already this year, mostly from perennials, the only veg seed we have saved so far was from the white Radish about 2 months ago, have started the process with the tomatoes, last night selected 2 good sized fruits each from the Amish paste and the Aurora, scooped out the pulp from each and placed it in the jam jars, filled with some water and will leave for 3 to 4 days to let the seed settle, stirring 3 to 4 times a day, good seed will sink and the bad seed will float!! after the 3/4 days the good seed will be taken out washed and dried thoroughly on paper towels and stored in the fridge till next February  

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Rachel Rachel 02 September 2009 13:16:56

Very interesting and useful.

Joybells Joybells 02 September 2009 13:20:55

Chillipepper I read about this process in the Times sat. garden article, you  have great patience...but then I think you do need lots of that with gardening...

Jacinta D Jacinta D 02 September 2009 14:46:22

Thats what I did, but wasnt sure I was doing things right. But I didnt know about the good seeds sinking. You learn something new every day. Nice one for that, Chili. Thanks.

Lìga Lìga 02 September 2009 14:54:37

Good,,,i tought nobody doing it here:)).Maybe better dray out seeds on fabric,,then you can easyer them get off from it,and then just put in envelope.I left on paper towel,but they stick on it very hard.

Michelle finn Michelle finn 02 September 2009 16:14:32

i wasnt sure either, i was testing out old seed packet one day, of course i couldnt remember what was the good seed and what was the bad one, well as it goes nothing sank so i did the right thing when i through them out,

here is a question for you, soaked the sweet pea seeds(aniversary) i still have not sown them, i strained the water from them but i left them in the plastic container, will they be ok? plan to sow them tomorrow

chilipepper chilipepper 02 September 2009 18:23:35

Thanks Liga good tip will try that, they may not be fully dry you would be better storing them dry, soaking them and then planting them, what type of sweet pea are they? might be a bit late in the year for sowing them........ 

MadelineMcKeever MadelineMcKeever 02 September 2009 18:49:13

Be careful! Seed saving is a terrible addiction. I dry tomato seeds on a plate, and stir them as they dry as they stick to each other

Big Noel Big Noel 02 September 2009 22:17:36

That's a great tip for saving tomato seeds, thanks. Love all your journal entry's

Cloncaw Cloncaw 02 September 2009 22:37:35

Your journal entries are really interesting would never have thought about saving seeds from tomatoes.

Jools O Jools O 04 September 2009 14:13:24

that's great info, chilip -- i was just thinking i needed to save some tomato seeds to freshen up the supply.  and i like liga's idea of drying on fabric so you don't end up with pieces of kitchen roll on your seeds.  will let you know what varieties i save in case you might want to do a bit of swapping...


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