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chilipepper's Journal

chilipepper's Journal

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Amish Paste side shoots

27 September 2009 12:15:25
Amish paste, The second coming!

Amish paste, The second coming!

At the beginning of July i had read an article somewhere about growing tomato plants from side shoots that you would take off your vine type tomato plants as they grow through the season! i decided to try this out and in early July i took a few side shoots as you do, from the Amish Paste, these shoots were about 3 to 4 inches in length, i took 4 and placed them in a jam jar half full of water on the window sill, after about 2/3 weeks they had developed a strong root system and were potted up, that was around the end of July, now just over 8 weeks later we are rewarded with 2 decent plants (passed 2 on to a friend of ours!) they are about 5ft tall and growing! each plant has about a dozen tomatoes all slightly larger than golf ball size and about another dozen flowers on each! i will stop the plants now and let them put all their energy into producing the fruit, they will hopefully last a while longer depends on the weather! but i will take the larger fruit off each to give the rest a chance to come on, but if we get 2/3 doz golf ball size toms this late in the year from "free" plants that cant be a bad thing! something to keep in mind for next year...............

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Jacinta D Jacinta D 27 September 2009 13:31:41

You have done really well with everything you have grown. And definitely a big bonus getting tomatoes from just side shoots. I will be keeping a close on you for next year, Dave. We can all learn lots from you. Thanks!

milkchurns milkchurns 27 September 2009 20:41:49

well done.i did read about that somewhere too,i didnt try it but i will next year.

Michelle finn Michelle finn 27 September 2009 21:50:11

as jacinta has said we will be all begging for your help next year when veg growing season comes around. well done

unagrant unagrant 28 September 2009 09:49:58

I did it myself and was surprised at how easy it was.  The tomatoes are still coming thick and fast and will do it again next year.

sparrow sparrow 28 September 2009 17:57:47

Thanks Dave for that tip. Must try it next year.

Keego Keego 28 September 2009 23:20:44

Hi Dave great looking tomatoes as always - Whilst mine are all a lovely size and a few ripening every day the flavour is not as good as other home grown tomatoes - less juicy more of a grainy taste  do you think that is something to do with the length of time it took for them to ripen and the amount of water and feed given

chilipepper chilipepper 29 September 2009 02:10:33

Thanks for all the kind comments folks, only to happy to help if i can, thanks again!

chilipepper chilipepper 29 September 2009 02:22:00

Hi Keego, could be a number of things, could be the type of tomato you are growing, if they are a vine or cordon variety there comes a point in the season that they need to be stopped so all the energy is put into producing the fruit, could be lack of feed etc etc, hard to tell with out seeing or tasting them, or as i said could just be the variety! have a look at some of the web sites for different varieties and see what type suits you www.readytogrow.co.uk is a good site for tomato varieties, hope this helps.............


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