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Rachel's Journal

Rachel's Journal

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Glasshouse Clean Up

18 March 2011 20:01:00
Glasshouse Clean Up

Glasshouse Clean Up

I am exhausted this evening and all I did today was clean the glasshouse! But it was a big job and took all day.

First this morning, with hubby's help, we took everything out and put it on the lawn. Oh my God, where do I think I'm going to put all these plants!

Then I had to collect up and bag the masses of straw. Really messy! Then I washed the glass with warm soapy water, inside and out, except the very top outside because, well, I'm not Mr Tickle. Then I swept the floor and hosed down the glass and paving and washed the staging. But that was the easy bit!

The next job was to water all the plants while the glasshouse floor was drying. I also took all my seed pots out of their plastic bags and covered the tops with grit. It was so warm today that I wouldn't like to think of what temperature those plastic bags were creating inside.

So I started putting everything back into the glasshouse. It took ages as, of course, I was trying to arrange everything neatly and sensibly and to set up a special area with shading for fussy plants. Hubby called me in for dinner at 7:30 so I stuffed the last few things inside the door for sorting tomorrow.

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Jacinta D Jacinta D 18 March 2011 20:04:14

OMG. What a job! That is no. 1 on my list for tomorrow, but my job is going to be a lot simpler. Wasn't that lovely of Hubby to have dinner ready for you? Sometimes, they're worth their weight in gold. :)  Sit back now and relax. By God, you deserve it.

Clara Clara 18 March 2011 20:07:43

A great job and a very hot day to do it and great to have hubby to make the dinner well deserved.

Rachel Rachel 18 March 2011 20:10:41

Lovely roast pork dinner it was too : )

Russell Russell 18 March 2011 20:14:44

i spent the day cleaning up plants in the greenhouse, and discovered every one of my green ensete banannas had rotted except the murellii i got from bnq its still healthy

Rachel Rachel 18 March 2011 20:17:32

I'm very sorry to hear that, Russ. I didn't check my cannas or perargoniums yet but I fear the worst. Musa basjoo lost its trunk again for me this year, in the greenhouse, buryed in the bed and covered in straw! I'm going to plant it out this year and be done with it!

Myrtle Myrtle 18 March 2011 20:24:51

You will be delighted tomorrow when the job is complete. Did you sow Verbena Pink Spires, I have tried twice and had no success.

fran m fran m 18 March 2011 20:28:08

Great day done, relax now and switch off.

Rachel Rachel 18 March 2011 21:26:39

Myrtle, I sowed Verbena rigida. I found them slow to germinate. Keeping them in the warm, dark (hot press) helped.

I'm off to the Botanic Gardens tomorrow, Fran, for my Plants Person course. Not feeling up to it at the minute but no doubt I'll change my tune by tomorrow am : )

Cloncaw Cloncaw 18 March 2011 21:33:22

What a job but now it's done your well organised.

fran m fran m 18 March 2011 21:53:03

Rachel, if the weather is good as it was today, it will be a great day, enjoy.

Russell Russell 18 March 2011 21:55:44

my losses for this past winter are a purple acacia, which i think mite of survived if it was a larger plant and my ensetes, so not to bad. the basjoos new leaves are touching the roof in the greenhouse so there going to get a good size this year. i found cannas and dahlias still alive and growing in the beds i guess a foot of snow is a good insulater

Myrtle Myrtle 19 March 2011 14:04:50

Thanks Rachel, wont throw them out just yet!

andyf7 andyf7 19 March 2011 20:12:21

you will sleep tonight, and maybe a glass of wine just in case!. when you have a look around the glasshouse tomorrow you will be pleased, i always find when you have a casual look at your work later, your happier about it, maybe its because the aches and pains have subsided!.

rosburke rosburke 20 March 2011 21:46:12

Wow great job, need to clean mine, but it is tiny compared to yours.

Dick Dick 21 March 2011 20:39:02

Rachel, I washed most of my greenhouse late last year but feel that there is need for another wash.


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