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Rachel's Journal

Rachel's Journal

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Crash & Burn

08 June 2009 17:06:54
Greenhouse Border

Greenhouse Border

The gardening day started off badly.

I put all the bark mulch I had on my 'rose garden' and then realised I didn't have nearly enough to complete the job.

I moved on to Rapunzel's Forest and started removing dug weeds (the digger had been let loose on it recently) and then levelling the whole area. I know of course that the weed problem has not been solved in Rapunzel's Forest so I will need to spray or cover it or both. The thought was very depressing.

I then looked over at the large newly dug bed, which will hold my Liquidambar. I had not gotten around to raking it. I noted that the 'long border' behind it is in need of weeding again. I then thought of other unweeded beds and jobs waiting to be done. These thoughts were utterly depressing.

The wheelbarrow fell over for the second time, spilling weeds over the lawn. I stormed inside in protest and found... aphids on one of the plants in the kitchen!!!

It took my teenage son to jolt me back to reality. He commented that the aphids were only trying to live. It almost raised a smile. I then realised what was wrong with me. I'd gone marching out into the garden and embarked on hard physical work without any breakfast in me.

I had breakfast, had several cups of tea and then some biscuits.

I got the husband to phone and order a lorry load of bark mulch. I then went out and raked the new border over. The bark mulch arrived and will go down tomorrow, hopefully, so then I should be getting back on track. Must remember not to do that again.

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chrismcaleer chrismcaleer 08 June 2009 17:38:55

ok,I am very curious what brand of tea and biscuits do you eat? I have to get some, it seems to me they give great energy.

Rachel Rachel 08 June 2009 18:16:11

Bourbon creams - your only man!

Mairin Mairin 08 June 2009 19:44:46

Sunny South-East is true. My dahlia's aren't even 2 inches high. Worn out going with the slug pellets. Lucky you not only to have them that size but in flower too.

Mairin Mairin 08 June 2009 19:47:00

By the way, I would be interested to find out if the birds down there take a liking to your bark mulch. The birds up here do and scatter it out on to the grass. It's a constant job putting it back in to the borders. The birds in Kilkenny don't bother to even have a quick look in!

Jacinta D Jacinta D 08 June 2009 19:56:16

Yea i find that its only blackbirds that have taken a liking for bark mulch. They make the place very untidy. Rachel;, i NEVER have breakfast, unless it is served up to me. And the washing is done by someone else. And thats only on holidays. Maybe i should get into the habit. But I just cant be bothered.

rita d rita d 08 June 2009 21:00:58

nothing like food (especially tea and biscuits) to cheer one up Hope life looks brighter now. Magic magic weeds and aphids away for Rachel. are they gone??

Johnplotman Johnplotman 08 June 2009 21:06:08

Nothing beats the breakfast Rachel to give energy for the day.The blackbirds seem to have a resting place here Jacinta,watching from the trees but the scarecrow seems to keep them off the mulch and from feasting on the veg.

Michelle finn Michelle finn 08 June 2009 23:42:28

hi rachel you are on the same job as me (mulching) i know how you feel when you look around and see weeds and other jobs to be done and seems like you will never get on top of them. really depressing.didnt eat brekkie today until 12.30 thats when it came raining. going now to eat the bikkies JAFFA CAKES thats if the kids havent devoured them. i will tell you tomorrow what seeds i picked i know one of them was a type of hollyhock a deep burgandy one

MichaelC MichaelC 08 June 2009 23:56:23

Well I don't know about you Rachel but I'm finding this weather doing funny things to the garden. I notice the hedging in the front garden needs cutting again and the pyrachantha in the back could do with a bit of shaping again as well. Bring on the cuppa!

trug trug 09 June 2009 19:42:29

Maybe I am a bit of a slacker, but I often start my time in the garden with a cup of tea and slice of toast on a bench. It can be calm little moment before all the hard work begins....

Rachel Rachel 09 June 2009 21:06:46

Thanks, guys, for all your comments. The birds in Wexford are well behaved, Mairin, when it comes to bark mulch at least. The dahlias are only flowering because I started them in the greenhouse. It's not that sunny in the south east! Rita's magic seems to have done the trick - it didn't banish the weeds or aphids but I am much cheerier today as a result. Do you think we could get some biscuit manufacturer to sponsor our gardening work ? : )

Michelle finn Michelle finn 09 June 2009 22:36:11

hi rachel we could ask jacoubs to sponser us and all our hard work. they could drop a packet a day in the letterbox the postman could do that job mind you he could end up eating some of them, you are flying it with all the work you are doing

katiem. katiem. 16 June 2009 20:57:22

i wonder if a little of the garden was left to its own devices, would all the aphids and bugs congregate there, and leave the plants alone. i have tons of nasturtiums, and i leave the caterpillers alone, and after they have had their fill, the plant seems to recover and go on flowering. would make this gardening lark a whole lot easier.


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