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Rachel's Journal

Rachel's Journal

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Annuals Bed

14 March 2010 17:01:35
Annuals Bed

Annuals Bed

After a wasted half hour looking for a trowel, I finally got out to the garden. We really need to do a 'Fran' on that shed!

I started clearing and weeding the 'annuals bed' in front of the greenhouse. I was very pleased with it last year and this year it is going to contain a completely different planting scheme. It's my border for 'ringing the changes'.

Actually, the weeding wasn't as bad as I feared. The bed does actually have some dahlias in it so luckily I had the presence of mind last autumn to mark where the dahlias were planted with bamboo canes. That way, I didn't pull them up with the dead sunflowers and helychrysum. I am assuming for the time being that the dahlias are still alive.

Well, I didn't get it all finished but I nearly did so that wasn't bad! I think I will put plastic over it when I'm finished until it gets planted up the 3rd week in May.

Gave my new privet hedge another watering while I was busy. The soil is terribly dry!

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sean m. sean m. 14 March 2010 17:07:24

hi rachel it looks like you did a great job there on that bed and i hope those dahlias are ok and they peep up later on 

Ternie Ternie 14 March 2010 17:38:12

Well done, Rachel! What a lovely picture with sunlight! Do you have special plans for this bed?

fran m fran m 14 March 2010 20:26:38

Good work Rachel, hard to believe the soil is so dry so fast.

Mairin Mairin 14 March 2010 22:13:48

Can't wait to see it this year.  I had to water my front garden too today.  The neighbours gave me a few odd looks! 

HeadGardener HeadGardener 14 March 2010 23:54:44

Looking good Rachel, you'll have plenty of plants to fill it with no doubt, I think it's due to rain Wednesday and the ground really needs it :-)

Rachel Rachel 15 March 2010 09:35:15

Annuals only for this bed, Olga :) But I won't firm up on which ones until later.

It is really incredibly dry. But the up-side is that the soil is great to work with.

Bill, I'm wondering will I have loads of squirrel grass popping up because the bed is covered in loose seed. Have you had this problem? I also see that each bunch of last-year's squirrel grass is sitting in some green growth. I might try transplanting these, presuming it is new squirrel grass plants. I saw in Gardeners' World they sowed their grasses in the greenhouse last autumn!!!


Johnplotman Johnplotman 15 March 2010 09:46:22

Plenty of garden jobs done Rachel.All coming into place and taking shape.Well done.

chilipepper chilipepper 15 March 2010 14:49:20

Hi Rachel, good job done on the Annuals bed! was a great day for it, hope the weather lasts and we can get some onions in on the allotment! best of luck with the Delia's after that winter!!     

HeadGardener HeadGardener 16 March 2010 22:36:01

Rachel it is'nt a problem yet with the squirrell grass but it will be I did warn EVERYONE I gave it to that they self seed!! But I managed them everywhere except two places by chopping the seed heads off in time, but I still recon I'll have tons self seeding.. and I sowed a tray of them yesterday to boot. Thanks for the phone call today have my Ricinus soaking as we speak..

Lìga Lìga 17 March 2010 08:50:32

I remeber pictures with this bed last year,was very,very nice!Good luck this year too:))

Rachel Rachel 17 March 2010 22:39:55

Might have to put down some weed killer then, Bill. Who could bear to cut off those beautiful seed heads?


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