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Rachel's Journal

Rachel's Journal

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Cluck Cluck!

26 March 2010 17:19:27
Better than the telly!

Better than the telly!

Our chickens arrived today. Hurray!

There was much excitement as the whole family gathered to name our three little brown hens - Gilda, Peach & to-be-decided (my 16 year old son will name the 3rd one but needs to think about it).

Besides this obvious distraction, I got 3 hours of clearing done in the garden. New photos in my March 2010 album.

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chilipepper chilipepper 26 March 2010 17:51:03

Great stuff Rachel, best of luck with the new arrivals!

Ladybird Ladybird 26 March 2010 18:22:43

There will be great excitement when the first egg arrives!

Lìga Lìga 26 March 2010 19:17:46

This picture make me smile:))

fran m fran m 26 March 2010 19:50:03

Good luck to all

MartinB MartinB 26 March 2010 20:28:58

It is very small, will you be letting them out to run around during the day, or does it just get moved each day

Yuko Yuko 26 March 2010 21:03:38

That's exciting! I wish I had a garden big enough to have chickens, too.

Rachel Rachel 26 March 2010 21:11:05

Thanks, everyone.

Martin, the hen house is sold as one for 6 hens. According to the space requirements in my book, it is better suited to 4. We have 3 so I think they have enough space. The idea is that they stay in the hen house as I don't want them eating my flowers or veg but we will probably let them out for supervised spells after they settle in. We have plenty of grass in that part of the garden for moving the house around and not worrying about the state of it.

Myrtle Myrtle 26 March 2010 21:17:08

great excitement! I like brown hens!

tyhollandveggarden tyhollandveggarden 26 March 2010 21:32:59

hi there rachel and well done on your new hens. i hope all goes well for you. the house you have will suit them fine. just think of how many hens the fit in a cage in those big hen houses. what age are they rachel? if you know of a handy man around you could ask him to fit the hen house with wheels and a handle, this would make the house very easy to move about the garden 

Rachel Rachel 26 March 2010 21:49:05

Thanks, Tyholland. I believe the hens are 15 weeks old. Good idea about the handles and wheels. It's lucky we didn't go for the bigger model because it would have been horrible to lift.

Diana Diana 26 March 2010 22:10:46

Hi Rachel.  Hope you enjoy the hens.  We had some years ago and they ate the putty from the windows, so I think that you are a lot safer keeping them in their lovely "house"  Good lucK with them.

Clara Clara 26 March 2010 22:27:45

 Good luck with them and the boys will be great help would love some.

Jacinta D Jacinta D 26 March 2010 22:30:20

Ha ha Putty? Thats a good one. Rachel, we had a bantam hen years ago, and I used to cook sausage and beans for her every day. She loved it. And rewarded us with an egg every day. Best of luck with the hens. Cluckin' good.

Dick Dick 26 March 2010 23:05:52

Rachel, I suppose you will have a hen party one of these days. The best of luck with the hens. I suppose when you are eating the eggs, you will say "Hosanna in egg shellsis."

HeadGardener HeadGardener 26 March 2010 23:16:59

Very impressive are you going to make your own pellets from the poo Rachel??? :-) As for letting them out for a run it might be worth your while building a little run for them?

unagrant unagrant 27 March 2010 18:54:26

That is so exciting for you all,  enjoy

Eilish Eilish 27 March 2010 20:01:41

Hi Rachel,

Good luck with the hens. you'll love them.  I got three last November and now get 3 eggs every day. I have them in a little arc and let them out for a few hours every evening.  They are great craic!!

Cloncaw Cloncaw 27 March 2010 21:51:36

Good luck with the hens the oys will have great fun looking after them.


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