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Moya's Journal

Moya's Journal

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Dahlia Corner

10 June 2012 23:33:29


It was a glorious day here today.

Spent most of the day putting dahlias into pots. I can see light at the end of the tunnel now but there are still plants waiting to be planted out or potted on!!! Maybe I will get it finished this week.

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andyf7 andyf7 10 June 2012 23:43:28

pots allo round their, it was a super day, but the wet stuff is back for tuesday, all day!

or so they predict. 

Jacinta D Jacinta D 11 June 2012 05:49:30

That area looks lovely. Are they Agapanthus on the left?

Keego Keego 11 June 2012 13:19:05

Moya do you keep your dahlias in pots all the time or will you plant them into your beds - I dug up all mine last year and now have them all in pots but it seems like a very big job to go planting them all in the beds again - maybe I will just drop the pots into the beds and disguise them

ann stan ann stan 11 June 2012 20:20:48

my dahlia was getting so much hardship from the slugs that i had to take it up put it in a pot and pamper it in the tunnel, hope it comes on ok. i think i'll lift any i have in the autunm this year i know it's more work but i nearly lost my favourite one this time


Moya Moya 11 June 2012 22:51:24

Jacinta, they are indeed Aganpanthus Blue Storm. I look a lot of agapanthus in the bad winters and am just building them up again.

Mary, I've ended up with them all in pots as I can't fit them into the perennial beds. They would get swamped in there. I lifted and kept quite a few tubers in the house this year and they were the first to sprout in the spring. I plan to repeat that. It worked well Ann.

Thanks Andy.

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