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Scrubber's Journal

Scrubber's Journal

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A book is no' a pwesent!

20 April 2017 20:11:52

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So said my very wise grandson on one accasion when I thought I was doing well by telling him I had a present. A Book is no' a pwesent I was told very firmly. I know how he felt as I worked today. 'Sweepin' is NOT gardenin' I spent a lot of time sweeping the yard and the grass clippings on the drive and doing the joints in the sets with one of those longhandled  wire brushes.

Earlier I planted four clematis in advance of the ordered Obelisks! I am going to have three more of the pillar like ones and if the clematis dont work Ill fill them with sweet pea! Had great fun trimming the branches of a hawthorn as one of the obelisks fits beside it and so I had to ensure that there was lots of light in the canopy. Now that WAS gardening and I enjoyed meself.

Managed to get some lawn cut as some of the daffs have finally turned yellow. The snowdrops also. Got an idea of leaving a narrow grass path -actually the lawn but no snowdrops and I will try to set them behind it in a long triangle of grass. The pattern was there but I didnt realise it until I cut the grass.

And Im definitely going to have loads of tulips next year both in beds and in grass. Im going to start buying bit by bit as soon as they come into shops but wont plant until november.

But theres SO MUCH to be done at present as everything is racing on. Grass is knee high and weeds are flourishing and veg beds are totally empty,,,,,,,,

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Jacinta D Jacinta D 20 April 2017 20:45:35

Sweeping isn't gardening. But neither is sweeping puddles of water off my patio. So I know how you feel. But it'll all result in a well-loved looking garden. :)  Your garden doesn't need sweeping though. It's just perfect as it is. :)

Scrubber Scrubber 20 April 2017 21:23:05

Ah jacinta-keep on raising my spirits!

Jackie Jackie 20 April 2017 22:41:55

Another great day by the sounds of it, even if sweeping was on the list. Those obelisk's?? obelisques lol the numerous ones you have....i would say are looking fantastic. And no better man to sort them all out too. Love the piece on the top. Very artistic. 

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 20 April 2017 22:44:17

You were busy despite having to sweep, definitely not gardening. The foliage on the snowdrops is all but gone at this stage. It was only a few weeks ago when they were flowering, where does the time go. We were in a beautiful wood today near Templeorum full of bluebells. You would have loved it.

TheH (Hazel) TheH (Hazel) 21 April 2017 00:24:21

Since you have obviously mastered the technique for the wire brush between slabs you should start hiring yourself out! I'd be your first customer !!!!!

Mary B Mary B 21 April 2017 07:46:45

The obelisk is simply magnificent! How wonderful to have someone make it for you!

TerriShoos TerriShoos 21 April 2017 09:44:24

My mum used to say, 'If you did as much housework indoors as you do in that garden, you'd live in a palace!'  Yes, Mum, but with two teenagers, two dogs and two cats, not to say friends of said teenagers, orphan sheep, ducklings etc. etc, in the house, tidying the garden was so much more rewarding! 

Scrubber Scrubber 21 April 2017 14:48:44

Terri you have your priorities right! And Mary it didnt cost an arm and a leg!Hazel you know Id do anything for you but I baulk at wire scrubbing!Yes Mary I read paddy's brilliant irascible account. Where did you get him? Jackie so glad you approve of the spear point. As its very old I love it! Odd that!


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