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Scrubber's Journal

Scrubber's Journal

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and a coat of paint.......

18 May 2017 18:32:11

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And of course Monday was wet and windy so I couldn’t paint the arch.However I was in Bagenalstown so I called into Ian and told him I had bought the arch. He was very encouraging and said he was pleased I had got what I was looking for which was very nice of him. Then I asked him to make me a gong!!! Anna sometimes can’t contact me if I’m strimming in the Scrub. An old friend’s wife used use a whistle but I refuse to be whistled at! Bells are very dear so I had an idea. A piece of pipe with two bars of metal bent over the top and a small circle on top, hanging by a chain from a tree. We tried a few different pipes and settled on one resonant one. I wonder what Ian will turn out!

On Tuesday afternoon I got out and painted the Arch. I ran out of paint but Anna kindly went into Borris and got me a small tin. I was quite pleased with the look but wondered could I possibly fit in the arch where I wanted it. There was an old arch of two cotoneasters and there were large stones at the base and a small stone built pillar.

This morning ,Wednesday, Austin my son helped me lift the arch into position. It was unbelievable, I did have to take out a large rock but was able to replace it once the arch was in place. Both cotoneasters fitted exactly onto the arch and I tied the branches in with soft plastic tape and trimmed just a little. There will be room at the base for sweet pea and a clematis or rambling rose. I was so pleased that the arch fitted  so well .

I had hoped to get in some of the Mount Congreve plants after that but had to turn to something completely different instead as we had a touch of the drains!!!Kept me going but the fact that the Arch was such a success helped immensely!

Now the obelisks are in place and the arch has arrived I can get back to weeding and planting the plants which at least are being well watered!!

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accsean accsean 18 May 2017 18:58:40

That looks as if it was always there, Scrubber. My garden is lacking in touchs like that and it needs some. I love the way it makes different areas and a whole new way of looking at a section.

Will you tell me what is a touch of the drains. Is it as it sounds or is it what we would say in my old homeplace of Fedamore was, 'the hurry out and delay abroad'.

Scrubber Scrubber 18 May 2017 19:32:28

Dear Sean, not to go into excess detail---at first the tapwater fails to clear. One goes out and lifts two manhole covers. One realises the tap water is not the only thing that hasnt cleared! One gets ones chimney sweep rods and rods and rods. One sometimes leaves some rods in the drain ! But at least and at last theres a whoosh and a sweep and all clears into the septic tank.---I told you no excess detail but I hope you are clear now---as are the drains!!!!

accsean accsean 18 May 2017 19:52:34

And regretting asking the question as well. Glad all is in order and you can look forward to planting your Mt congreve purchases.

Dick Dick 18 May 2017 20:15:37

Great job, Peter. Your garden is looking great but wait until all of the climbing plants are at their best.

Scrubber Scrubber 18 May 2017 20:36:48

Yes Dick. Looking forward is always the best part. Hope you continue to improve dear friend.

PeterW PeterW 18 May 2017 22:23:19

that Arch looks brilliant Peter, A super job 

Scrubber Scrubber 18 May 2017 23:14:09

Thank you Peter. Im very happy with it.

TheH (Hazel) TheH (Hazel) 19 May 2017 00:37:41

As usual you find the PERECT spot! Looking great!

Jackie Jackie 19 May 2017 08:38:48

Oh that's fab!! Such a loverly addition to the garden. 

Elizabeth7 Elizabeth7 19 May 2017 10:30:38

Great Arch are you sure it  is new??  Looks as if it was there for always.

fraoch fraoch 19 May 2017 19:47:32

Fantastic, Peter. As several people have said it looks as if it was always there, it's really at home.

Scrubber Scrubber 19 May 2017 20:58:37

Heather I think the cotoneaster makes it look as though its been there ages. Yes Elizabeth span new!!! As I said to heather I think the planting helps a lot. Thank you Jackie. It fitted in well.Well Hazel there was a tempting alternative but if you think its perfect I am so satisfied I picked the right one. By the way re your earlier comment Sr Josephine would NOT have approved of my 'squandering'! She caught me with a bag of bulls eyes one day and trumpeted 'Did you spend your Father's hard earned money on all that trash. I concluded she had never sucked a bulls eye!

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 20 May 2017 22:51:17

The arch is looking great. 


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