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Scrubber's Journal

Scrubber's Journal

Last Post 3 days 13 hours ago

Guess what, Scrubber's back!

29 September 2017 20:48:12

He got the phone call today to say the lap top was fixed. I have to start all my e-mail addresses again but that can be done easily enough. It was gone for the week and life was a bit different. But as is obvious Im back! The finger healed brilliantly and I didnt lose a nail so far. I was out putting in bulbs on Monday and hope to put in some more dwarf rhodos tomorrow and some double anenomes that I got today in Glanbia.

The grass is coming up on my new path Via Felicia! but as the area is shaded I dont know how successful it will be, The rain brought it up quite quickly.

Bulbs- I got a packet of thirty six lately for about 8 99 and thought that was ok but in Lidle I got two packets at about the same price each but theres about 80-90 good sized bulbs in each packet. I realised it when I put in clumps of six opposite each of the trees in my walnut circle. Having done so I realised the bag was still quite full!

I put in s0me snakeshead fritillary in the bog garden. I love their delicacy. When people talk about those little red lily beatles eating also fritillaries is it the big imperial ones or the little snakeshead, Id be greatful to know this.

Im going to keep an eagle eye out for the beetles as they devastated my turkscap overnight this year. The difficult thing is I HATE killing anything. I wonder if I put them in a bag and scattered them somewhere else would that work? Answers appreciated.

I was lucky to get a good lot of dwarf rhodos so Ill be expecting a nice show next spring. And I must get those tulips in. I did a big scattering of crocii in the main lawn about 100 so that added to the others should help. 

Have got a lot of the long border weeded and will put in the divided anenomes-they are big enough to divide each in two.

Anyway glad to be back again! Sorry cant just manage my pictures yet as some seem to have disappeared.  Ive used an old one here


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Jacinta D Jacinta D 29 September 2017 21:05:03

Great to have you back, Peter. And good to know that your finger is on the mend. Don't worry about the photos. I'm sure you'll be quick enough to add some lovely new ones, especially of the work you have been doing recently.

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 29 September 2017 23:10:18

Glad to see you back again, Peter. We were in Glenbia this afternoon too. Paddy was buying a pair of wellingtons and we then went over to Mount Congreve as they are closing this weekend. As far as I know, the lily beetle is not particular which fritillary he attacks. You will have a beautiful display of bulbs next spring. Not great weather for the weekend for gardening.

JoanG JoanG 30 September 2017 01:56:14

Nice to have you back and to hear your finger is healing ok.  It will be a treat to see your rhodos in flower next spring. 

Scrubber Scrubber 30 September 2017 12:53:37

Yes Joan I am really looking forward to it as I have putin loads! Mary Im sure he looks elegant in them. Oh dear.I dread those little red -----s! Thank you Jacinta. No gardening today. One would need an ark!

Jackie Jackie 30 September 2017 14:08:10

Awwww good to see you back again and that your finger is still in tact!! you have reminded me that my bulbs won't plant themselves! Looking forward to seeing yours in bloom  in Spring. 

fraoch fraoch 30 September 2017 20:41:45

Welcome back, and glad to hear the finger is doing well. Yes, I'm afraid I've seen those little red b.......s on the snake's head. I don't like squashing them so I put them in a jar of water and let them drown. A bit hard hearted I suppose!

Tagetes Tagetes 01 October 2017 06:38:35

Love to here what you're doing with your bulbs. I got loads at Lidl recently too, but I'm over-planning my first autumn in this garden. It's so hard to picture that hypothetical spring profusion!


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