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Timing is everything in gardening — for best results. But there is some leeway. In this section, Garden.ie offers accurate horticultural advice reminders on the main groups of plants under Irish conditions, week after week.

  • Trees, Shrubs and Roses
  • Flowers
  • Lawn
  • Fruit, Vegetables and Herbs
  • Greenhouse and House Plants
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Greenhouse and House Plants

  • Tidy up the greenhouse now and do not over-water or splash water about to reduce grey mould disease
  • Continue to train and side-shoot tomatoes and cucumbers. Allow only existing fruit to develop. Remove pea-sized green tomatoes and unwanted flowers and trusses.
  • Take cuttings of evergreen shrubs, such as camellia and rhododendron, and root them in pots of compost with sand added. Some bottom heat in a propagator is an advantage in rooting these plants.

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Fruit, Vegetables and Herbs

  • Do not let weeds go to seed now, especially chickweed, to avoid building up trouble for years to come.
  • Raspberry and tayberry canes that have finished fruiting could be pruned out and the new canes tied into position.
  • Finish off any remaining summer pruning of over-vigorous apples and pears, shortening the long whippy shoots to about finger length.
  • Plant out new strawberry runners while the gorund is in good condition, and prepare for planting other fruits later in autumn.
  • Control all weeds and dig the soil deeply, ensuring that it is a sunny site with deep well-drained soil.

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  • Continue mowing regularly but not too tightly
  • Prepare for sowing new lawn areas, raking away stones.
  • Keep the edges neat around beds and borders.
  • Lawn weedkillers can be applied but not to a wildflower lawn.

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  • Buy spring bulbs and plant them as soon as possible – the fresher they are going into the ground, the better they will flower.
  • Pot up thirty to fifty crocus corms in a broad shallow bowl for a terrific spring display.
  • There is a last chance to take cuttings of tender plants such as geraniums, marguerites, fuchsias and argyranthemums to carry over winter.
  • Continue feeding and watering baskets and other containers on a regular basis.

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Trees, Shrubs and Roses

  • If bindweed was a problem in shrub areas, untangle some of the stems and place them on the soil surface where they can be sprayed with Roundup without getting spray on the shrubs.
  • Roundup is very effective at this time of year as the chemical is taken down into the underground root system.
  • Very often young trees lose their leaves very?late as they continue to grow late in the year to build up strength.
  • Shrub roses and ramblers can now be pruned by removing some of the shoots that flowered.

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