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Amyg's Journal

Amyg's Journal

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Thy Kingdom Come!

29 March 2011 10:08:22

Well, I'm back from thew few days away with the women, chilled out and revived (although I did visibly wilt when I saw the kitchen when I got home yesterday evening - how can they make so much mess when they didn't even cook this weekend?)

Kerry is a magic and wonderful place. I love it. Everything is growing like mad down there - the roadsides are vibrant with all shades of green, lime spikes of montbretia, bright new shoots of lots of things that I don't know the name of! and the hydrangeas where all growing like there'd been no winter! Camelias were amazing - my two look as if they've kicked the bucket altogether, even though they were sheltered by a fence, ditch, overhanging hedge and trees! Maybe it's the soil I have wrong as they didn't seem to settle in completely. Note to self: get a soil tester.

The sun was shining and the sea air was meaty, the town dead quiet - which is exactly what was required - result: 4 totally chilled out refreshed women.

Now back to work - this week that plan is to pot on the seedlings, and grow more!

Whoop whoop go Spring!

Warm Welcomes

25 March 2011 10:02:18

Thanks everyone for the lovely warm welcome to the site, I was pleasantly surprised by the friendliness - I always knew that we gardeners are a great bunch!

I am indeed very lucky with my Father-in Law, with the whole family infact. I am blessed indeed - I think my Granny is watching me making things grow for me lol! She was a great one for taking little snips of things (from all sorts of places including gardens and garden *ahem* centres!) then sticking them in pots and away they'd grow!

The kids are loving the garden - Ellen is almost 11 and she was really involved last year - David is 2.5 and I just want it to be a way of life for him, but Mallory is 18 and not a bit interested! haha - give it time I say! I was the same at that age. But they all enjoy being sent down to the end of the garden to get the herbs or peas or carrots for dinner, I've often caught Ellen running around (full of beans she is) munching on a carrot barely washed that she'd just pulled!


So thank you all for the welcome and the tips - I look forward to learning and making some mistakes along my gardening journey - gardening is great for making one leave the perfectionist in you at the gate!

Off the Kerry for the weekend with some girlfriends wayhay!

Feeling Fruity!

24 March 2011 08:30:12

Wednesday 23rd March 2011


Well, fruit trees had been sitting in a bucket of water overnight so Father in Law arrived over around 11 to plant them. He 's great - does loads of the heavy gardening so sometimes I wonder whether it's me gardening or him!

We picked out a sunny spot over in the corner of the front garden, where no one goes. I had this in mind since we moved here, but it was a no go for ages. Hubby came around only this year - I'll make a gardener out of him yet! This morning he asked when do we put down the peas!

Planted the apples near enough to each other, the pear is out to the front between 2 small oaks (they came from my Father in Law's homeplace in Mullingar). They cherry is out on it's own the poor thing, I have room for another tree, so am thinking of getting another variety of pear, just to ensure pollination. Baby David (he's 2 and a half) had a ball watering them all in, and then himself and me. Note: it's not that warm out! Then we watered the window boxes and ourselves again. Wellies were sopping wet. I'm delighted with my window boxes, they're full of snakes head, hyacinths, primroses, tiny narcissus, snowdrops and hellebores, so when they go over I can move them into the woodland area.

Didn't get any seed sown, I forgot we had music practice and I had a cooking class to go too so I will do it today. Will be off for the weekend to kerry so there won't be anymore done boohoo. but I'll do my best to enjoy myself!


23 March 2011 10:25:07

Herbs went down today, well, some of them, basil, parsley, chives and fennel, the garlic is looking well.

Basil and parsley are from seed, the others are plants or bulbs! Got the mini 3 tiered greenhouse from Aldi too, so that is in residence in the corner of the dining area and I moved the mini greenhouses into it, minus the lids. bingo! the pumpkins just popped up! Hope that they actually grow this year cos last year I left it too late to plant them out, and then I planted them in a cold patch - not good! they did nothing and I can't blame them! This year I will sort this out - really want to make pumpkin soup this autumn. Want to go find some butternut squash seeds too.

Today I'm going to sort out where I will put the apple and pear trees, and will sow some flower seed too. will be back to note what it is I sow!

Grub is growing already!

23 March 2011 10:20:21

Monday, 22nd March 2011

Our Grub is growing already! wayhay!

So excited - can't believe it's up already in well under a week, still waiting on the peppers but the rest is flying, sure I suppose they're kind of fool proof growers anyway but it still gets me excited! Butterflies like elephants! Have taken to peering in to the pots every half hour looking for more shoots!

We popped into Aldi yesterday and picked up some apple trees, a pear, a peach, a morello cherry and a plum tree. Now to sort that our, Father in Law has said he'll be over to give a hand. I'm thinking of training some to the soft fruits against a fence which is south facing, also wondering if they can be grown in huge pots for a while? Our house has no back garden, but we have a terraced area with a small kinda courtyard. I think the peach and plum would be nice in there, and it's a sunny warm spot too. mmmm lots to think about.

Growing Grub

23 March 2011 10:14:42

Monday March 13th 2011

Ellen is off school for mid-term, so combined with baby David it's bedlam here. We bought mini windowsill greenhouses and today we've sown our pumpkins, courgettes, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and some lettuce. We did this at the kitchen table - muck everywhere! Great craic! Didn't take up enough time, sure it was done in under half an hour, think I'll have to get more of the mini greenhouses as our little plastic house will be too cold at night to get anything started. Aldi have fruit trees in for a fiver so I plan to get down to the shop and have a look - woohoo!


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