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Elizabeth7's Journal

Elizabeth7's Journal

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I was lost today

20 July 2014 21:13:14

Yes I was.On my way to Deborah's. Well I knew I was in Charleville but not a clue where to go next. So I phoned Margaret , she and Ted were on their way so I waited until they arrived to find me and followed them to Deb's.  What a lovely afternoon we all had. First  of course to the plant table where I selected my 10 plants, just like Christmas it was. Got a Tradescantia , Primulas,  Lily, Sedum and I forget the rest for now. Hazel was there and we toured that gorgeous garden looking  fab as ever, the garden that is. Then tea and cake and we were joined by Johann and Nuala ,so good to see them. I bought some Ferns from Martin for a little project  in my mind!  Time to leave and Johann ever so kindly led me all the way back to the main road.


So many thanks to my rescue squad . It was great to meet up with iers on such a lovely sunny day and nowhere better to do it than Terra Nova. Thank you Deb and Martin for your generosity and warm welcome. Great day.


19 July 2014 13:19:53

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First there is this weird person making fun of me as I am photographing the different Ivies on the wall, and then Verbena bonariense stages an attack on my kitchen window. Dangerous living here!!

Talk to me about...............

16 July 2014 19:36:54

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Feeding plants. I don't mean container ones but those in Borders , beds etc.

Do you feed at all?   If you do how often?  What do you use.?  Some of my Perennials are not doing well and I wonder should I be feeding them.

A few pictures. First part of the Hot bed, then Tawny King and finally a very nice Scabiosa which can look almost black.

Once upon a time.......

15 July 2014 23:36:22

Once upon a time there was this person living in Dublin.  She had a small garden which she loved. Each year more plants were squashed in regardless of  size or colour  they went wherever there was a spot. You see this person loved plants and did not pay much heed to combinations or what looked prettiest.

Then came the day when there were just no more spots. She walked the garden moving an ornament from here to there and looking for work to do.  Several times weed surveys failed to find a single weed. Yes indeed I speaketh the truth.

So the day dawned when she decided to move to pastures new and landed in the countryside with a big area to garden,  all there was consisted of grass , lots of it.

So she toiled for  7 years and her garden took shape. Lots of room to plant and even to consider colours and combinations.

Then came  the year of 2014.  Now she walks the garden  and thinks of the previous weed surveys as the tide has turned and she now has to face an enormous variety of weeds  to find a plant. Only the strongest plant  survives this years onslaught  of unwelcome visitors and she and as she sits amongst the giant Docks, Brambles, Nettles , Willow herb, Bindweed etc etc etc she gives a big sigh and remembers the days of yore  and her weedless garden.  But would she turn back the clock, no.

An interesting one

28 June 2014 21:33:49

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The Hairy Allium a mutation of A.sphaerocephalon.


Verbascum bombyciferum

23 June 2014 21:22:59

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I am sure this is quite common but the first time I have grown one and a mighty plant it is!!!

I love this red Heuchera looks wonderful with the sun shining through it. Wish I could track down the name and get more.

Finally just a general view.

Hear Ye , Agastache lovers

18 June 2014 13:36:21

Apricot Sprite on sale in Lidl tomorrow at 1.29 euro.

Fern ID please.

17 June 2014 19:23:24

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One photo with open frond, second with frond in process of opening. Third is the Tetrapanax getting very tall.

A few favourites

10 June 2014 19:03:08

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Cornus kousa Satomi , wonderful this year so many blooms. This grew so fast it was amazing the tree in the picture is only about 5 years old.

Then Dublin Bay climbing up one of the Ash trees  I will need a ladder to do any more training.

Geranium Mrs Kendall Clarke  someone posted this recently. It is one of my favourite geraniums with the white veining so prominent .

Spotty Dotty surprise

02 June 2014 16:21:59

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Podophyllum Spotty Dotty presented me with flowers today. Pure luck I spotted them under the leaf as I was on my knees weeding.  Gorgeous flowers too, first time growing this plant and did not realise I got great flowers as well as fab foliage. Sorry about dirty paws in the pictures.

Don't understand

26 May 2014 20:41:49

Candleabra primulas.  I have seen them growing profusely in other gardens and seeding with gay abandon.  But here they really struggle though planted in areas which they should like.  This year they are very bad only a few returning. So if any of you kind iers have the type that seed around would you ever pot on a few for me?  I could try them in other areas and hope for better results cos I love them. Thankyouverymuch.

Another Red and a purple

25 May 2014 19:10:56

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Valerian , as in hedgerows,   came into the garden and was very happy; does spread but easy to pul out.

Then saw these Alliums  against the green and thought it looked well.

Pretty Reds

25 May 2014 19:06:08

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Well now that the Primrose police have been and the sheets of yellow diminished, I really love them but they were everywhere, it is good to see some reds appearing.

The Weigelia Brigelle is very pretty and I like the two tone leaves. Calycanthus though still a small  shrub has many buds and flowers.  The Poppies are doing their 'thing' and certainly give a splash of red. 

Two trees in one!

22 May 2014 14:52:12

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I spotted this tree a few years ago outside a petrol station. It is called Laburnocytisus 'Adamii' , deciduous but most impressive in flower. The manager of the station is getting the place a make over and on the plans that tree is scheduled to go!!!!  No way so you may see a photo of me chained to the tree.

MaryJoe's Open day.

18 May 2014 17:04:41

Well I am home again but sure there are still loads of people across the water in Mary's garden. It is a spectacular garden without doubt. I am lucky and see it often but each visit there is some new shrub, plant in flower. The threatened rain stayed away except for a tiny shower and it was obvious how much everyone was enjoying the afternoon. A big bonus was meeting Hazel and Elizabeth , they spotted me just as I was leaving. So good to meet up again. Mary should be so proud of her wonderful garden but then you have heard me rave about it before now!!  I took lots of photos and then discovered many of them were on the video setting......bah. Knew something funny was going wrong with the camera but did not twig it at the time. But I have a good few which I have  put up and no doubt Hazel will add more.


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