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Elizabeth7's Journal

Elizabeth7's Journal

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Dahlia ' Cafe au lait'

27 August 2016 14:34:07

Mini Rant !!!!

24 August 2016 23:10:12

For Joan

16 August 2016 01:14:24

Snakes Alive

15 August 2016 18:53:29

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Well there I was sitting on top of my current compost heap, as you do,  removing any small sticks that have not broken down and admiring all the red worms wriggling around. I enjoy doing this and no doubt all I have read over the years about making ones own compost has proved to be so true.  So I was a happy camper until I glanced down and saw a small snake looking at me.  Never have I moved so fast and from a safe distance surveyed the scene. No movement from snake and suddenly it began to look somewhat familiar !!! So ever so bravely I reached out and picked it up  ,yes I did.  Now I am sorry not to have a horrific story of bites and anti venom but the truth is it was a little wooden snake I had bought years ago and had on a stone by the pond. No idea how it got to the compost.  But  come on now don’t be too hard on me about the anti climax it does look scary?????

Gruesome Grass.

12 August 2016 19:20:34

Butterflies where are they?

09 August 2016 19:28:41

What I learned yesterday..

06 August 2016 19:07:34

My favourite photograph

02 August 2016 22:39:07

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I seldom take a photo that I really really love but I must say the second one of these three just works for me. It includes Cuphea, Geranium Ann Folkard and Stipa arundinacea which has a new name I can't recall!

First one is Lily Conca d'or the lilies are growing so tall this year.

The last one is of the big raised bed where the colours are mostly pastel . I never seem to photograph this bed which contains lots of different geraniums most of which have gone over by now.

How about this?

02 August 2016 18:11:35

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Well I could hardly believe it when I spotted a flash of yellow/orange  while passing by at the top of my hill.  For some reason , and there has to be one, the Farmer has planted a huge swathe of Sunflowers at the margin of his field of Maize.  They look fantastic and before yesterday's rain were all facing in the same direction, south as I went by. Now if Van Gogh were still around..........

Rain, don't go to Spain....

01 August 2016 14:53:23

Living and learning...great!

28 July 2016 20:12:03

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Well talk of living and learning. Headed to BQ today to get paint and a few other bits.

Colour Cuprinol I wanted not in stock so forced myself to head to the plants.....huge effort!!

To my great surprise I  find a yellow Salvia never knew they came in yellow. It is Suncrest Golden Girl. Sort of a dainty looking plant but having read about it since I came home gather it is quite tough. Tempted to head to Cork again and get another one. It is yellower than in the photo.

Also got a lovely Phlox  Rec Carribean. No photo yet.

But wanted to show you a lovely Crocosmia called Culzean pink. Got it years ago and it was a very slow spreader. That is until this year when having culled loads of Crocosmia it just took off with a take over bid. It is a small flower that never seems to open fully but very pretty IMO. Lucifer is in the background.

Finally the Red Gladiolus with a white rim. Every year I think I must track down more of this and then forget.


Mystery of Dying Shrubs.

26 July 2016 22:22:49

Hardly seems fair!

22 July 2016 21:09:27

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That this rather frail looking Brugmansia has produced 6 blooms, the slugs had a chew on one.  The leaves are very pale despite feeding , must be wrong feed.

Aralia 'Sun King' one of my favourite plants a vivid lemon yellow. Vanishes completely for the Winter and then zooms back come Spring.

And Monarda which has eventually made a take over bid in the garden after many attempts.


What are they???

15 July 2016 21:20:05
What are they???

What are they???

About a month ago I was at the Amenity to dump my rubbish and do the recycling bit. Sometimes the very nice guys in charge put some ''good'' pieces to the side. I got 5 chairs there one day. So I spotted the two terracotta thingies in the photo and asked if I could have them . Nice man on duty said he thought one of the other staff was taking them but if not he would put them aside for me. So today I was back there and the 'thingies' had been put aside for me...so kind. But what are they I ask myself. I thought they may be for chimney tops but then I saw what appears to be a drainage hole in the base of both. They are really  to me lovely and unusual . They are the same size but one looks larger in the photo, a very good size so one could put a 3lt pot in them. Anybody got ideas of the origin, have you seen that shape and design before?



Spotty Dotty

14 July 2016 21:14:37


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