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Elizabeth7's Journal

Elizabeth7's Journal

Last Post 5 days 13 hours ago

Home from Fota

13 April 2014 13:40:07

Got off to a bad start!  I am ony about a 5 minute drive from Fota but there was a gigantic road run on and it took me 45 mins with the blood pressure rising. So when I got there there were millions of cars , well hundreds and it was only about 11-30.  I was bold and inferred the legs were not great so was allowed close to the plant area, well we oldies must reap some consideration, says she trying to justify herself!

I met Bruno, Carl,,Margaret and Ted, Paddy and Mary, Mary joe, and lots of other Cork folk I know. Hopefully the former will drop up for a cuppa later.

There was a very well organized plant creche where you could pick up your bags as you are driving out, great idea.

I had 5 bags.  So what did they contain.  Two West country lupins and an Achillea from Camolin, two Cautleya and a Roscoa   Red Gurkha from Crug  , two Echeveria rosea and two Epimediums from Cotswold plants. Also picked up three double primroses 'Blood red' to add to the collection.

There were so many plants there that it makes me dizzy after a while so decided to come home this time in 5 mins!

Having a rest now before I give my new friends, the plants that is, a drink.

I look forward to planting my loot over the next few days.





April in the garden.

12 April 2014 18:19:22

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Well a perfect day here except for one April shower. Ideal gardening day just warm enough not to need three layers of clothes! Did lots of work but of course nothing that I had on my list , never follow the list as I get distracted. The scent from Euphorbia mellifera was gorgeous so I tried to stay in that vicinity.  The dry stone wall is looking good with lots of Anemones, Thrift , Saxifrage etc.  Pride of the anmones is Pavonina such a super red.  Primroses just everywhere though this year for some reason my bank that used to be wall to wall with them is rather sparse, most odd. This started happening after I planted Bluebell beneath them....wonder if they are not happy together. So many buds around and flowers starting to bloom on Plum tree.  Tried to remove a huge water lily from the pond last evening it is enormous. With the help of a bread saw I removed a large hunk of it, the stink of mud , got over my clothes so badly had to take them off and into the washing machine.  Ok I did put on other clothes!

Fota tomorrow hope it is as nice a day. It will be great to meet up with friends and try and lure them up here for a cuppa, I am only about a 5 min drive from Fota.

Clematis alpina Francis rivis is in flower. I must get some more of the Alpina as it is great to have them flowering so early.


Any Suggestions please?

06 April 2014 21:34:37
Any Suggestions please?

Any Suggestions please?

This is a tough one but just hoping someone may have a suggestion.

I have a sunken path 60ft long with borders either side. On one side the height of the border is about 12'' , on the other about 18''. At present this consists of earth in which billions of weeds take over.  I got a price on building a block wall   ,skimming and painting, this came in at €800  !  Then I went about scaffold boards with rebars, this would work out in the region of €500. There is no chance of planting anything to drop down over the border side as the weeds would be harder to remove. So is there any other method  I could use!  It has to prevent any growth and so be impermeable; I would go to €300.  This is an area which as years go by I imagine I will be concentrating on as it is sort of a separate area where my hot beds are , good views and easier to weed and work due to being slightly raised. Any suggestions ever so welcome.


03 April 2014 16:15:00

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I am not a container person but this year when I was in Ballyseedy I noticed a packet containing Tulips and Crocus the colours appealed to me so home they came. The Tulip is Shakespeare and the Crocus is Remembrance.  At the same time I got Tulips Corona and I would definitey get them again. Sorry about my feet!!!


03 April 2014 16:14:20

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I am not a container person but this year when I was in Ballyseedy I noticed a packet containing Tulips and Crocus the colours appealed to me so home they came. The Tulip is Shakespeare and the Crocus is Remembrance.  At the same time I got Tulips Corona and I would definitey get them again. Sorry about my feet!!!

Caltha pallustris etc..

02 April 2014 20:16:00

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The  Caltha is looking very good  I will need to divide it later in the year.  The Anemones on the wall add a great bit of colour as do the  Muscari in the Geranium bed, the latter will come later.


01 April 2014 17:01:14

Well out in the garden today despite a really cold south/east wind and as Myrtle has said while I was weeding a little musing went on.

This time it was about mistakes I have made in my gardening experience.  Now let me stress that  while I may regret all the mistakes a little , they have been a learning experience most welcome.

So I would love to hear of your mistakes ( if you have made any!!!)

Better limit it to three so here goes.

Very first one was falling for the ‘ miniature  conifer’ trick.  I saved and saved and bought 6 as a small hedge……..hahahah  about 5 years later of course they all had to come out.

Next one was planting a Russian vine on the Boundary fence with my neighbour where it attempted   to make a take over bid on my house and hers.

These were in my last garden.

My final one is very up to date  and can be rectified.  As I keep making rather large borders I repeat the mistake of planting almost all perennials whereas I should have put in many more shrubs.

So please confess otherwise I will feel vewy alone in my errors.

Cones ...not Icecream ones.

25 March 2014 20:08:23

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The Korean pine is looking very interesting just now. All the new baby cones look like soldiers standing to attention. The remnants of two of last year's cones and two of the previous year are also seen.

Also a photo looking up into a Cryptomeria.

I have a very soft spot for Pines.

Hi Roofy

21 March 2014 21:35:03

I just spent a lovely time looking at all your photos. You really have a wonderful garden, I spotted two fab Irises such great colours and the Agapanthus are amazing. As for all the  animals, those Parrots are great imagine having them visit your garden. How many cats do you have I saw 4 but feel there are others around!! Did not see a Dog but  would be amazed if there is not one. Also spotted a....Snake.....is it real?  I think there is so much to see in your garden if it was me I would never leave it.  Please  tell more about those cats and if you can really encounter a snake while doing the weeding!!!

Hammer and Cups

17 March 2014 13:51:55

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Not the name of a new plant!  I showed photos previously of the first process in making a new set of steps. A few days ago the steps were cemented, this time I did not mix the cement but got help. But I was standing by as each step was filled clutching a tray of pieces of yellow and blue cups that I had hammered into small bits to make a sort of mosaic on each step.  It worked out quite well but having to work fast , accuracy was not at its best!  I still have to decide what colour to paint the wood and also I hope the whitish patches in the cement will leach out in time.

Also a photo of Pulmonaria Benediction looking very well at the moment , as are the little Rip Van Winkle daffodils.

Happy St Patricks Day to you all.

~Poor Monty

14 March 2014 21:10:25

He looked so sad though he tried to be accepting of the fact that all that box in his garden has to go, and there is such a lot of it.  I never  was that keen on all the areas in his garden enclosed by box but that is me, he created it all from cuttings and must have trimmed it hundreds of times. I really felt for him and even Nigel was not his usual self he must have sensed his guardian was sad.  I hope he does not get too 'down' about it.

That Box disease seems to be spreading very fast.

Molopospermum peloponnesiacum

12 March 2014 17:40:18

I am not trying to scare you with this big long name.!! This is an Umbel I came across recently and am impressed. The foliage looks great and I wonder does anybody grow it?

I am going to ask Crug to bring me one when they come to Fota in April.

Have a Google and tell me what you think please.

Site problems

11 March 2014 21:30:03

Has anybody else had problems with the speed of the site. I find that I am waiting a ridiculously long time when moving from page to page. The reason seems to be related to the Garden.ie 'like' icon at the top of the page , the page opens but until this icon decides to arrive the page is frozen . I could make tea while waiting for that .......icon ..to appear.  It could be my puter but everything else is working fine .


10 March 2014 17:24:20

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If you visit me, I found an Alligator in the garden today, lying on the wall. He seemed a bit short in the dental area so I gave him some more teeth.

What a fabulous day , wonderful and hope it was the same for you all. The third picture is to put on record the first day of 14 when the sky and the water were blue.

Friendly fire??

01 March 2014 15:25:57

Well there I was minding my own interference lost in thought pulling some weeds from the hot bed, in my garden.

Willing my paws not to get cold and wrenching hairy bittercress from the soil I suddenly hear boing, boing on the back of my rain jacket. Then I hear an engine and think ‘’ it is happening, Cobh is fighting for independence from the Rebel county.’’

Before dashing for cover I glance around to see a huge tractor with a bigger thingy attached to it . It is shooting at me, loads of small white spherical objects descending on me and the borders.  At first relief that it was no more than a rural horticultural activity and  Cobh was safe. Then , what the hell is this stuff.  I can only hope it is fertiliser and my hot beds will thrive, while my rain jacket will increase a size.

But a weird happening of a chilly afternoon.


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