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Elizabeth7's Journal

Elizabeth7's Journal

Last Post 1 day ago

Lidl Camellias

28 February 2015 22:28:43

Lovely day here

25 February 2015 17:07:14

A couple of photos

17 February 2015 21:52:11

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The anemone Bordeaux that I raved about earlier has been trying to flower for over a month, they were only planted a couple of months ago. The first flowers got hit by the weather but the last two days has allowed a few to open fully. The photo does not depict the maroon colour but the blue is very true to form. Another plant I love is Phormium Guardsman, it is so tall and the name so apt. Very slow to spread which is a pity.

A pretty thug

14 February 2015 16:57:28
A pretty thug

A pretty thug

Lovely day the first real garden day withoug feeling the cold . I have one large swathe of a very nice pink Kaffir Lily and decided to remove some as they were taking over.  Well I had never realised how extensive the root system is , billions of thin roots with an interesting pattern of brown segment, white segment, brown and so on. From each bit of root a new plant arises amazing. It will be very hard to clear the ground of root pieces no  it will be impossible. Meanwhile I have hundreds of plants looking for a new home. If any Cork iers are interested and care to call you are most welcome. Of course all iers are welcome to them if you want me to keep them for you.

Planted 12 Lilies in pots yesterday, today the rats had eaten them all !!! I will have to make chicken wire covers for the pots as this is not the first time I have lost lots of lilies.

Hellebores again!

08 February 2015 12:48:02

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I seem to have quite a lot by now which is great but am disappointed with the 'Magnetic Blue' one which still looks a ' bit sorry it came' !  Maybe it just needs more time to settle in and decide this is not such a bad place to live. Just three here, love the yellow one.


06 February 2015 16:40:29

A First for me.

03 February 2015 17:01:33

A bit of warmth

31 January 2015 13:15:07
A bit of warmth

A bit of warmth

Freezing cold  wind here today too cold to even think of gardening. While giving Meg some excercise I spotted a 'warm spot. It was Escheveria rosea getting redder and redder as it gets colder. 

Well done Bruno

30 January 2015 22:22:40

A very long pome!!

29 January 2015 11:20:50

Double primrose infrormation

27 January 2015 18:06:09

A ramble.

26 January 2015 15:42:03

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I headed off to buy seed compost  determined this year to do better. I washed out some trays.....never do that usually....so all ready to sow some tomorrow. Bought Peas and Beans today but suppose it is too early to sow them. lots of cutting back, it seems endless but good to see snouts appearing beneath the debris. Amazing in my garden that the Primrose bank I had for years just one huge mass of them , this year has not a single plant growing in it. MaryJoe says it is because i threatened them with the Primrose Police last year!! Oceans of them everywhere else so maybe because there are large trees growing in the bank they did not have enough moisture but very weird occurence all the same and I will miss them hugely. Will try to find a photo and put it up. Also those Nigella seedlings must be tough as ole boots , masses of them around the place.

Double primroses

23 January 2015 13:57:06

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As a change from lime and slurry time to ask about Primulas/Primroses. I have a big 'thing' for doubles and am collecting all the different ones I can find. But I am in a muddle about them.  Now I know and love the Barnhaven ones and have Bellarina also but in Johnstown I bought some that are labelled as auculis 'Rosanna' series. An extensive Google search mentions the latter as being the first doubles.  I know there were doubles years and years ago some now not in cultivation.  Also confusing is the fact that some Barnhaven and Bellarina have very similiar colours. So how did it all start  , are Barnhaven and Bellarine vulgaris and the others auculis? Anybody know a good source of information as to the topic of doubles?

I am very angry

22 January 2015 13:50:01

Sad and Happy

21 January 2015 13:10:20

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When I moved into my Dublin home in 1976 the sellers had so kindly planted a Lilac tree for me. It flourished until hurricane Charlie arrived and knocked it on it's side. Nothing daunted it kept going and gave much pleasure. Fast Forward to 2004 , I dug up a sucker and took it with me to my new home here. A very small about 1ft tall plant. It leapt up to about 15 ft and gave super blooms. But alas in the recent winds down it came and I saw it was totally rotten at ground level. It had not been as good as usual last year and now I know why. But I am sad the continuity is broken. One small hope is that there remains one 'stem/trunk ' that seems reasonably firm in the ground so fingers crossed. On the other hand masses of Nigella self sown seedlings have survived the weather ....hundreds of them. And finally a Cyclamen , I have Spring and Autumn ones but for heaven sake this is Winter!!


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