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Elizabeth7's Journal

Elizabeth7's Journal

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Life at Ash Cottage

12 April 2017 21:01:07

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Such happening around here recently.  They are turning the surrounding 4 fields into one gigantic one and this meant the removal of all the hedgerows and much moving of soil. Then came the pig slurry…now that was interesting!!  Literally hundred trips from the big white tanker up the lane/road then into smaller tankers and off they went. Smell not bad for first few days as they were some distance away . But the DAY came and it was sprayed all around my place, the stink was dreadful  had to wear a scarf around my nose and mouth when I went out. The joys of living in the corner of a now ginormous field!!It was only really bad for a day cos then they ploughed it. 

Working like a mad woman as it will be a few more weeks until Eddie comes back and even then he will be limited…so sorry for him.

I have a plan that involves loads of Cornflowers so there are hundreds of seedling being pricked out ….Tried yet again to grow Cosmos Antiquity a lovely maroon one. No luck , got about 8 to true leaf stage and then the little leaves turn brown and the seedling dies. Have tried these a number of times and never got even one to flower stage. No problem with the white and pink ones.

It is the non gardening jobs that I will have to find time to do, painting the garden furniture and that sort of task.

Tomorrow it is don the yellow jacket and take to the road to tame the Erigeron growing under the hedge on the road and remove yet more weeds.  This job will have to be postponed if that big white tanker is on the move….not room for both of us on the narrow road.

Lots more but imagine you have read enough if you got this far!

Oh wonder if anyone knows the name of the Rhodo. I have it about 20 years started very small and is still quite small but lovely. Came from Dublin with me and lives growing on a wall.

Some happenings

04 April 2017 19:05:29

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Every year I rave about Myrtus lechleriana and the wonderful scent.  Beats all other plants for scent just super.....well to me!  Sadly this tree is on the way out and I am lucky to have held on to it until the flowers arrived . It is rocking dreadfully despite staking and me holding it up in bad winds ....yes I do ,now that's love!

But there is a second one growing away happily and flowered well this year. Furthermore when the first one is no longer with me....possible that tears will be shed.... I will get yet another to ensure I will always have it.

Then Echeveria rosea such a great colour , Aloe aristata is the other succulent.

Finally the view out my kitchen window ..funny how the yellow tulips seem to stand much stronger than red ones , do you find that too?

Succulents and trough.

23 March 2017 13:57:06

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Just to show a couple of broken pots in which I have planted some of my growing succulent collection.

I need a new trough for others. So having made several hpertufa troughs over the years I decided to try something new. I collected very thin stones on the beach and am gluing them to the polystyrene fish box. Using horticultural grit for grout. I have (beach) green and  some blue glass that I will incorporate too. Hope the glue is water proof as claimed!! I have run out of suitable stones so will have to visit the beach soon, takes a long time to find the ones I want.

What I learned today.

15 March 2017 15:36:39

Hedge cut

14 March 2017 10:33:41

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Yesterday the hedge cutter came to cut back the ditch in an adjoining field. This ditch had grown so high that I was unable to see down to the water. I have to grab a window of opportunity to get the big machine in as it has to traverse two fields to reach the ditch. So at present there is no crop so with permission of the Farmer the deed was done and I am delighted.

Dark Rosaleen is coming into it's own so easy to divide and make a big clump

If I was Minister of Gardening I would ban the sale of gardening hand tools like trowels unless the handles were painted in a bright colour!! I spend so long searching for my trowel and still unable to find the one I used yesterday.

Mukedenia peeping out from beneath a Feverfew, it seems to be a very shy plant.

Pride and Fall !!

09 March 2017 12:07:02

Phormiums looking for a home.

07 March 2017 16:30:55

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I have 4 big Phormiums to give away if someone will come and dig them out. These are the same but I have another big reddish one to go as well.. Also someone can dig out a lump of a big Astelia if they wish. I have put photos up on the National facebook site.

So wet and horrid here for so long gardening is just not possible.

A few photos to bring a bit of cheer. Camellias Brushfield yellow and Anticipation.

An amazing Marigold that has been flowering since last spring. Wish I knew the name. tried to grow it from seed but no luck.

Looking down on Hellebore Magnetic blue




25 February 2017 15:35:24

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I bought a couple of bulbs several years ago when Pottertons or some firm were visiting.

Two types of Scillla . This one flowered for the  first time this year and is very pretty, about 7 inches tall. The other one , seen behind, is in bud with several potential flowers.

The names are but can't recall which is which so need to visit Dr Google. I think Mary Gracedieu mentioned one of them last year??  Been to the Dr and it is messeniaca.

 Scilla mischtschenkoana      

Scilla messeniaca



Succulents...yes tis true!

18 February 2017 00:03:53

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Now Succulents have  never made my heart beat faster . But over the past year that is changing a bit.  There is such a  huge variety to investigate. My main interest is in Echeverias .

When I get old..don't laugh.. they will be an interest I can manage.

Cacti don't interest me other than admiring their flowers.

The Facebook page I have joined is very good and helpful.

So here are a few photos of my current favourites. Names attached.





















Anyone a name for this?

15 February 2017 21:36:41

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At last I got out  to do some more cutting back and rubbish removal.  Great to see the garden coming back to life with Snowdrops Hellebores and Primroses giving some colour. I am showing  one Hellebore wondering if anyone knows the name . This and the Metallic blue are my favourites. The nameless one has very pointed petals and  lasts for ages seeming to raise it's head as time goes by!

Seeds I need help badly.

05 February 2017 13:06:53

A few photos.

03 February 2017 17:16:42

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Hi first Camellia flowers opened today , that is good. Hellebores all flowering as are many primulas. Jacqueline Postil spreading her scent..A very kind friend gave me a big box of snowdrops a few years ago. I planted them in groups around the garden and it is lovely to come upon them here and there. Horrid weather here for a while so gardening restricted. My poor Eddie broke a bone in his foot and is out of action. He was due back about 3 weeks ago there is so much rubbish to collect from cutting back. So I had to bite the bullet and heave loads of stuff to the compost and ' over the wall'  ugh. From weeding i can see that the sticky stuff , goose something , is going to be weed of the year down this way!! Tons of it everywhere. 

Photo of Jacqueline has vanished.

Thank you Margot and Jackie

15 January 2017 16:07:39

Will miss you all

05 January 2017 02:08:33

I love these

03 November 2016 13:02:23

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I am not a lover of variegated plants as a rule but Fatsia and the Alstromeria are an exception!  The latter has some lovely purple markings on the leave.

Amicia zygomeris was brought in a few weeks ago. Having lost one this is being well cared for. It has got very big and flowering like a mad thing!


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