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Elizabeth7's Journal

Elizabeth7's Journal

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Connomois grandis

19 December 2014 16:16:47

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Yes a  Restio, I have a very soft spot for these lads .  Got this at an IGPS meeting plant sale and I think it was donated by a certain gent called ....Bruno ! Over the past few weeks I noticed new culms appearing and the colour is just amazing. The plant is still in a pot as I want to have a good think where to place it....looks like it will bulk up fast.

For Rustbucket

12 December 2014 15:21:04

Great name love it!!  Welcome to the site good to see you . Your garden looks lovely please tell us more about it. Great bunch of people here so do post and get to know us all.

A walk in my garden.

05 December 2014 13:21:37

Perhaps nothing unusual about that but I don’t look enough at what is happening. Today was different. Lovely sunny day if a bit chilly.  Do you know what, I enjoyed that walk as much as any day in Summer when everything is colourful and blooming. I had been concerned about my bed of double Primulas but there they were growing and multiplying . And in one area Daffodils appearing above ground and Hellebores showing buds and loads of buds on the Camellias.  And those three Roses I sort of reluctantly bought in the Autumn still with buds and some flowers.  Penstemon cuttings that I had just stuck in the ground next to the mother plant have taken so bigger plants to come.  Monarda has spread so I can put it in other spots, never thought I would see that day~!!  Arum is well above ground and looking perky and fresh.  Cyclamen I had transplanted last week settled in as if they were always there. Okay so I saw loads that needed attention but forgot that today and just enjoyed all that was to come and thought how lucky I am.

Then as I had ordered 9 Martagon lilies due to arrive early next week I dug the holes for them put in grit and a little lime as suggested. Never knew these Lily bulbs liked to be planted at this time of year.  So a good morning was had.

Ricinus seeds photo????

04 December 2014 12:05:57
Ricinus seeds photo????

Ricinus seeds photo????

Hi Rachel , these are what I have!!

Cyclamen surprise

29 November 2014 16:12:49

Over the past few years my garden has revealed itself as a Woodland garden. The only area where it benefits from a south facing position is where I have put my hot borders. That is working well. The middle part of the garden gets a reasonable amount of sun but the lower part where I have my work areas and trees and shrubs gets very little , if any.Ferns seed themselves everywhere and require Round up there are so many.....bad I know.

So inspired by Keith Wiley I decided to develop the Woodland feel in the lower part. There is one bank consisting of rubble with little soil but where many plants seem to do well, weird. So last night off to Pottertons site to order some plants. Cyclamen were a must so ordered 10 coum and 5 hederifolium and a few others, want to have good spread of each plant. Then today I remembered seeing, a few months ago,  a glimpse of purple in the little front garden behind a blue spruce.  Off to investigate and what do you know lots of hederifolium growing away, out with the trowel and I got more than 15 big, big tubers which are now in their new home down in the lower garden.  Then working in another area under a Viburnum, what do i see??? Well done, yes a clump of Coum!!!!! There were a few others scattered around the area so these I dug up  and put them all together and left them where they were.  So a most exciting afternoon and to think I only ordered more last night ....bah.  Not so good when you don't know what is in your garden but then surprises are good:)

Winter Alliums

25 November 2014 13:08:10
Winter Alliums

Winter Alliums

I wonder if any of you has seen this new Allium?  It flowers all Winter whatever the temperature  and I gather in fact the flower never fades….how about that for a plant!!  It is very like ‘Purple sensation’  and I was so lucky to get hold of some before it is released on the market. The height seems to be more variable than PS but I quite like that. The full name is Allium chickenwirensii  and I have been told that it was in fact cloned in a garden near Cobh , Co.Cork……how about that just down the road from me.  I will be happy to give you any further details of this unusual plant.  Oh it is also available in white and orange and I hope to get my hands on those soon.


20 November 2014 18:13:45

To whoever it was alerted us to the Glorious gardens programme. I had been doubtful about the balloon but now see what a great view it provides. But Christine I find hard to take just too exuberant about it all and I feel like saying Cool it a bit!!

Bodnant so far is my favourite because though I have been there a couple of times never in the Summer and so failed to enjoy the borders....what a fab place it is.  Amazing how many wonderful gardens there are and so many that I for one had never heard about. I will look at them again with the sound turned off!

Kennedy primroses.

17 November 2014 22:40:27

I like some , others not so much. But went to see if Avondale was showing and was amazed at how they had clumped up.  I got 8 small plants from one and 6 from another. Dark Rosaleen , not Kennedy, is another amazing clumper . I love these plants and some Primulas/ primroses are the best of value for division.

Garden fairies and other creatures

15 November 2014 13:45:09

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Recently I was discussing ‘Garden Whimsey’ with a friend , those of us who like to have Fairy houses and various ornaments around the garden.  Amongst my garden friends Deb and Martin have to  my mind a delightful Whimsical garden which is one reason why I love it so much.  I boast only one enclave of Fairies  but do have lots of Animals and bits and pieces around the garden. Sometimes I think visitors may feel a little lost for words as they spot a Squirrel up a tree or a Rabbit under a bush.  ‘ Lost for words ‘ like ‘ what the heck is she at’.

I have a mad urge to get ,,,wait for it….. a G-nome !! It would sit up in a tree  but then being me I would decide it was lonely and get another. I vowed one of these would never enter my garden but time will tell.  I was looking at a site where this man makes fabulous large, like 3ft fairies from metal wire , just amazing and how I would love to have one but shudder at what them must cost.

They would look just wonderful in the famous ‘ Scrub’ …..so Mr S should you win the Lotto maybe??

So weather permitting tomorrow I am going to photograph all my Garden friends and will put up an album but right now it is time for the Purple pills !!


Purple Pills

09 November 2014 15:10:42

Fran has been known to remind me to take these daily and until today I never understood why.

Turn the clock back a good few years and enter Tropaeolum speciosum a real must have plant for me. So I got one and waited for the great flowers to climb up a tree , and waited and waited. That was effort number one....at least 6 more attempts have  been made and all failed dismally. So another effort was made last year and I bought two of them. One died in the pot within weeks. The other was planted at the base of a conifer and I resolved to ignore it totally, not a word would be spoken to it for the year. I glimpsed it occasionally but refused to enter into conversation and that was hard cos I talk a lot to all my plants. Slowly I noticed it grow along the ground for about a foot.. but  said nothing. But today as I was weeding in the mud , there it was alongside me  looking sad and now about 14 inches long , it was so hard to harden my heart and ignore it as I chatted with the plants in that area.  So now I feel very guilty and think I will have to give in tomorrow and have a word or maybe just up my quoto of Purple pills. Do you chat with your plants?  I think plant talkers like me also find it impossible to get rid of unwanted plants so can you ditch a healthy plant if you no longer want or like it?

Missing( not garden related!!)

02 November 2014 15:22:14

You know when you have a bar of choccie and you go for the last piece, you just know there was a piece uneaten but where is it ,usually turns up under a paper or the like.But I cannot find my last piece that I left on the table for my afternoon cuppa!!!!  Meg is not looking guilty and in fairness does not steal stuff... so who took it!!!   This is most serious as those who know my addiction will realise.  Do I have to go all the way to the shop again????

More Gold

02 November 2014 15:13:51

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Yes in the height of a rotten wet week  the trailer arrived and deposited another heap of that fab manure....pile looks smaller than it is as due to rain photo taken from doorway.

You should have seen it as it was tipped out a cloud of steam and the heat was amazing.  Pity it had to be dumped there but as there is a crop in the field the trailer had to stay clear.  Actually he could have put it in the sitting room it is so great.

~Most of this will be barrowed to the hot border where the final stage has been prepared. Eddie removed about 10 cornus and all the sods ....cornus went to other place....and when many loads of manure are dug in ready for planting. The borders will then both be about 60ft either side of the path.  You can see my Throne in the photo!! I love this area of the garden.  The rest of the borders up there will  also get a mulch of this stuff when the plants die back..... The big Phormium in the photo is from Fran...thanks pal.

I spent an hour weeding today....in November....weird.


28 October 2014 00:14:58

Hour back, spirits down for a couple of months so time to imagine.

So there is a knock at the door and you have won €2000 that has to be spent on the garden.  Anything plants, equipment etc , new design.  Photos to illustrate what you may evisage , Google job!!

It may be too much work but maybe we could price it as much as possible via , once again good ole Google. For example I would buy some big pots and will find out where and price and tell you. So if we give ourselves say a couple of weeks to research it and then tell  it might be helpful to hear prices of various items and where to get them in case you too like them. Should we decrease or increase the money allowance?

Shall not be a bit offended if you think it a daft idea ...being a bit daft I am going to do it anyway as I badly need to keep in the gardening mode. I should hope to get a few of the smaller items I select.


What about this plant

24 October 2014 17:26:47

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I was thinking back over the years here and can't recall any reference to Convolvulus  cneorum . I feel sure there was but I missed it. Anyhow I have tried this about 3 times and failed on each occasion. It needs to be planted in poor soil, did that no luck then in sort of medium good soil ,,,no luck. So one last try in super soil!!!!  Well it should not flower this time of year so hope it is not the last hurrah.  I would be interested to hear how anybody else fared with this plant. The foliage must be the best grey/silver  there is so I so hope it likes the super soil and against all odds does well.

Just an Acer photo they are so great.

Pots galore.

16 October 2014 16:50:05

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Well it was started today the big tidy up.  I have this quite large structure built originally for a pusscat who never used it! So it turned into a potting shed/ greenhouse but most of all a super place for drying clothes. There are lots of gaps so it does not get all  that warm in Winter but is frost free.  It accumulated the shredder, lawnmower (never in use) tons of pots and sundry garbage. As the photo shows there is now a pile of pots and bags of garbage stacked up in the middle ready for disposal.  When this is done I hope I have the energy to put up bubble wrap over the gaps and my seeds and cuttings will survive. I look forward to showing a picture when the tidy up is complete. I would love to have electricity and maybe that can be arranged. Oh I had better go out and get on with the job….not my favourite.


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