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Elizabeth7's Journal

Elizabeth7's Journal

Last Post 3 days 17 hours ago

Fairbrook garden..?.?

19 September 2014 15:31:37

Am going to mt Congreve tomorrow and read about this garden also in Kilmeaden looks interesting anyone been there.?


14 September 2014 13:54:26

Just back from Fota fair.  Lovely day, this fair is much smaller than the April one but I almost prefer it as I am not confused by too many stands. I always hated having too much stuff around me !!  My main reason going was to visit Caher hurley and get some plants for my new beds.  So I got 7 plants for 20 euro such great value.  A Monarda Kardinal, Primula poissonii  huge plant will get loads of divisions from it. , Penstemon, Salvia, Dahlia Twinings something, white with dark foliage,  white Potentilla and yellow Geum.  Nothing rare or wonderful but good solid lads , I hope, as structure for the new beds.  They will all be going in to enjoy my fabulous manure/compost so I don't expect to get any complaints.  Must give them a drink now.  Met Margaret and Ted at Fota and hope they may have time to call up for a cuppa. Dying to see how many divisions I get from that Primula!!


13 September 2014 21:36:00

They confuse me. I have several Climbers that I like a lot and one bush/shrub  Just Joey with a fab scent. ( addendum, seems I have three others!)

With a big new bed to fill I decided to break my vow not to have any bush/shrub/ floribunda etc etc  and ordered three from Johnstown, Burgundy ice, Ruby Wedding and Happy Birthday? .  Burgundy ice is flowering and is lovely but as a floribunda I don't know how tall it gets. Then there is Just Joey in the wrong place , it is well established but has a clematis smothering it , can I move it? When?   Then I found I had three other roses got from Aldi/Lidl they are rather unwell looking not surprising seeing as I had forgotten about them!! Can I move them now?  Oh dear I suppose they will all get black spot and go to Rose heaven anyway , should have kept my vow.

So please help with any advice you Rosy folk may have, thanks.

Calling Tina

12 September 2014 13:11:42

Tina I have got lost in the world of Facebook and can't find where we had the chat about cuttings. 

I am away next week so will send them after that and hope they survive . I will aim to send about 3 cuttings and put something moist around them.

Would you send me your address again via PM on this site ? Not sure about putting addresses on Face book??

Three odd bods!1

08 September 2014 15:29:03

Click to zoom

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Click to zoom

First photo is of a giant Canna, imagine it is taller than the house!!

Second is of a Purple plantain. I like this plant a lot but it is a divil for seeding everywhere. This year I decided to cut out the flower spikes and boy was that a job!!Not the cutting but the fact that they are formed every day so it is constant removal. I have 4 of them and we are having a competition , they keep growing and growing trying to produce seeds while I go nip, nip nip.  I think this why they have got so huge this year.

Third photo is just plain daft.   Yes that is a Primrose flowering in September.


06 September 2014 13:48:41

It is seldom I would tell about a plant and be sure you will love it!!  Not even a picture so you will need to do a Google. I speak of an anemone called Bordeaux which is Spring early Summer flowering but with me lasted for ages. It is a wonderful Maroon colour with a vivid blue centre just magic and greatly admired here last year. I note that Johnstown have sold out. I am off to Ballyseedy now to pick up lots of packets, about 20 per pkt at around 2.50. They just phoned to say it had arrived . So keep an eye out when you see all the Bulbs on display in various centres and grab it.

Cork iers off with you before I get them all!!!

Actaea (Cimicifuga)

04 September 2014 19:04:19
Actaea (Cimicifuga)

Actaea (Cimicifuga)

I saw this for the first time a few years ago in Fota house gardens and was smitten. I have it now for about 3 years and this year it has produced quite a number of spikes. I took this pic a few days ago and there are many more spikes now....yes I should have taken another....duh!

Hot beds still going strong

01 September 2014 18:14:51

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Yes very pleased with the length of time I am getting colour in these borders. With a top dressing of my magic '''manure'' later in the year they should be even better next year.  The new border I am making measures about 30ft by 6ft and today it got 7 barrows of the magic stuff for starters. I want to plan this with some shrubs included as that is a mistake I have repeated in other beds .....all perennials and much work. Oh I did not barrow down all that magic stuff, Eddie who helps me once a week did that and he is my real magic ingredient.

Looking at these photos I want again to thank all my friends for the plants they have so kindly given me.

I see MaryJoe's  Ricinus and Echium;  Bruno's Tetrapanax luteum , Monarda and Persicaria amplexicaulis;  Rachel's  Heliopsis  and Dahlias from my friend Liz. Also Salvia confeterifolia from a cutting given by another friend.

So excited

30 August 2014 21:07:39

You probably expect to read I won the Lotto or somefing like that!! Well it is better, my '''manure '''' has just been delivered and I have never seen the like.  It is so well rotted there is just a big heap of black gorgeous crumbly earthy stuff a whole two ton of it. No excused here for plants not growing. There are not even lumps in it!!! I will take a photo tomorrow too dark now cos you must see it. Definitely better than the Lotto.

Diascia query

26 August 2014 20:03:49

I noticed in a garden today that the Diascia were still going strong, l it was an orange coloured one that was planted.  What do you growers of this plant think, is it usually long flowering, does it depend on colour or any other information. It is years since I grew it but any plant flowering at the end of August is a winner.

And then.....

23 August 2014 19:35:07

During the Winter the covers of my chimneys were blown away. In the Spring I watched as Rooks built their nest in one of them. What could I do?  Never even saw the babies take off. Decided I needed to get the nest removed and new covers put up. It happened this morning. You would not believe how long it took to make a tiny impression on the nest which was about one and half feet down the chimney. I hasten to add it was the ' chimney man' doing this. Eventuall he hooked up a lump of fur and wood and there were the combings from Meg and Maisie I had put out for any birds who wanted a nice soft nest. Loads of it!! At last this enormous nest came down the chimney and like an eejit I was saying oh this is Meg this is from Maisie!!

So the new hats were put on the chimneys and before he cleared the gutters we sat down and had a Coke. Gardening of course was mentioned and I bemoaned the fact I had no horse manure left. So then he said ' no problem' he could get loads of it for me. Well naturally one expects that from a chimney man....not. So next week two tons will arrive  and be deposited via the field , permission granted by Farmer, crop harvested,  in a very good spot just over my boundary.  He said it was about 3 years old so should be yummy.  Good day this was.

Martin, help please.

21 August 2014 14:40:35

Click to zoom

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Martin would you ever give me the names of the Ferns I got from you at my visit?

They are in a trough at the moment waiting their final home.

Three photos , the first  one includes a self seeded  lad growing behind the trought but I know what that is.

Thanks very much


18 August 2014 17:26:12


Well I mean if you were passing Ballyseedy and dropped in to see when their bulbs are arriving and then spotted that there was a 25% sale on, what would you do????

Quite right and that is just what I did.

Caryopteris Blue Balloon.

Physosotegia virginian.

Heuchera Marmalade

Gypsophilla Deep rose

2 Dianthus

2 Dianthus/ Sweet william

White Hydrangea

Echinacea Pow Wow


So happy Bunny here.










A few photos

16 August 2014 15:36:44

Click to zoom

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Click to zoom

Struck me today that I never show any pics of the lower garden. This is primarily a tree/shrub place  sort of a Woodland in the making. But there is a bed where I tend to put stuff that gets very tall and spreads!! So photo of some colour there and then looking back up the path. Then noticed how lovely the Geum looked peeking through the foliage of Cosmos.


16 August 2014 15:31:01

Click to zoom

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Yes it is on.  This is going to be a long post so abandon it anytime.

When you come to my house there is a very narrow entrance then it opens out into a large gravel area. This area looks very big and I have tried to bring the garden more into it. Trouble is that you really need most of the space for car turning/parking if there is more than one car.

There is one quite big area covered with ivy and Erigeron with a pump in the centre. My Well is actually under this. Another area I tried to make a scree type bed and it is sort of ok and there sits the fab 'Oakbird' a definite feature. BUT there is not enough colour.

So last year I made a round bed with stone surround and put pelargoniums and a few small shrubs in it.  Better but not good enough.

So today I decided to extend this bed quite a lot and make a border backing on to the stone wall. This meant taking most of the original bed to pieces again. I have taken a chunk out of it , dug the area of the new bed and marked out shape it will take. There it is has to rest until I manage to rustle up soil from somewhere, eye on field next door!!

Then the rest of the original bed is taken down and the stones sorted by size ready to build the new bed. I will build it into the backfill when I get hold of some earth. Hopefully I can make this colourful  and have even thought of getting a few Roses.....oh heavens ......did I mention the Rose word, vowed not ever to get shrub roses. So now I am back indoors about to make a cuppa and perhaps join Maisie cat on my bed for an hour. The photos just show the general idea.



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