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Elizabeth7's Journal

Elizabeth7's Journal

Last Post 19 hours ago

What about this plant

24 October 2014 17:26:47

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I was thinking back over the years here and can't recall any reference to Convolvulus  cneorum . I feel sure there was but I missed it. Anyhow I have tried this about 3 times and failed on each occasion. It needs to be planted in poor soil, did that no luck then in sort of medium good soil ,,,no luck. So one last try in super soil!!!!  Well it should not flower this time of year so hope it is not the last hurrah.  I would be interested to hear how anybody else fared with this plant. The foliage must be the best grey/silver  there is so I so hope it likes the super soil and against all odds does well.

Just an Acer photo they are so great.

Pots galore.

16 October 2014 16:50:05

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Well it was started today the big tidy up.  I have this quite large structure built originally for a pusscat who never used it! So it turned into a potting shed/ greenhouse but most of all a super place for drying clothes. There are lots of gaps so it does not get all  that warm in Winter but is frost free.  It accumulated the shredder, lawnmower (never in use) tons of pots and sundry garbage. As the photo shows there is now a pile of pots and bags of garbage stacked up in the middle ready for disposal.  When this is done I hope I have the energy to put up bubble wrap over the gaps and my seeds and cuttings will survive. I look forward to showing a picture when the tidy up is complete. I would love to have electricity and maybe that can be arranged. Oh I had better go out and get on with the job….not my favourite.

Wonderful and weird

12 October 2014 14:22:45

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Well just came in from sitting on my garden throne and being totally amazed at the colour still in the garden. Furthermore there were loads of Bees feeding and Butterflies flitting around and this mid October...how lucky we are.  I put up an album to record this eventful day!

For Peter W

08 October 2014 11:53:10

Peter the reply facility on my PM has stopped working.....many thanks for your message.

Problem solved

08 October 2014 11:46:04

No more decisions about keeping the garden going. Last night/morning a violent thunderstorm solved the problem and torrential rain flattened most of it.  Guess many of you had that storm. Meg doggie sat on my bed   (and me) and barked for the duration of the storm so I could do with new ears this morning.  Without doubt I can now put away the hose.  I would be interested to hear from those with dogs, did they bark or just hide away somewhere or both??


04 October 2014 17:31:53

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The viewing platform still in picturewhile the Ash tree is on the boundary line. Finally leaping off the grassy knoll this photo shows the third part of my garden with thle trees and shrubs. IF you lasted this long you are probably bored silly!!!!  And further more it sounds just as garbled  !!!¬ Oh the final photo is of the tree/shrub area.

Back is front garden

04 October 2014 17:26:13

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I have recently given a garbled description of my back is front garden. Today I climbed a grassy knoll which is on the boundary and took some pictures that may sort it out to anybody interested.

The first photo shows the hot, actually not so hot, borders with the path between. To the right is the side of the cottage. At the end of the path steps go down to a gravel area with table and chairs and from there another path leads you to the next photo. Here you can see the quite large gravel area . Then moving right the pond is in the centre of the photo with a small patio.. The two trees are growing in an olde stone wall and what you don’t see cos the garden is on a slope is the third segment where there are mostly trees and shrubs The last photo is panning right again and the viewing platform is just visible the blue structure to the right.

Last two photos in next post.



Senior moment....another

04 October 2014 00:07:10

Racking ?brains to remember  the name of the Nursery that sells plants for very reasonable price and visits places like the Fota and all the plant fairs. Trying to track down source for Lobelia cardinalia as I want to get some.

Oh another senior lapse today was when I was just about to use a fungacide ointment  and found myself applying  from the tube of cat fur ball prevention ointment.

Changing Dahlia

29 September 2014 17:59:28

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 The Orange Dahlia I bought at Mt Congreve has changed colour to a new and interesting combination . The overall orange has gone and we now have a paler outside and a real red centre!! 

A photo of the new front border which already has quite a lot in it including many Bulbs. This was built over the past weeks thanks to the arrival of all that manure, stone edges yet to be refined!!  By the way this bed as is almost all my garden at the back of the house but I call it the Front cos that is how I come in and out and my front door is never ever used. Ok so that is confusing , sorry!!

And there is a sort of greeny tint to the today photo of the dahlia as I had to mess around a bit to get nearer to the true colour.

If I won millions

27 September 2014 19:23:09

I would spend a lot and persuade the Farmer next door to sell me the field surrounding my place. Then I would pay even more to seek the services of Piet Odulf to make me a garden like the one on Gardeners World this evening...sorry if you have not seen the programme yet!! I  would have a comfy room at the top of the hill, on the field, with just a cosy chair , water for making tea and a fridge. ( Mary Joe has one of these and it is fab)  There would be loads of mugs and tins of bikkies for visitors to have a cuppa. Every one would be welcome especially iers.  I would make a point of asking people who were not feeling great to come and visit cos it would make them feel a little or a lot better. This is my dream garden and has been for ages . I love good Prairie planting to me it has everything I most admire in plants. If there was any money left over because of course some has gone to charities etc, I would have a full time or even part time gardener as by the time this was complete I would be ever so old. Actually I will probably need a ski lift thingy to get to my comfy room by then.

Meanwhile  I will count my Blessings that I have all I have  and enjoy it to the full  and perhaps make a mini prairie garden ackshully my hot borders are a tiny bit like one..thinks................seeing as there is not any division between these borders and the field I mentioned wonder if the Farmer would notice if I borrowed some more land.....thinks again....yes he would, forget that ploy.

Mt Congreve

23 September 2014 16:02:20

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No photos because there were some gorgeous ones put up recently though I can't find yours Rachel?

Just loved that walled garden sheer magic, may not have liked some of  Dahlia colours a lot but it all worked so well with the large plantings.  Oh we got lost , making a habit of that these days!! Nice man in shop did agree they were putting up more signs next year. Got a lovely orange dahlia , see photo, camellia Ace of hearts and I needed another Knautia so that came too. We were spending three days in the area and Friday was very overcast but the sun came out as we were in the walled garden.

Other photos are of an Aster in flower here and a Caryopteris Blue balloon. I have reservations about the latter not sure if it will survive but have taken a few cuttings.

Will be going back to MC in the Spring.

Fairbrook garden..?.?

19 September 2014 15:31:37

Am going to mt Congreve tomorrow and read about this garden also in Kilmeaden looks interesting anyone been there.?


14 September 2014 13:54:26

Just back from Fota fair.  Lovely day, this fair is much smaller than the April one but I almost prefer it as I am not confused by too many stands. I always hated having too much stuff around me !!  My main reason going was to visit Caher hurley and get some plants for my new beds.  So I got 7 plants for 20 euro such great value.  A Monarda Kardinal, Primula poissonii  huge plant will get loads of divisions from it. , Penstemon, Salvia, Dahlia Twinings something, white with dark foliage,  white Potentilla and yellow Geum.  Nothing rare or wonderful but good solid lads , I hope, as structure for the new beds.  They will all be going in to enjoy my fabulous manure/compost so I don't expect to get any complaints.  Must give them a drink now.  Met Margaret and Ted at Fota and hope they may have time to call up for a cuppa. Dying to see how many divisions I get from that Primula!!


13 September 2014 21:36:00

They confuse me. I have several Climbers that I like a lot and one bush/shrub  Just Joey with a fab scent. ( addendum, seems I have three others!)

With a big new bed to fill I decided to break my vow not to have any bush/shrub/ floribunda etc etc  and ordered three from Johnstown, Burgundy ice, Ruby Wedding and Happy Birthday? .  Burgundy ice is flowering and is lovely but as a floribunda I don't know how tall it gets. Then there is Just Joey in the wrong place , it is well established but has a clematis smothering it , can I move it? When?   Then I found I had three other roses got from Aldi/Lidl they are rather unwell looking not surprising seeing as I had forgotten about them!! Can I move them now?  Oh dear I suppose they will all get black spot and go to Rose heaven anyway , should have kept my vow.

So please help with any advice you Rosy folk may have, thanks.

Calling Tina

12 September 2014 13:11:42

Tina I have got lost in the world of Facebook and can't find where we had the chat about cuttings. 

I am away next week so will send them after that and hope they survive . I will aim to send about 3 cuttings and put something moist around them.

Would you send me your address again via PM on this site ? Not sure about putting addresses on Face book??


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