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Elizabeth7's Journal

Elizabeth7's Journal

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25 November 2017 01:25:09

Boots, as on feet!!

14 November 2017 16:25:14

The Range

10 November 2017 13:44:15


09 November 2017 23:18:34

More problems......Floods

19 October 2017 16:55:07

Ophelia very bad indeed.

16 October 2017 12:45:46

Bad thoughts!!!

14 October 2017 18:45:07

Colour in October

04 October 2017 17:19:53

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These  days I am sure I use the secateurs cutting movement without even knowing it. I wonder do I do it in my sleep!! Well after another few hours with the secateurs I went for a wander.

There is still a lot of colour especially in parts of the hot border. Other parts are now bare earth . Good old Cuphea still going strong and as ever an Oriental poppy has to prove it is there. P.amplexicaulis is good for another few weeks. From the photo with the leaves of a Crocosmia across the front I will  need to go snipping those tomorrow.

Salvia ulignosa is really a wonderful blue. It gets so tall that I have to remind myself to look up. But it is worth raising the eyes.

Best 3 plants of Summer 2017, yes 3!!!

24 September 2017 22:58:25

ID please and more

20 September 2017 17:40:26

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Well what about every silver lining having a cloud!  The silver was the great show the hot border put on for me this year while the cloud is descending now in the enormous amount of stuff to cut back. In the photo it is not one big bed as the whole centre area is the cut back from a quarter of the border !

I found a shrub buried behind a huge clump of Joe Pyeweed and remember planting it a few years ago but not seeing it since. looks very familiar but cannot think of the name. It is rather battered looking having not seen the light of day but the tips of the new growth has a purple tinge. There is new growth coming from the base so it will be moved.

Love to watch the progress of the Cortaderia as it throws up it's plumes  opening more every day, great.

Heavy rain today but glad to see it as the ground is bone dry.


The Invasion

12 September 2017 17:45:47

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Some years ago a friend gave me some Persicaria kunming and did issue a warning with the gift, that it spreads!

So I planted it at the edge of my hot border and it grew and looked very pretty and formed a lovely clump. Then I did notice that it was speading and used to dig out around the plant every year. Having a red root it was easy to see but hard not to leave tiny pieces behind. All went well so on the opposite side of the border I planted another bit. It grew quickly and soon I had two matching clumps that looked well.Kept a close eye on it until this year when with open day there was a lot to look after. Well the other day I noticed bits and pieces of it appearing away down either side of the border . On exploring I found it had spread dreadfully under plants   , through plants almost over plants.  Shock horror but even more of both when I did a close inspection. So I started to dig some out , the ground is so dry hard going.  You will see in the photos the pile from one of the clumps almost all roots and the next photo show the pile behind the bit of plant still left in the ground. The third photo is just part of the border to use the 3 permitted photos.

I could have saved all the work because I have decided to round up both clumps and get rid of it.

You see...confession....i have also put it in several other areas of the garden but will probably be able to dig these out.

Nice plant in a pot with drain holes sealed and and a bottle of round up on guard!!

Photo of plant mentioned below

06 September 2017 21:08:17
Photo of plant mentioned below

Photo of plant mentioned below

Not a good one as I am unable to get the better one to load. Worth a try! The plants I saw were only about 12 inches tall; the garden is quite new so maybe they will grow much larger just don't know.

ID please

05 September 2017 18:33:35

A few end of August photos.

28 August 2017 23:58:22

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Well things are gradually starting to slow down. Though only now are the Dahlias starting to flower and no sign of the Cannas yet. Nicotiana is looking very good and ever so big! Several Gingers are in bloom they are a glorious shade of orange .

The gorgeous Maisie insisted that a photo of her should be shown.

A couple of photos.

10 August 2017 18:32:23

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Recently PeterW posted a photo of Colocasia gaoligongensis showing the fab leaves. He kindly gave me a plant a couple of years ago and this year it produced a flower/spathe.

The leaves are still quite small but it has sent out runners so I will have babies to try in various conditions.

Lily Casa Blanca my very favourite lily with such a wonderful scent. Have these plants for a long time. It used to grow very tall  but in pots is shorter . It is putting on a great show this year. Lovely to sit next to it and have a cuppa!!


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