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Elizabeth7's Journal

Elizabeth7's Journal June 2011

Last Post 2400 days 5 hours ago

Meant to explain

29 June 2011 23:38:53

River of no return.

28 June 2011 20:29:07

Filling Lupin gaps

28 June 2011 20:04:34

Candelabra primulas

27 June 2011 13:47:29

What I learned today

26 June 2011 19:17:50

Today in the garden, a bit long!

25 June 2011 20:15:43

Home again

24 June 2011 16:39:44

Unusual colour?

15 June 2011 20:52:16
Unusual colour?

Unusual colour?

This is a Amaryllis I got free with a bulb order. The colouring is lovely but not knowing anything about these plants I wonder if it is unusual.

Hole in the trees

15 June 2011 20:50:05
Hole in the trees

Hole in the trees

I have lots of Ash trees in my garden and where the branches of two meet there is a sort of hole through which you can see away into the far landscape. It looks good in the evening for some reason suppose the darker light.

Rector off on his travels.

13 June 2011 19:12:48
Rector off on his travels.

Rector off on his travels.

Wonder if he will get to the top?

Whaddabout ME?

13 June 2011 19:11:11
Whaddabout ME?

Whaddabout ME?

Lovely Lily Montenegro darker than the photograph.

Front garden showing where Roses are.

09 June 2011 17:09:17
Front garden showing where Roses are.

Front garden showing where Roses are.

Just to put in perspective where the roses of the last picture are. The front garden is small like a semi -circle  with a border inside the hedge which is mostly Fuchsia, and brambles, then gravel. Nice place to sit.

In journal entries I tend to call the back garden the front garden as I seldom use the front door as it opens into the sitting room. During the Summer I hope to pace out the entire garden and try to make a map of where things are.

Anybody for Lovage

09 June 2011 15:58:37
Anybody for Lovage

Anybody for Lovage

Maybe the biggest one in the whole wide world!!

Roses and cottage door.

09 June 2011 15:32:59
Roses and cottage door.

Roses and cottage door.

Seeing all the pics of Roses thought I would show this one. Taken last year as the wind this year tore them down and they are convalescing! They will be fine.The one on the left was here when I came and is very old I think. On the right is Harlequin?.

Geum problems

08 June 2011 18:36:10

Aerial view from Jacinta

06 June 2011 21:43:49

Funny day today.

05 June 2011 23:07:49

Looking for suggestions please.

04 June 2011 22:58:44
Primrose bank

Primrose bank

In the picture I show a ditch/bank that gets covered in Primroses and I just love it. Takes some work to prevent dock, bramble etc taking over.

Now I am thinking of making a border in front of this bank BUT it must be one that does not develop too early and block out the primroses. I will need to leave a narrow path at the base of the bank to allow me access for de-brambling. The border would be about 4ft wide and 16ft long , a sort of continuation of the border in the shrub/flower area of the garden. Any suggestions of plants that would give a  good show from June but not reach more than 1ft tall by end of April will be welcome.  while I like shrubs in a border I would have to exclude them in this location. There will, of course, if I do this ,be some hardy geraniums! These , probably blue, would go with any yellow, cream, peach, coloured flowers. Am I asking too much, like the best of both worlds? Please tell me if you think I am. Thank you

It happened today!

04 June 2011 17:22:55

Anigozanthos aka Kangaroo paw plant

02 June 2011 21:25:56
Anigozanthos  aka  Kangaroo paw plant

Anigozanthos aka Kangaroo paw plant

 I really like this plant though it will stay in a pot in case we get another bad winter.

It comes in several different colours I think , it would be good to get a few different ones.

Crambe in flower

02 June 2011 20:03:24
Crambe in flower

Crambe in flower

It does dominate the garden. and I think I feel another one coming on. So pretty and big!

I wonder why when I post here the pictures are not as bright as the originals, what am I doing wrong I ask myself and others.

More Poppies

02 June 2011 20:00:40
More Poppies

More Poppies

These are Aldi or Lidl poppies not sure what variety, would welcome diagnosis. They do add a touch of colour!

Bloom reports pretty please.

02 June 2011 19:50:35


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