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Elizabeth7's Journal

Elizabeth7's Journal July 2011

Last Post 1236 days 10 hours ago

Me again! Nepeta

31 July 2011 00:48:15

Waiting for my hair to dry before I go to bed so catching up on all I want to post!!!!

Whoever told me that Nepeta will grow well from cuttings, many thanks. I took about 12 and they have all taken so will probably take some more tomorrow/today. Want to have a big group of them somewhere and won't Maisie love it and me.

A plant to love , another to ditch.

30 July 2011 23:52:46

I am very fond of Crocosmias and have about 5 different ones growing with grasses by the pond. I had hoped they would all flower around the same time but not so. However my very favourite called 'Severn sunrise' has buds. This is a smasher , hard to describe but pinky/yellowy/ reddy  told you hard to describe!! So praise for these BUT a rant coming on about  Sanguisorbus.

Years ago at RHS, Wisley I spotted this tall plant with crimson flowers and fell in love. Got the name and ordered one. Up came this bushy plant , pretty foliage I grant it, and horrid little brown flowers; it seeded everywhere and eventually I did , what is very rare for me and got rid of it. I then ordered seeds of all the available varieties, well I think I got most of them. Dreadful , small with tiny little reddish flowers. They too hit the dust. Next enter the newish Rose coloured one. Perhaps the best but that is not saying much.If anybody has the really tall one with good red flower head please , please will you keep me some seed??

End of rant.

A visit to Bruno's garden.

30 July 2011 18:56:40
Looking down a path at back of garden

Looking down a path at back of garden

Today I went to visit Bruno and Chris and eat chocolate biscuits!  Well eating was not the main reason of course I was dying to see how Bruno's garden was developing.

What a great job he is doing, so many interesting plants and great splashes of colour from red Monarda not to mention the Tropaeolum. The walls which he mentioned earlier in the year are now almost covered with a variety of climbers and shrubs. One planting that I particularily loved was a dark violet Agapanthus with the blue Leymus behind it.

Anyway I took some pictures and have them in an Album. I will attempt to name them and Bruno can correct any mistakes.

It was as always a most enjoyable visit.

What I found recently.

29 July 2011 21:54:19
What I found recently.

What I found recently.

My first find was a very small garden centre in Crosshaven. Seems like a family venture.

I found a lovely coral coloured Dahlia and a variegated white Hydrangea.

My next find was when I took my rubbish to the local amenity. There is a container for books so I had a look and found three treasures. The first was that lovely 'The secrets of Ireland' a beautifully presented book with super photographs.

Next was a Readers digest publication, 'Good ideas for your Garden'  and there are many great and interesting suggestions.

Then came what looks like a brand new book entitled 'Right plant , right place', a wonderful book listing 1400 plants under various headings ; this will be very useful.

 I love these amenity places , even got my 5 kitchen chairs there!!


I am confused!

28 July 2011 14:33:07

Yes very , not an unusual condition for me I will admit.

Why I hear you cry.

Well about these garden visits. To return me to some sanity please explain who went to whose garden . I have this vision of a cake trail laid out around the country . The photos are great and you were so lucky to have a good day as it rained here in Cork. The ground was so dry I was quite pleased to see the wet stuff.

What I saw tonight

26 July 2011 23:24:29
My cat has been sitting on the viewing platform for hours watching an area where there is a large burrow going under to where once there lived an elder bush. So tonight as dusk fell I headed down to see if I could spot what creature lived there. I waited and watched for about half hour getting eaten alive by mosquitos . There are fields all around and the barley has just been harvested .All of a sudden a teenage Fox appeared trotting along , stopping now and then for a root in the ground. It was way out in the open and I had a great view. What with twilight, the gold of the field and the quiet it was a magic moment. Did not see any creature emerge from the burrow but well worth while going for a look. I don't think I have ever sat/stood quietly for half an hour either in the country or by the sea without spotting something interesting. So much goes on all around us , I am lucky to have time to stop and stare. Sorry to be off topic but had to share!!


24 July 2011 16:56:48

Managed to view lots of your pictures despite photos vanishing (see my last post).

Your garden is just stunning , the plants and planting are wonderful it was a pleasure to view them. I look forward to your updates.

Anyone have a cure for.....

24 July 2011 16:29:11
the problem I have viewing peoples albums. OK so I click on the first photo and that may enlarge and be fine  but then as I progress the next picture just flashes up for a second and vanishes; usually the strip at the bottom with the forward and back sign is there as is the close icon at the top but in between no picture. It is so frustrating. Mostly this performance starts with the first picture flashing and vanishing. I tried starting in the middle of the album but no luck. Occasionally all works well just to confuse the situation!!

United once more.

23 July 2011 19:18:30

Well there I was strolling around the garden retrieving the tools I too frequently forget to gather every evening. The baler was at work in the field so I stood and watched this miracle for a while and though in awe of the machine had a nostalgic moment remembering hay stacks of yore. 

I  had now  collected a fork, axe and scissors as I reached the biggest compost pile in the world. About to pass by I thought ' it needs a bit of a shake up and my ie friends have sent vibes about my missing secateurs '. So as the fork was in my paw I started lifting and tossin , finding this turning of compost rather heavy work for my aging joints.

Then it happened.   Yes, a glimpse of red, then steel and lying surrounded by rotting vegetation was my SECATEURS!!!!!!!!!!  Dirty, stiff, rather like me, but alive and well, also like me. We had a great reunion and I apologised profusely for my lack of care and promised it would never happen again. Dumped the other tools in the shed and into house to give my friend a wash. Next it had a feed of oil, not that common 3in1 but pure extra virgin olive oil.  Once rested, both of us, there will be a sharpening session and so back to work.

Thank you so much for the vibes, I am being honest when I say that looking in the compost yet again was influenced by those good wishes.

Spot the most unusual flower.

23 July 2011 17:52:06
'Cattus furibus beautissimus'

'Cattus furibus beautissimus'

Well done, the nicest bloom of all who does no damage in the garden except perhaps to the Nepeta. This specimen is called 'Cattus furibus beautissimus'.

For Andy's sanity

22 July 2011 22:05:24
For Andy's sanity

For Andy's sanity

This is the picture that made a very brief appearance , Crocosmia 'Lucifer' but is looking far more orange in the picture than it should .

Unusual creeping hardy geranium

22 July 2011 21:47:23
Unusual creeping hardy geranium

Unusual creeping hardy geranium

This is quite a rare hardy Geranium, in that I have never seen it for sale. It is called G.procurrens and is a great creeper and good for edges. The photo is taken looking down on the plant as it sprawls across a paving slab. I have taken some divisions so hope to have it to pass on if anybody likes it.

Can anybody understand this.

20 July 2011 19:32:24

About 20 years ago I got a present of a No.2 Felco secateurs. This has been with me through thick and thin. True there were narrow escapes when it was retrieved from the dump a couple of times. We were the best of friends and no trip into the garden was complete without it. It is nearly a week since it went missing, I have searched and searched , gone through mountains of rubbish and failed to find them. The loss has really affected my working in the garden, I know that sounds totally mad but it is just not the same. I have a cheap one that does the job but the grip is all wrong and not the hand extension the other one was. I need to get another Felco and start a new friendship just hope it gets me back to work before the dreaded brambles take over.

Puzzling about the singular and plural of secateurs. Referred to as a pair , sounds so wrong saying 'it' for what appears to be plural;  yet a single item.???? Going off to Google 'secateur' .........

A rare Hosta.

16 July 2011 23:12:25

Well this Hosta is also, as many of you know , called Margaret and lives not too far from me in Cork.  I had asked her if she might come and visit me and was delighted when she agreed. I really wanted to meet Margaret as she is so knowledgable about plants  and we seemed to have other interests in common. Well today was the day and how I enjoyed it. Another name for this lady should be Mrs. Claus as she came bearing many plants for me including Verbascum, Geraniums,  Primula, Nicandra , Gaillardia and one whose name I must check. Such generosity.  Thank you for coming Margaret it was so good to meet you.

Such a wonderful day

12 July 2011 19:25:32

. So this morning I
decided no gardening just enjoy it. I lay down in the hammock which is in the
tree/shrub part of the garden ;it was facing into the hedgerow and overhead
were Hornbeam, Ash , brambles , Willow
and other trees not a garden flower in sight. Do you know it was pure magic.
Swallows were circling around and diving down towards the ground. Hover flies
were in abundance and to watch them one moment still and then woooosh at the
speed of sound. In the hedgerow birds were fluttering around seemingly unaware
of my presence.  The call of a Curlew
came from the nearby estuary. Way up in the sky like a toy was an aeroplane and
I wondered who was travelling, to where and why. Then enter the Butterflies
small white, large white, admiral who put on a great show for me. Of course
there was the buzzing of bees though I did not spot any. The dog and cat seemed
under the same spell as me and lay down beside the hammock. No pictures, you
cannot capture this with a camera. I stayed there about an hour and all I could
think is how amazingly fortunate I am.

Since writing this the day continued with 2 hours on the beach and my first swim of the year.

Tina I have found a Cotinus Grace

09 July 2011 13:14:52
Yes tracked one down in Hillside Nursery, Glounthaune, Co. Cork.  I have asked them to put it aside for me until Monday. They have only one. So will I get it and keep it until there is an opportunity to hand it over ? Don't think they do mail but can ask them. Then of course you could come here and collect it, now that would be good. !!

Tina , more Grace!!

09 July 2011 11:02:39
Tina , more Grace!!

Tina , more Grace!!

Hope this pic is better. The leaves are much the same colour on the underside.

Tina, picture of Grace

08 July 2011 15:32:23
Tina, picture of  Grace

Tina, picture of Grace

Not the best , sorry if not good enough will take another with more of Grace in it!!

Garden centre and other things

06 July 2011 20:04:32
Garden centre and other things

Garden centre and other things

Still having computer problems but nearly sorted out I hope. Went to the new Ballyseedy garden and home centre near Cobh today. Lovely place to look around. Meadow and Woods, Blarney woolen mills and other shops plus nice cafe. Garden area well laid out but I prefer a more dedicated garden center when plant buying. Did get two, a Cosmos atrosanguinous  and Potentilla 'Mrs Wilmot'.

Showing picture of Patrinia gibbosa ,still a smallish plant so look forward to it spreading through the border.

Oh I also saw a Cotinus there but it was the purple one and not as nice as my Grace which is much redder.

Part of border.

03 July 2011 18:01:18
Part of border.

Part of border.

I widened this border and so can cram more goodies in. The picture in my Journal looks miserable, much better in my Album

Great plants Rachel

01 July 2011 18:50:08
Particularily like that Allium but would give the others a home with no bother!!


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