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Elizabeth7's Journal

Elizabeth7's Journal February 2012

Last Post 2188 days 3 hours ago

Decision made...I am happy.

29 February 2012 18:39:03

Garden visits.

28 February 2012 17:10:10

Ferns advice please.

28 February 2012 01:31:54

I've started so I'll finish,,,,,,no.

27 February 2012 15:49:02

Oh dear!!!

26 February 2012 19:09:35

If I knew.....

26 February 2012 16:49:45

Dry stone wall finished

24 February 2012 17:57:51

Dry stone bank repair starts.

23 February 2012 11:46:25


21 February 2012 20:09:09

An Appeal!!

20 February 2012 20:36:42

Ricinus communis

20 February 2012 14:04:37

Should be interesting

18 February 2012 20:20:54

In praise of Camellias; a poem

13 February 2012 15:32:40
In praise of Camellias;  a poem

In praise of Camellias; a poem

I wrote this many years ago as I discovered the beauty and qualities of the Camellia. I hope you like it.

                            In praise of Camellias.

Garden bare in winter deep where many plants retire to sleep

But one staunch friend stands tall and proud with shiny leaves proclaiming loud

Its love of seasons all the year, this wondrous plant knows not of fear.

It chooses winter dark and cold its buds of promise to unfold,

And tantalize us until spring when they perform a beauteous thing

And burst to flower, what a sight, the blooms of red, pink, cream or white.

But when in time these flowers fall our plant feels no regret at all

Standing proud in bed or pot, the glossy leaves provide a lot

Of background for its summer friends, its contribution never ends.

Come autumn, time for leaves to fall, it still stands upright green and tall.

Look close and one can easily see more buds are born, perpetuity.



12 February 2012 21:51:44



It is not a Cyclamen or an Asarum as the variegation seems confined to the veins. The leaf stalk is pink as are the under surface of the leaves.  It has shallow roots and seems to self seed readily. I have it for a while but can't recall a flower. Any ideas please?

Good , bad and ugly.

12 February 2012 19:25:55

Stunning photographs

11 February 2012 16:41:55

Lidl , Monday.

10 February 2012 23:59:59

Wise words....not mine!

10 February 2012 00:45:30

Photo of variegated leaf.

09 February 2012 15:49:32
Photo of variegated leaf.

Photo of variegated leaf.

With blue/black markings.

What's it?

09 February 2012 15:48:22
? Skunk

? Skunk

Growing at the perimeter of the field next door. Abundant on one ditch and scattered over another. I think it is Skunk cabbage but no smell from leaves and not a sign of a Spathe. What has me very intrigued about it is that just one clump has black/dark blue markings on the leaves. Any ideas?

Mind change!

08 February 2012 15:48:50

For Gerry, Craig or anyone to save my sanity.

07 February 2012 16:25:34

Guess who came to call?

06 February 2012 14:45:15


02 February 2012 11:08:27

My wall

01 February 2012 14:37:45
My wall

My wall

~Well the wall is up and scudded and will be plastered tomorrow. It is a bit of a shock and I think I should have had it one course lower but when plastered and painted hopefully will be as imagined. I had asked to have a few sort of 1ft square planters built with blocks behind the wall and have trailing plants coming over the top to soften it but he forgot about that!!! Maybe ~I can get planters that would go on brackets or somefing.


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