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Elizabeth7's Journal

Elizabeth7's Journal March 2012

Last Post 991 days 4 hours ago

False Oxlip

31 March 2012 20:05:35
?False Oxlip

?False Oxlip

I have posted recently of my new addiction to Primroses especially the doubles and how the Barnhaven?? ones are so wonderful , well ,on their site. My garden is one big mass of wild primroses , they are magic on banks , ditches , everywhere. Then a few years ago I planted Cowslips here and there. Today in a very brambly ditchy area where i had planted Cowslips I noticed this lovley clump of airy, tall primrose flowers but with orange /pinky marking in the centre. They were neither Primula vulgaris the common lad or veris the Cowslip, I think, so after a Google it seems they are the False Oxlip a cross between the two. I am sure this is a common finding but was really exciting to see nature at work. Can anyone verify this for me please?  This has just made me more interested in Primroses , must be fate!!

That photo looks so blurred i will put it up in an album and also a Whatsit query about a tree in the garden.


31 March 2012 12:20:54

Just to say thanks to those who have put up such terrific photos of your trip to Blarney.Without doubt I will be visiting in the coming months , no excuse when it is only about 45 mins away.  Funny how one tends not to avail of notable places when they are close by. Fota aroboretum is all of 7mins away from here and I don't go there enough and it is really great. Maybe those of you who might be coming to my open day would like to visit there too, you have to pass the gates to find me!! Then if you went there first you might not bother to come here!!

Oh re that photo of the cage in Blarney was that a joke or had they an illegal plant in situ?  Either way it is very funny.

Pittosporum tenuifolium

30 March 2012 21:23:16
I have two of these shrub/trees  one a darker green than the other but both now have the tiny chocolate coloured flowers. One has the most glorious scent while the other has no scent. One has darker foliage than the other so they are not exactly the same variety. Neither is Silver Sheen so I would be interested to hear if anybody grows this and if so is it scented.

Any takers for Myrtus luma seedlings?

29 March 2012 18:21:24

I wonder if anybody is interested in growing an avenue or hedge of Myrtus luma.  When I was weeding under mine this afternoon I found loads and loads of seedlings , real healthy little ones only a few inches tall.  This tree is a fast grower and  I am wondering if it could be used as a hedge. Evergreen , white flowers and amazing Cinnamon coloured bark.

I will pot up a few but should there be someone who could use lots and lots  I really couldn't undertake potting up the necessary numbers, hope you understand.  BUT anybody  is very very welcome to come with their potties and do the job here. No rude comments please!!

If anybody would like a single I will certainly pot up about 10 so just claim one!!

The longest day

28 March 2012 20:00:49


I don't think I have ever gardened for as long as today, it was such an ideal day. Did a bit of everything , putting in vine eyes for Princess Diana,  planting, grass cutting with garden shears in awkard places, etcetc.  I was able to erase several jobs that were on my 'must do' list. And my Pleione had babies !!

Double primrose addiction.

27 March 2012 23:08:29

This Spring my latest addiction is double Primroses. It was fuelled by a recent visit to Gracedieu, where I left with a lovely double yellow one.  I found one in Supervalu a very pretty coral colour. Then at our garden visit last Saturday I bought one for just €5 which via Google is Burgundy Ice a dark purple with fringe of white. I got 8 plants from it by division so that was one great bargain.  I can't find any supplier in Ireland via Google , there is a great place in the UK called Barnhaven but the postage is very very high. Anybody know of a source for these plants ?

Shake 'n Rake

26 March 2012 21:21:20
I think I saw some iers mention that they had tried this Aldi product last year?  Was it any good and worth getting? They have various categories on sale Thursday, Scented, Rockery, etc etc.

Garden visit.

24 March 2012 21:17:22
Margaret aka Hosta, Bruno and I went garden visiting this afternoon and had a very enjoyable afternoon. wonderful  garden and so well kept with some lovely features and of course beautiful plants with Hellebores as the main feature. It is called Cedar Lodge and the owners used to own a big nursery and brought loads of plants to their home when the nursery closed. Very good plant sale I bought 2 Delphiniums and a pretty Primula.  And need I say both my friends brought me yet more plants :)  So a very good day was had.

I am a bit yellow.

23 March 2012 21:51:53

Yes more spotty really but my clothes are very yellow. The new curved wall around the area where I park the car had its front painted by my brother a few weeks ago but the back needed to be done and as his knee is playing up I did not want him to risk further damage so today I took roller and brush in hand and headed forth. I can never paint without getting covered in the stuff.

My grass cutter and friend did a great strim and cut and also made me a path from this area down to the tree/shrub area , simple but effective. I have also made a  start on the compost dump to try and tame it. Then there was more membrane and gravel to put down. I planted a few plants for diversion and dug up lots of roots and stones. It was cold out there today nasty east wind . Had a good walk around and am very pleased with the progress. I think i will need to give Thalictrum and Aquilegia the Chelsea chop, there is tons growing and trying to make  a take over bid.  The scent from Myrtus leichlerleiana is as always magic just incredible , I know I am always praising this but still cannot do it justice.

Another question

20 March 2012 21:50:03
An area, oh I have gone all Italicy, that is basically rubble with some poor soil. It is also shady. Already I have put in some Ferns , there are lots growing in the ditches around the place, and Foxgloves ( for next year)  I suppose Hostas would do well too if I can improve their planting holes.  Vinca is close by and in time will grow there. Any ideas  what I could plant for some colour? Would Candleabra primulas survive in poor soil and  shade? Ideas welcome. I have  billions of Primroses I can plant for next year but need some colour for the Summer. OK I am looking for an instant Woodland type bed  which is impossible but want to go as far as I can in rathe bad conditions.

Bergenias and Hellebores

20 March 2012 20:11:13
What do you think about growing these together, would it work?  One of the many bald spots in the garden could do with an evergreen planting scheme.  I think it would be ok but would welcome opinions. I envisage about 6 of each. I cannot tell you the variety of Bergenia but it is not a very big one. Thanks

TV compost.....a muse!

19 March 2012 17:46:25

You know all the gardening programmes where Monty or Alan or Carol etc show this magic stuff that slips through the fingers like silk and it always  smells ‘sweet' ? Well I don't believe it, so there!! I picture a team of elves or cherubs wielding sieves and putting every last handful of the stuff through and eliminating even the smallest twig. Yes and then we are shown the end result and feel inadequate as we survey our twiggy , soddy  product. Their stuff looks better than that which one buys in a Garden centre. Just not fair , wish they would own up and show us their REAL composted  material before the elves and cherubs get at it. 

I went to mine to day and excavated it from the bottom.  I shovelled out  a very wormy black mixture that smelled good but had remnants of sticks and twigs still present. This pile has been there about 3 years  and I did follow the recipe so I reckon this is real, live Compost.  I looked around for the mythical helpers to materialise carrying sieves of varying dimensions, but Maise was the only one to turn up and said she could not hold one of those things in her paws.  So except for the largest woody pieces  it will be used just as it is.    Time those TV and Radio gardeners owned up and told us the truth.  OR  do you too make this wondrous   TV  compost  and am I  just making a mess of the  process???

By the way I will say that Paddy and Mary's , Gracedieu's,  compost area is probably the one Carlsberg would make if they made compost areas!  I believe their product could beat any of those pretend TV composts .

What a day

18 March 2012 19:33:32
It was gorgeous here today, really warm. I mixed the nice jobs with the not so enjoyable  and got a lot of work done. What amazed me was the huge number of Ladybirds in the garden, not just singles but groups of two and three. I wonder if Spring is in the air for them!! There were also Bees buzzing around so much activity. I took a break and brought Meg to the beach where people were swimming and saying the water was lovely!  I just sat enjoying the sun and firing stones for her dogship. Hope you all had as pleasant a day.

Lidl on Monday..

16 March 2012 22:43:21

will have Clematis for 5.99, which seems good value as I think these plants have got very expensive. Don't know the varieties but may be worth a look.

Off topic but

16 March 2012 00:50:54
this is so weird I have to tell you. Tonight i had to set a mouse trap in the boot of my car. For some time I have suspected there is a mouse in residence well I hope to heavens it is not a  rat.  Because the huge bags of peanuts are too heavy for me to lift out of the car they often have to stay for days until someone stronger calls by. Well the last time i did notice what seemed like chewed nuts with the filmy coat left behind. But the other day I needed to get another big bag and the very next day  a hole had been chewed in the hessian bag so really no doubt now. I just hope it has not been chewing vital wires or the like. How it would get in is a mystery as the car is quite high off the ground now a rat could make it but if I have been driving around for weeks with one of them in the car I will have delayed shockl!!  Meg is in the car every day and has not said a woof, but Maisie does get in when the boot is open and sniff around. It is the first time I set a trap living in the country has made me so brave!!

Busy, busy,

15 March 2012 15:50:46
Group of Polyanthus

Group of Polyanthus

I have been putting a plastic edging along my new blue bed. This has not been easy due to the huge number of stones that I had to remove making the trench to bury the edging . Most of the smaller ones I could fling over the ditch but still have to move many that I dug up . Anyway the job is done thankfully. I will put up an album showing the mess and other nicer photos.!


12 March 2012 21:12:32
John Deere is flashing his lights at me!! Almost as bad as the Dancing Tulips cos you sort of wait for the next flash.

One often hears.......

11 March 2012 20:34:12

that a garden is wonderful, lovely etc . Sometimes one is disappointed and occasionally a garden is even better than anticipated. This is so in respect of a certain Waterford garden which Hosta,( Margaret), and I visited today. Paddy and Mary's garden surpassed my expectations, and they were high! All aspects seemed perfect to me, the red brick edging of the lawns, a vegetable area where any veggie would be proud to grow and as for the compost area , well words fail me, you could move in and live there!  Yes there were plants too. What plants , Hellebores to the fore and one in particular a metallic blue one that is top of my must have list. I loved the way Primulas were grown in groups to make an impact, and could see how great the Snowdrops must have looked a few weeks ago.  Two big Birches stood guard in front of the house looking particularily well from the top of the garden. Look, I could go on for ages telling about all the plants and wonderful trees and shrubs!! Then as another visitor mentioned recently, you admire a plant and Paddy appears with a fork and digs up a piece for you, yes that is why we came home with two bags each of treasures.

But there is another Waterford garden we visited...this one fills me with awe for different reasons. We went to Ladygardener (Anne's )garden too..This is a 2 acre site where Anne is making a garden. The work she is doing is amazing  . .She has many large beds in which planting has started and these are BIG beds. There are lovely wooded areas and of course the Pond which is truely a wonderful asset and will be even better when the wildlife moves in. I look forward to seeing Anne's garden develop and don my hat to her for her achievements so far.

So sincere thanks to Mary, Paddy, Anne, Casper, Kimmy and Hunter for the welcome and hospitality. It was great to be travelling with Margaret and not just because she brings sweeties!

Hellebore moving

09 March 2012 16:44:29

As a recent convert to Hellebore I have been very lucky to get pressies of seedlings from friends. These have arrived in pots and I will just grow them on for another few months before planting them in their  chosen place so no problem.












Have written this already =so excuse short re-write.

Got pressies of Hellebore seedlings in pots from kind friends. No problem will wait a few months and plant them in their final destination.

BUT to day I visited another friend who has seedlings growing all over her driveway. I took home about 20. Some were very small but others had good little root systems. It  is too late in the day to pot them so I planted them all in a very nice place sort of seed bed; they will not be staying there.  I gather they should not be moved( but will have to be) so how long can I leave them in the seed bed , hopefully until the end of Summer but please tell me if I should dig them up and pot them tomorrow. Thanks.








For CorkTony

08 March 2012 19:39:36

Photo of Diamond head taken from web.

Photo of plant mentioned in last post.

08 March 2012 18:38:08
Item image

Parcel arrived

08 March 2012 18:29:04

Yes this morning my Colocasia Diamond head arrived.  There was a hitch at the start as they forgot my order; the lady who sells them was very nice and apologetic. She worked for a number of years at Cotswold nursery and now has a home based Soap making industry but also sells 3 x plug plants of some exotics via ebay. !! The plug plants were quite large and the leaves look really lovely so they were potted on and I look forward to seeing them settle in and grow big. I also got a tablet of soap in my parcel.  They should look good in my embryonic hot bed.

Edit; should have asked if anyone has grown


She also offers plug plants of this and it looks interesting a fabulous blue. Will try and copy a picture.


A little pet!!

05 March 2012 21:39:01


No fur, hair or whiskers  but this Anemonella thalictroides is a little dote. The golden stamens are not showing well in the photo but the flowers are so pretty. Think I will put it in my new trough. Sorry the photo is showing very badly :(

Gorgeous day here

05 March 2012 15:52:59

But only did a little bit cos my shoulder is hurting real bad.....moan.

So I have an appt. at 9am tomorrow to get a steroid injection and hopefully I will be able to return to garden work as I get grumpy when I am denied the privilege. But on the bright side my Brother started to paint my new wall this morning and it is looking really well. So silver lining once again. So will be back tomorrow all bright eyed and bushy tailed with reports of all I have achieved in the garden as I plan to resume work tomorrow afternoon, all cured! 


03 March 2012 22:09:44
Do you remember me writing a journal about Arum with purple spots on the leaves? Well there must be an outbreak of it this year , unspotted, because since then i have found lots of it in my garden. And in a friend's garden today , big one, garden not friend, there was masses of it and she said it had increased and multipled this year. Watch out for it and please say if it has arrived to live with you. Thank you.

Brodiae Queen Fabiola

03 March 2012 20:37:39

Got bulbs of this in Lidl , had never heard of it before. Seems to be a lovely blue. Anybody grow it?  Think I may be late in planting the bulbs but will wait and see. By the way my Whatsit plant of yesterday about which a certain gentleman from Limerick with a tendency to say Gosh was so dreadfully rude even scathing, cheek of him, I was thinking might be a white Omphaoides?  Has anybody grown this from seed and if so does it look like my Whatsit?


02 March 2012 12:32:44
Can you hear it? Listen hard ah now you can hear it. What is it? My shoulders showing resentment of the work yesterday. I did do al lot I admit and while I feel 28 it will come as a big shock to you to hear I am older than that!!  Anyway it is a cold, dank sort of day not like the glory of yesterday. So today reluctantly I am abstaining from horticultural pursuits. This evening I am going to my gran nieces 16th party where there will be lovely cake and all the sort of titbits loaded with calories that I love. Will be a lovely family affair and I am ever so fond of Ciara so glad to be there. So here I am on the sofa with big furry Maisie, (she is a cat!) curled up next to me. BUT  big hairy Meg, yes a dog, will soon be pestering me to launch tennis balls into the sky so I will just enjoy the moment. Hope you all have a good day.

Wonderful Spring day in Cork

01 March 2012 16:27:29

Yes a beautiful day here and much work done. Also had my grass cut and lots of strimming so all looking tidy. Hope you all have such a great day.

My two favourite Camellias are in flower , Adolphe Audusson with the amazing golden stamens and Brushfield Yellow . Where the well that serves my house is sited it was covered with stone slabs when I came. Now there is Ivy covering the area and a great big clump of Heather. Clematis armandii has totally covered my shed and is now trying to invade the Lilac tree. I  have put these plants in an Album.


01 March 2012 16:11:39


Got a few seeds of this in the Autumn. Only one survived, think it has a white flower. Any ideas?


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