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Elizabeth7's Journal

Elizabeth7's Journal March 2012

Last Post 2122 days 15 hours ago

False Oxlip

31 March 2012 20:05:35
?False Oxlip

?False Oxlip

I have posted recently of my new addiction to Primroses especially the doubles and how the Barnhaven?? ones are so wonderful , well ,on their site. My garden is one big mass of wild primroses , they are magic on banks , ditches , everywhere. Then a few years ago I planted Cowslips here and there. Today in a very brambly ditchy area where i had planted Cowslips I noticed this lovley clump of airy, tall primrose flowers but with orange /pinky marking in the centre. They were neither Primula vulgaris the common lad or veris the Cowslip, I think, so after a Google it seems they are the False Oxlip a cross between the two. I am sure this is a common finding but was really exciting to see nature at work. Can anyone verify this for me please?  This has just made me more interested in Primroses , must be fate!!

That photo looks so blurred i will put it up in an album and also a Whatsit query about a tree in the garden.


31 March 2012 12:20:54

Pittosporum tenuifolium

30 March 2012 21:23:16

Any takers for Myrtus luma seedlings?

29 March 2012 18:21:24

The longest day

28 March 2012 20:00:49


I don't think I have ever gardened for as long as today, it was such an ideal day. Did a bit of everything , putting in vine eyes for Princess Diana,  planting, grass cutting with garden shears in awkard places, etcetc.  I was able to erase several jobs that were on my 'must do' list. And my Pleione had babies !!

Double primrose addiction.

27 March 2012 23:08:29

Shake 'n Rake

26 March 2012 21:21:20

Garden visit.

24 March 2012 21:17:22

I am a bit yellow.

23 March 2012 21:51:53

Another question

20 March 2012 21:50:03

Bergenias and Hellebores

20 March 2012 20:11:13

TV compost.....a muse!

19 March 2012 17:46:25

What a day

18 March 2012 19:33:32

Lidl on Monday..

16 March 2012 22:43:21

Off topic but

16 March 2012 00:50:54

Busy, busy,

15 March 2012 15:50:46
Group of Polyanthus

Group of Polyanthus

I have been putting a plastic edging along my new blue bed. This has not been easy due to the huge number of stones that I had to remove making the trench to bury the edging . Most of the smaller ones I could fling over the ditch but still have to move many that I dug up . Anyway the job is done thankfully. I will put up an album showing the mess and other nicer photos.!


12 March 2012 21:12:32

One often hears.......

11 March 2012 20:34:12

Hellebore moving

09 March 2012 16:44:29

For CorkTony

08 March 2012 19:39:36

Photo of plant mentioned in last post.

08 March 2012 18:38:08

Parcel arrived

08 March 2012 18:29:04

A little pet!!

05 March 2012 21:39:01


No fur, hair or whiskers  but this Anemonella thalictroides is a little dote. The golden stamens are not showing well in the photo but the flowers are so pretty. Think I will put it in my new trough. Sorry the photo is showing very badly :(

Gorgeous day here

05 March 2012 15:52:59


03 March 2012 22:09:44

Brodiae Queen Fabiola

03 March 2012 20:37:39


02 March 2012 12:32:44

Wonderful Spring day in Cork

01 March 2012 16:27:29


01 March 2012 16:11:39


Got a few seeds of this in the Autumn. Only one survived, think it has a white flower. Any ideas?


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