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Elizabeth7's Journal

Elizabeth7's Journal July 2012

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Plant muddle.

31 July 2012 21:36:25

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In the background is Moya's Banana , then Bruno's Tetrapanax and in the foreground Hedychium  . There should be Cannas right in the front but they are still about 6" tall!!

Brushes for Rachel

31 July 2012 13:42:16

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Only it's mother could love it!!   Here is proof that I have a soggy Pink brushes looking particularly lovely and joy oh joy loads of those flowers to come! NOT

Any idea which Persicaria this is, assuming it is one!


30 July 2012 15:27:47

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Well on this lovely rainy day I decided to say a word in praise of Achillea. I have always liked them but this year have come to appreciate their longevity . Funny thing is that when you look at the colours available and then go to the seed suppliers to order only very few colours are on offer. So I am showing pics of the three colours I have and would ask if anybody has other colours would you be so kind as to collect seed for me? My Camera is not reproducing colour well so the last one is more a tangerine than yellow. The red one came from Moya, thank you niece, and is wonderful.

Danish Flag Poppy

29 July 2012 19:10:17
Danish flag

Danish flag

Well I went out this morning feeling much the better for the cyber hugs.

Furthermore  Danish Flag had opened and what a fine plant it is. Thank you for the seeds Rachel, I  only got one to germinate for me but as you see it did just great.  I will be collecting seeds from that beauty. On the down side it is with regret I report that Sanguisorba Pink Brushes has got huge and is starting to produce those dirty pink flowers!!!!!!!  I moved it hoping it might go to a painless death but it has thrived in the new spot.  It will be on the move again come Autumn.........................! I shall have pictures in a few days when some more brushes appear. Maybe it could go and live in Wexford!!

Hug a Slug

29 July 2012 01:46:49

Back to normal

22 July 2012 11:47:19

For Conrad

21 July 2012 19:17:16

Crab apple tree problem

19 July 2012 19:41:53

Between showers

18 July 2012 21:11:50

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And they were very very heavy showers in fact downpours.  But the endless weeding had to continue. This year I have so missed having the weather to just sit and enjoy the garden . It seems non stop  effort just trying to keep the place in some order, though there are the good times too. I am very pleased with the progress of my new beds and enjoy meeting the first blooms of many new plants. The poppy I got from Conrad is great , a lovely orange and keeps coming and coming. Then the Kniphofia Tawny King is doing well, i love the bronze stem. Water Lilies are looking good too.



Never give up!

15 July 2012 16:58:09

Blarney in Bloom

14 July 2012 19:27:43

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Well it actually stayed dry today in Cork!! And when that funny yellow thingy in the sky appeared now and then it was warm! so Meg dog and I made our way to Blarney in Bloom. Well I must start by saying that what I saw of the Blarney gardens were wonderful, the legs would not carry me around it all so return visits are on the agenda. The Herbaceous border was gorgeous and I met a new plant which is a must have, Thalictrum flavum. The whole area was kept so beautifully. It was great to meet Adam and Anthony . Then there was Margaret aka Hosta looking after lots of lovely plants, I bought a lovely Dahlia there. I also got a second Athryium ‘Victoria’ and another Fern called Wavy Cloak fern aka Cheilanthes sinnuata which likes the sun from Shady plants. My headquarters were based at Margarets( Thank you Margaret) where there was a comfy chair where I could sit and watch the world go by. An exhibition of Birds of Prey was wonderful such magnificent birds . I was allowed to hold an American Owl called Louis which was amazing. I forgot that I had asked two kind Gardai to hold Meg while I had the Owl and spent some time talking to the Bird man forgetting these two kind gents were waiting patiently behind me holding Meg’s leash.!!! I met Mary Jo and CorkTony there also and it was good to chat with them. So a very enjoyable day was had and I hope a lot of money was made for the Guide Dogs.

For Scrubber

10 July 2012 12:59:51

Thank you

09 July 2012 18:45:06

I can't read Journals

05 July 2012 20:12:13

Cork Open day Sunday July 8th.

04 July 2012 19:37:17

For Jurgita

04 July 2012 15:11:29

RE the photo album below!

01 July 2012 21:34:04


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