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Elizabeth7's Journal

Elizabeth7's Journal August 2012

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Pheasant tail grass

23 August 2012 18:00:35
Pheasant tail grass

Pheasant tail grass

This is the time of year when this really looks at its best. It was  Stipa arundinacea but now, as happens when you get to know a name, it is changed to Anemanthele lessoniana!!

Today it was back to rain in the morning but then it cleared up. I could have done some work but felt a bit weary so had a lovely lazy day. 

ID please.

21 August 2012 18:20:14
ID  please.

ID please.

Mad with myself that I can't recall the name of the plant in the photo. So please 'de-mad' me.  Thank you

Observation skills, not!

21 August 2012 16:09:06

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Yesterday for the first time I noticed that my Cordyline , about 12ft tall, was blown down in the winds a couple of weeks ago. I only realised it was gone while walking past where the trunk was lying  very neatly on the ground!!!Maybe it only happened recently but I doubt it. Thinking of ways to use the trunk too good to throw out. A feature is called for !!

My very favourite lily is Casablanca the scent is fabulous. Had to prop it up yesterday.

Took a picture of the white daisy and Lychnis from a lower level. They both will have to be moved as they are taking over my hot bed and hot they are not.

Look what I found!!

16 August 2012 15:13:16

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Following Fran's post and what he found after the storm I felt I should tell you what happened me yesterday.

I had always felt there were Fairies in the garden, at the bottom and elsewhere.! But I had not idea where they might live. But yesterday I was cutting the Ivy on a tree stump when what did I see but a Fairy door with someone about to enter. Well stone the crows I thought  hoping I would not scare them off. Then oliversudden I hear  a fluttery noise and three more arrived . They did not mind my finding their house so now I can enjoy them. How about that.!!

Hardy Geraniums

14 August 2012 14:15:43

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I love them and have quite a lot. These three are flowering now as indeed are many of the Sanguinems. The first is G. bohemicum which is probably not hardy but has a very attractive flower. Then G.thunbergii with a tiny flower and interesting leaves it self seeds but is a nice ground cover. Finally a pretty pink one whose name is a secret!!

I had to make the photos dark to get near the true colours of the Geraniums.

Darmera peltata

13 August 2012 19:01:11

Dwarf Astilbe

12 August 2012 19:15:22

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Forget where I got this little lad but really like it. Only about 10" tall . Hard to get a good picture but it is a nice pink colour.

Then those Pink brushes that just get bigger and bigger.

Not to mention the Melianthus that is turning into a tree!!

Iris help please

12 August 2012 13:56:17


10 August 2012 19:57:43

Sun and Visit

10 August 2012 19:24:53
Sun and Visit

Sun and Visit


I do hope you all had the sun today. I had more than that!  Today I went to visit MaryJo’s garden.  I knew it was going to be wonderful but gee what a place.

It is amazing perched  high on a hill looking down on the river. The garden slopes in front of the house  and is divided into 4 , I think, areas as you go down the slope. Not divided as in very separate areas cos the slope allows you to see down from one area to the next. There are lovely paths connecting it all together .  But the plants , I met plants I had heard of but never seen and plants that I had neither heard of or seen before. There was so much to see and  learn and I can’t wait to visit again because I could not take it all in. Eucomis was seeding all over , I saw a plant that I had wanted to meet for ages, Amicia zygomeris  ( Bruno it is fab.)  There was an Aster I thought was a ‘bush’ never knew they grew like that , oh so much to drool over. And a pond with the most fantastic Koi , huge and different colours. And there was a great area for growing seeds , cuttings and  a tunnel and and and. !! Forgot, some wonderful Dahlias  and a patch of Cautleya that took my breath away.

The bottom area had a lawn the size of a tennis court  and there were other lovely lawned areas.  Then we had tea and scones and strawberry jam and strawberries and cream. And I came home with two bags of plants, yes two bags including a baby Amicia!!

You may have gathered Mary’s garden gave me a buzz that is still with me. Thank you Mary for a wonderful visit and sharing your piece of Heaven with me.

I will put up an album later and I am sure when she has time Mary will sort out any questions that may arise from the pics as I forgot to write down details.

To-day and Friends

08 August 2012 21:56:53

Tall Hollyhock

07 August 2012 21:02:16
Tall Hollyhock

Tall Hollyhock

I was visiting a friend today. She has a lovely garden but I was only able to get out to see if for a short time due to r..n!!  There are many hollyhocks but the tallest one is 10'3'' tall.

I have had very poor luck witht this plant, one year they were very good but since then hopeless!!

Terra nova

05 August 2012 21:29:39

This worked for me

03 August 2012 12:07:29

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One of the schemes that worked for me was to plant Crocosmias and Grasses together.

In the backrground but hard to see is Stipa gigantea. Also such a pity my camera is not good enough to show the different colours of the Crocosmias as there are about 7 different ones .

Also showing my second favourite Oriental lily , my very very favourite is Casablanca but it is yet to open.


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