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Elizabeth7's Journal

Elizabeth7's Journal September 2012

Last Post 1972 days ago

You can always count on this

26 September 2012 22:05:45
You can always count on this

You can always count on this

Fasicularia bicolor , the blue has not yet appeared but the red is very striking.

Fairies, Tetrapanax and Daisy

25 September 2012 16:54:05

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We had a gorgeous day here yesterday for once Cork escaped the rain. I did loads of moving and planting and digging and cutting. Today is damp and cold so no work , took the 'girls' to the Vet for their annual jabs.

The fairy house has developed Toadstools and there is another Fairy come to inspect the residence; all action in that area who knows what may next appear.

My Tetrapanax has got huge and taken over a large area, anything underneath is in peril. Note the size of the Hedychium next to it, Assam I think.

 Some kind ier gave me this Michelmass daisy and it is a lovely vibrant colour.Thank you

For Sruthain

25 September 2012 12:23:07

Result of best flowering plant survey

23 September 2012 21:55:32

Bin a lot of work here!

20 September 2012 18:10:27

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There are great happenings taking place at Ash Cottage.  It all started during the ‘’’Summer’’’when mention of my problems with getting rid of garden material was mentioned to Tony C .  A compost bin says he and spots a good position where it could be placed. Now this was not to be any ordinary compost bin but a spacious three bin arrangement.  During the following weeks 14 large and very very sturdy pallets were delivered courtesy of Tony. He then went away to muse about how best to put this together. Musing over, the plan was hatched.  Next to arrive were 28 steel bars  and sundry digging and clearing implements. So what was I doing to contribute to this mammoth project? Not a lot up to yesterday when  I started to level the area where the bins will go.  Tough work but it felt good to be able to contribute to the happenings. Better still while shovelling away at the ditch to clear the brambles etc I came upon an area of  lovely soil  and remembered that some years ago a heap of sods had been dumped in this part of the ditch. So into my big plastic bag went as much soil as I could carry and several journeys later I had a good heap to add to the Woodland area. To get any soil here that has not huge stones and tree roots obstructing the digging is most difficult so this was a wind fall.  Tomorrow a chain saw is due to arrive to clear some more bushes and make way for the installation. Then when time permits building will start. Once again Tony C is giving his time and all the paraphernalia to help me. I will keep you updated on progress. Thanks Tony.

New plants

17 September 2012 21:54:30

Do you remember?

12 September 2012 21:27:00

All Martin B's fault!!!

10 September 2012 19:26:50

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Yes it is for twas he who got us interested in Ferns. I mean who could resist such enthusiasm?  So I had a Fern area, quite good I thought  either side of my ''''''river''''' but it was full so what to do with the 12 Ferns waiting to get in the soil  as personally I don't think they look right in pots. Maybe I will keep Victoriae in a pot as I love it and want to see it all the time.  So a site was chosen of course it was packed full of Ash tree roots and rocks but it was shaded and seemed a good choice.  Before Ferns are added I had planted some Candleabra primulas which seem to have been irradiated as they are huge. Also Astilbe , and some other Woodland plants . But today the hole digging began in earnest and it was a definite  pick axe job stone after stone most  of them securely fixed under roots but I managed get them out. Now to get Gee up , bags of it  and add to the rather dry earth and eventually in will go the waiting 12. So tonight as I nurse my aching back and shoulders I am thinking of Martin; maybe some time I will thank him!!

I like the photo of the fern top caught in the setting sun.

Autumn gardening

08 September 2012 18:00:42

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I started cutting back , moving and planting as there is so much to do. Because the Butterfllies have made their welcome appearance I will need to leave those flowers on which they are feeding, it is so good to see swarms of them on the Sedum. The Bees too are having a great feed.  Crocosmias are making a great contribution to keeping colour in the garden. I hope we get a few more fine days as it is so good to get some work done. Bulbs ordered but a visit to BQ will take place to pick up some more. David Howard my favourite Dahlia is flowering though I got it recently and it is still in it's pot.

RE Caher Bridge photos

05 September 2012 19:54:16

Home again .

05 September 2012 18:16:03

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Well home today from 4 days in Co. Clare, what a beautiful County. Can’t get over that I have had to water the pots as the Clare weather was not so clement as here though yesterday was wonderful.  We stayed at Spanish point where the waves rush in and it is fantastic. Oh Scrubber how you would love the rocks so gorgeous !  Did all the touristy things though must admit I chickened half way into the Ailwee caves it was so bloomin dark and roof so low so out I came to wide open spaces.  We went to Caher bridge gardens where Carl spent over 2 hours showing us around and explaining all about it, wonderful garden so different in many ways. And all the walls and features he built himself not to mention having to bring in all the soil in the garden as it is basically stone/rock.  I am so glad to have been there , and  Carl kindly gave me pieces of two hardy Geraniums that I  had wanted for a while and some other treasures. I will put up  some photos later .  Then on the way home I called to Cuan Muire to pick up some plants Deborah had put aside for me. It is a lovely place with a shop that is impossible to resist so some fairies and toadstools were added to my plant collection.  I got Kniphofia John Benary  that I wanted and also Clematic tanguitica I had been looking for, Achillea Red Velvet , Primula beesianana, couple of Cyclamen, and of course the Calycanthus.  I know that there were other plants that I will regret leaving behind but  I had to get back on the road again and head for home.  So it was a lovely break with a very close friend and tomorrow I collect Meg and Maisie from their hols. and the family will be complete . Then back to endless weeding but some planting as well.  Oh there was a film crew staying in the Hotel making a film called The Yank and we got friendly with some of them , most interesting but I did resist taking a starring role!!!!


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