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Elizabeth7's Journal

Elizabeth7's Journal December 2012

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A Dream

29 December 2012 17:43:42


26 December 2012 23:36:24


Well we had a lovely  Christmas and I was fortunate and got some rather lovely gifts.

Amongst them is a Wild bird Clock;  this has 12 different birds one of which makes it's sound on each hour. well not quite true , it shuts down from 9pm to 6am.  Trouble is i set it up incorrectly so now it is tweeting every hour, must try and fix that tomorrow.  Also the birds are not making the correct calls so that must be put right. I copied a picture from the web which may appear.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that we all have a good 2013.

Odd Christmas Eve!!

24 December 2012 14:51:04
Some of my Christmas friends.

Some of my Christmas friends.

Started by having to take magnificent Maisie to the Vet. Luckily having got several potions she will be ok.  Then home and off with Meg up the fields, it was nice and sunny and I walked around listening to O Holy Night , I love that hymn/song.

Then home again and the oddest thing ever I planted 40 Daffodils and some Bluebells. Seemed so weird doing it on this day of the year.

Now watching Wonderful Life for the umpteenth time.

I wish you all the happiest of Christmasses and thank you for your friendship which has meant so much to me since I found you all.

A dilemma !

19 December 2012 15:32:59

Cull at Ash Cottage.

18 December 2012 16:13:22

Where do you plan?

14 December 2012 22:56:29

Manure, Cherub and Robin

11 December 2012 17:36:24

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I headed to the garden today as I was getting into a definite soil deprivation syndrome and the paws needed to feel the stuff. I decided to concentrate on the Med garden so called as it is removed from the rest of the garden, south facing and sort of terraced; it is where I can put all the loud coloured plants without them clashing with the countryside.  The family tend to think the name is hilarious , silly people!!

I needed to build up some of the borders which meant moving very large stones nay rocks. How to contact Cherub for some much needed help? Do I just call or is it necessary to seek him through the good services of Mr Scrubber? Anyway I rolled , shoved and lifted and got most of the job done. The soil here is just awful being more than 6ft deep into sub soil so it called for some manure. I opened one of the blue bags kind Tony had brought me many months ago and joy oh bliss what beauty was revealed. This poo had been mixed with wood shavings and was a glorious mixture, soft , damp and oozing goodness. While all this was going on a Robin came to call and like all his ilk was a cheeky chappy.  He seemed unaware that Maisie the magnificent was perched on a rock supervising my work as usual , unaware, he just did not care. So I needed to keep an eye on  M the M  while also tossing stones into the adjacent field to entertain Meg.   I planted 20 American dream tulips, bargain in Lidl, removed one huge bag of debris and finished for the day . A start was made and I feel the better for it. Big effort to get going but worth it to see that wondrous poo.


Calling , Rachel, Jemmo, fraoch, Kate and Graham

06 December 2012 00:45:27

Lovely day in Park

05 December 2012 15:53:17

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Fota wildlife park. It is so near to me and I don't visit as often as I should. The sun was shining but of course it was very cold in the shade . Very few people there not more than a dozen but it meant the animals came much closer. While I was having a coke a cheeky crow joined me on the table while a Peacock strolled by to say hi. As ever the Meerkats and Lemurs are my favourites.  I know where to look for the Lemurs as they will always be wherever some sun is focussed!!  There was a tiny  baby Gibbon who every few moments left his Mum's arms and went over to a rope swing to investigate and would then dash back to Mum, very ahhhhhhhhh   indeed.  The Lemurs who  wander freely around the park came right up to me and tried to climb up my coat. They are soooooo funny in the attitudes they  choose to sit , I stayed with them for ages. It is so lovely there and a credit to those who care for the facility.

Latest and last R.T story!

01 December 2012 17:57:44


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