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Elizabeth7's Journal

Elizabeth7's Journal October 2013

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Oh dear it is BIG

25 October 2013 13:31:51

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Yes my wood chipping pile is big, not as big as it looks in the photo as it is on raised ground. I tried raking it downhill this morning but the arms gave out very quickly. Such a big pity that under this heap are Erythroniums, Cyclamen, Primulas and lots of other Spring plants.  The heat in  the pile is amazing almost too hot to  stick your arm in.

Anyway win some etc. A few Autumn photos added. Amelanchier and Cornus

What I discovered tonight.

25 October 2013 01:31:30

Well, so much going on.

23 October 2013 16:45:29

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Yes it has been pretty busy around these parts for the past few days. Puter packed in and needed a new hard drive  but my puter man is wonderful and fixed it in a day.

Then we  had the tree surgeons , five of them with ropes and all sorts of  gadgets. Amazing to watch them rope down the branches so they did not hit anything,,,,well a few small casualites.  They were here all day and the only bad thing was the dumping of the chippings. This had to be on top of an area where I have lots of lovely Spring plants now buried under a Mount Everest of  chipping and leaves. I could move the mountain down hill and spread it out a bit on the grass. But the heat in that pile this morning when you stuck your hand in was incredible so guess it wll decompose quickly; still not sure what to do.  I have a grand big pile off logs for my burner which is good and a lot more light in the garden. A few pics of the cutting down and roping of the branches, so scarey to watch.

Begonia warning

20 October 2013 17:16:03

Yet more murder

16 October 2013 22:21:10

More Murder!

13 October 2013 16:02:33

Another great day

11 October 2013 22:23:48

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Yes it was, and I hope all over the country.  I did much the same as yesterday but did work harder and achieved more!!  This Dahlia is flowering now , have no clue where I got it but it is rather nice. Pity the heads are so heavy that they droop a bit but maybe it will be stronger next year. The other photo is of Phytolacca which I got recently.

Lovely day here.

10 October 2013 21:31:56

Simple pleasure

08 October 2013 22:27:49


07 October 2013 20:45:29

A (not very good) 'pome'!!

03 October 2013 16:46:34


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