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Elizabeth7's Journal

Elizabeth7's Journal August 2014

Last Post 1274 days 16 hours ago

So excited

30 August 2014 21:07:39

Diascia query

26 August 2014 20:03:49

And then.....

23 August 2014 19:35:07

Martin, help please.

21 August 2014 14:40:35

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Martin would you ever give me the names of the Ferns I got from you at my visit?

They are in a trough at the moment waiting their final home.

Three photos , the first  one includes a self seeded  lad growing behind the trought but I know what that is.

Thanks very much


18 August 2014 17:26:12


Well I mean if you were passing Ballyseedy and dropped in to see when their bulbs are arriving and then spotted that there was a 25% sale on, what would you do????

Quite right and that is just what I did.

Caryopteris Blue Balloon.

Physosotegia virginian.

Heuchera Marmalade

Gypsophilla Deep rose

2 Dianthus

2 Dianthus/ Sweet william

White Hydrangea

Echinacea Pow Wow


So happy Bunny here.










A few photos

16 August 2014 15:36:44

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Struck me today that I never show any pics of the lower garden. This is primarily a tree/shrub place  sort of a Woodland in the making. But there is a bed where I tend to put stuff that gets very tall and spreads!! So photo of some colour there and then looking back up the path. Then noticed how lovely the Geum looked peeking through the foliage of Cosmos.


16 August 2014 15:31:01

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Yes it is on.  This is going to be a long post so abandon it anytime.

When you come to my house there is a very narrow entrance then it opens out into a large gravel area. This area looks very big and I have tried to bring the garden more into it. Trouble is that you really need most of the space for car turning/parking if there is more than one car.

There is one quite big area covered with ivy and Erigeron with a pump in the centre. My Well is actually under this. Another area I tried to make a scree type bed and it is sort of ok and there sits the fab 'Oakbird' a definite feature. BUT there is not enough colour.

So last year I made a round bed with stone surround and put pelargoniums and a few small shrubs in it.  Better but not good enough.

So today I decided to extend this bed quite a lot and make a border backing on to the stone wall. This meant taking most of the original bed to pieces again. I have taken a chunk out of it , dug the area of the new bed and marked out shape it will take. There it is has to rest until I manage to rustle up soil from somewhere, eye on field next door!!

Then the rest of the original bed is taken down and the stones sorted by size ready to build the new bed. I will build it into the backfill when I get hold of some earth. Hopefully I can make this colourful  and have even thought of getting a few Roses.....oh heavens ......did I mention the Rose word, vowed not ever to get shrub roses. So now I am back indoors about to make a cuppa and perhaps join Maisie cat on my bed for an hour. The photos just show the general idea.



13 August 2014 21:18:55

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I got Single Kiss, the dahlia that is, recently and like it very much indeed.

It is in the same series as Happy Flame in the second photo.

But my very favourite Dahlia of all the great ones is the third photo David Howard, just love it.

Couple of odd bods.

13 August 2014 17:17:39

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Unusual, I think plant.

Eryngium pandanifolium, great name for a great plant. This is now about 8 feet tall and hard to photo against the sky. The leaves are lethal, the worst thorns of any plant I have met. They bulk up a lot , this plant is about 3 years old and flowering for the first time. Bruno has a monster version of it!

Then Cynara about to open, the flower bud looking rather interesting and a Bee next door on the Solidago.

Very tall!

08 August 2014 19:31:27

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Yes the Eupatorium is reaching for the skies and a pink Lily likewise though it is hard to see the latter against the sky. Then Dianella with such lovely blue berries.

For Joan

06 August 2014 23:38:52

Be vewy afwaid....

06 August 2014 19:04:06

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Weeding this afternoon, lifted a plant and this looked out at me. I honestly got a fright cos it is huge. About 4 inches long and an inch around.  It has a spike on the 'tail'.

Found out it is an Elephant Hawk moth caterpillar.  Feeds on Willowherb so must love it here as the .........weed is everywhere.


05 August 2014 16:57:07

Ferns everywhere!

01 August 2014 18:33:32

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Much cooler today so able to get a good lot done.  While the hot borders are still looking good and I should get another couple of weeks from them, the rest of the garden is now needing drastic cutting back.  While weeding and cutting I was amazed at the number of self seeded ferns, everywhere, especially around the roots of other plants, hundreds of them. All Shuttlecock with a few Hart's horn. I potted on about 12 in case anyone wanted them and ditched loads.

So now the beds have big gaps and heaps of rubbish to cart away but they were good earlier so no growling about it.

When MaryJoe was here recently she noted the colour combination of Arundo donax and a Hydrangea with Nasturtium leaves thrown in; I had not heeded it but it is pretty so took a photo. Also of the Ferns .


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