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Elizabeth7's Journal

Elizabeth7's Journal October 2014

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28 October 2014 00:14:58

What about this plant

24 October 2014 17:26:47

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I was thinking back over the years here and can't recall any reference to Convolvulus  cneorum . I feel sure there was but I missed it. Anyhow I have tried this about 3 times and failed on each occasion. It needs to be planted in poor soil, did that no luck then in sort of medium good soil ,,,no luck. So one last try in super soil!!!!  Well it should not flower this time of year so hope it is not the last hurrah.  I would be interested to hear how anybody else fared with this plant. The foliage must be the best grey/silver  there is so I so hope it likes the super soil and against all odds does well.

Just an Acer photo they are so great.

Pots galore.

16 October 2014 16:50:05

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Well it was started today the big tidy up.  I have this quite large structure built originally for a pusscat who never used it! So it turned into a potting shed/ greenhouse but most of all a super place for drying clothes. There are lots of gaps so it does not get all  that warm in Winter but is frost free.  It accumulated the shredder, lawnmower (never in use) tons of pots and sundry garbage. As the photo shows there is now a pile of pots and bags of garbage stacked up in the middle ready for disposal.  When this is done I hope I have the energy to put up bubble wrap over the gaps and my seeds and cuttings will survive. I look forward to showing a picture when the tidy up is complete. I would love to have electricity and maybe that can be arranged. Oh I had better go out and get on with the job….not my favourite.

Wonderful and weird

12 October 2014 14:22:45

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Well just came in from sitting on my garden throne and being totally amazed at the colour still in the garden. Furthermore there were loads of Bees feeding and Butterflies flitting around and this mid October...how lucky we are.  I put up an album to record this eventful day!

For Peter W

08 October 2014 11:53:10

Problem solved

08 October 2014 11:46:04


04 October 2014 17:31:53

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The viewing platform still in picturewhile the Ash tree is on the boundary line. Finally leaping off the grassy knoll this photo shows the third part of my garden with thle trees and shrubs. IF you lasted this long you are probably bored silly!!!!  And further more it sounds just as garbled  !!!¬ Oh the final photo is of the tree/shrub area.

Back is front garden

04 October 2014 17:26:13

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I have recently given a garbled description of my back is front garden. Today I climbed a grassy knoll which is on the boundary and took some pictures that may sort it out to anybody interested.

The first photo shows the hot, actually not so hot, borders with the path between. To the right is the side of the cottage. At the end of the path steps go down to a gravel area with table and chairs and from there another path leads you to the next photo. Here you can see the quite large gravel area . Then moving right the pond is in the centre of the photo with a small patio.. The two trees are growing in an olde stone wall and what you don’t see cos the garden is on a slope is the third segment where there are mostly trees and shrubs The last photo is panning right again and the viewing platform is just visible the blue structure to the right.

Last two photos in next post.



Senior moment....another

04 October 2014 00:07:10


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